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World's Best Advice for your Common Cold!

About Peggy The Doctor’s Wife

Peggy Dr. Bob and sons

Peggy Dr. Bob and sons

I want YOU to get over your next cold as fast as possible!

So I’m researching the world over to find you the best Evidence Based remedies and advice…

…starting with my husband Emergency Room physician Dr. Bob Pollard (graduated with honors from UCSF Medical school, one of top 5 in U.S.) Dr. Bob has carefully studied the medical research and treating thousands of patients in ER and Urgent Care clinics helping them get over their colds faster with his good advice.

And I’ve been hearing him daily tell story after story of patients who can’t get rid of their colds, causing many other health complications, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. wearing down your immune system,  because they didn’t know the simple warm & steamy methods that could help them the most.

I’ve also been working for 21 years with international students and scholars at our local university, and am now interviewing many of them about their common cold remedies from their countries– China, Ecuador, Switzerland, Uganda.

Guess what?

Unsurprisingly, I’m finding that Bob’s advice is similar to what many folk remedies around the globe have been advising for centuries, for as long as viruses have been bothering humans.

The new part is that now we understand better WHY many of these ancient remedies work.

It’s new, but also very, very old!

Check my blog for the latest news and advice (after I get this website in order I have a LOT of common cold news articles and stories to add to it, including today’s big news:

“Telomeres may predict common cold risk in adults” — how researchers discovery of chromosome caps linked to catching cold viruses.

Sounds exciting…but what does it mean for us exactly?  That I will then know if I am more likely to get a cold? And how is this helping me? (to be discussed)

So if you like my advice, then please get the FREE Summary Chart of my best advice “Peggy The Doctor’s Wife’s 10 Rules for the Common Cold.”

And if that advice help you and want more info, you can also buy the Complete Chart (includes Summary Chart) for less than the price of one bottle of Over The Counter Cold medicine (almost all of which DON”T work anyway)

FREE updates of the Complete Chart are included in your purchase. I will be updating the complete Chart as I progress in writing…and eventually turn it into a book. And yes, this website is all about building an audience for that eventual book, not just to sell it to you, but to learn from you, gather stories, advice recipes to be part of the book. Yes, my friends, you are part of the global remedies that I am researching. So please leave your feedback here too. If its helpful for others, perhaps you’ll see it in my book!

— Peggy The Doctor’s Wife, Feb 21, 2013

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