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World's Best Advice for your Common Cold!

Pollard Press

This website is our main menu for the four genres of books websites and products offered by Pollard Press

Ambitious? Of course…but millions of people need to hear good solid info on how to get better from their common cold!

1. Healthcare:

BLOG:  Peggy The Doctor’s Wife                           :Common Cold journalist

BOOK: “Your Common Cold:  Advice from the ER and around the world for to How to Get Better Seven Times Faster” written by Peggy Pollard, collaborating with my husband Dr. Bob Pollard, Emergency Room Physician

COMMON COLD CARE PRODUCTS: disposable face masks in fashion colors and designs.

Fashion scarves that help you get better and prevent spread of colds, while keeping your feminine mystique.

2. International Student Stories:


3. A Time To Dance:


4. Pollard Press Inspiration:

personal and family stories of inspiration, family drama and love


Yours in Truth, Love and Inspiration

for all of us to live the lives we are meant to live

Peggy Pollard, author, Pollard Press, Santa Cruz, August 21, 2012!