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World's Best Advice for your Common Cold!

About Peggy

Peggy Pollard at Santa Cruz Lighthouse

Peggy Pollard, author, Pollard Press

Hello Health Friends!

I’m Peggy “The Doctor’s Wife”

For 27 years I’ve been watching my husband, Emergency Room physician Dr. Bob Pollard helping thousands of patients in his ER and Urgent Care clinics.Up to half of his patients are coming in just for common colds!

He has developed advice, based on his intensive study of mainstream medical research that helps his patients get over their colds in one to two days.

Meanwhile so many of my friends keep telling me how their nasty colds last for weeks, resulting in doctor visits,  missed work, school  and a lot of suffering.

Peggy, Dr. Bob and sons

Peggy Dr. Bob and sons

Dr. Bob graduated with honors from UCSF Medical School (one of top 5 in U.S.) and studied medical research on the Common Cold for the past 30. He has seen that what works best is not antibiotics or medicines, but Warm & Steamy methods people can do themselves.

I believe in mainstream Evidence Based Medicine. I’m also integrating that good knowledge with a critical evaluation of global wisdom from international leaders. We are all learning from each other!

I’ve worked for 20 years with university international students, here in Santa Cruz, California, and am now interviewing them about their common cold remedies. I’m finding many of them use similar Warm & Steamy methods. Affirmation that it works!

It’s time to alleviate needless suffering of my friends and millions of others whose colds drag on and on because they don’t know what to do.

Now it’s time to share our good solid medical advice with the world.

I’m now researching and blogging  for my upcoming book “Slash your Next Cold from 10 days to 2 With A Teakettle: Doctor’s Wife Reveals How”(expected publication: Spring 2013.

The book is in collaboration with my awesome husband, Dr. Bob and his mainstream clinical expertise. I’m writing advice, global remedies, research analysis, and international recipes. I will also be collecting advice from healthcare providers around the world, from top researchers to country folk remedies and evaluating it in light of the best of modern medical research. I welcome your input too.

I’m so glad to be able to be a channel for this international collaboration of the best minds of the world, translated into everyday English to give you the best and most understandable healthcare advice in the world. I’m combining expert Emergency Room advice, the best medical research, and global remedies used by millions of people for thousands of years We trust in our global wisdom together.

I’m here to bring you the world’s BEST advice for the common cold!!! — for your healthiest, happiest life.

More about Peggy’s other careers

While raising their four children (three tall sons and one diminutive daughter) Peggy has been campus staff and coordinator of the Santa Cruz branch of International Students, Inc. Santa Cruz, a Christian-based hospitality and friendship organization for university international students from other nations.

Her ISI work for 20 years has brought her global fame amongst an elite few:  the incoming international students. She has been told she is like a ROCK STAR in College dorms throughout China.

Peggy is a popular writer in her elite ISI niche market–newsletters earn popular acclaim from her 990-strong fan base. Personal Facebook page friend count: 590 so far. She supervises a team of up to 50 volunteers who love to welcome international students to our university town.

Sadly, few Americans have any clue about the heroic work she does as a diplomatic for America to the world’s future leaders. But the lack of fame didn’t bother her until another momentous event in her life.

Then in 2011 Peggy’s life took a new twist. She turned 50 years old.  (cue ominous music) MIDLIFE CRISIS ran over her like a Mack Truck!

Peggy had been a recreational dancer for many years. But that year the fever spiked After watching Dancing with the Stars, she had a new goal for her life. The monolithic birthday spurred intensive soul searching. Nearly going crazy with wannabe dance fever she knew she had to live that part of her life’s dream before more old age hit. But she had a dilemma:  She was too mature to become a pro dancer, but not quite famous enough (in the U.S. anyway) to become the celebrity.

What to do?

She knew, just knew, deep in her dancing heart, she had to find a third role to be cast in. So Peggy enrolled in The Palomar Ballroom Teacher Training program and after 2 hardworking years she was the first to graduate as a DVIDA Certified Ballroom Dance Instructor!  Stardom here she comes!

Now she occasionally transforms from a modest, plain-clothed mother, to a rhinestone studded, false-eyelash fluttering ballroom diva. She also loves to teach beginners at local community centers, and to her international friends at the university.

And now, after achieving that dream, she is on to her next career goal: to conquer needless suffering from the common cold virus.

And, yes, she also surfs at Cowell’s Cove, on the occasional hot day.