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World's Best Advice for your Common Cold!

About Lighthouse Health

BLOG:   “Peggy The Doctor’s Wife”  The purpose of this blog is to bring you the best and latest information and advice for treating your Common Cold.


Book #1 Now in research, expected publication spring 2013

     Advice from the ER: Your Common Cold: — How to Get Better Seven Times Faster

Book # 2 (to be developed after Book #1)

     Advice from the ER:  How to Raise Healthy Children


Downloadable chart: Summary of Dr. Bob Pollard’s advice for how to get better from your cold seven times faster.

Disposable fashion face masks in lovely fashion colors and designs. (an idea whose time is just about to come)  Help you get better fast AND prevents spread of your cold.

each imprinted with the following sayings (vote in comments box for your favorite!)

  • Killing My Cold With Kindness
  • Fighting My Cold with Warm & Steamy
  • Peggy The Doctor’s Wife:  Warm & Steamy Crusade
  • The ER Doc’s Coldslayer: works 7 Times Faster
  • (what’s your suggestion? every entry wins  free book!


  • Fashion scarves that help you get better and prevent spread of colds, while keeping your feminine mystique.
  • Recipes for delicious drinks and soups (yes, including the infamous Chicken) that help you get over your Cold in body and spirit!) If you are taking a sick day, might as well be a delicious one!
  • Good books to read while you are recovering
  • Any suggestions for other products to help you get over colds faster or at least more comfortably?

For your good health!