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175. What are main factors that cause us to get colds? part 1

What are the main factors causing us to get colds?

October 25, 2013–

As we feel the cold weather snap into place, our vulnerability to colds jumps way up.

After a hectic but wonderful past six months of my hosting Ugandan delegates, and being hosted in Colorado, Japan, Korea, New York and now back home in Santa Cruz, including two family weddings in the past 2 weeks, I’m freshly experienced with many of the factors giving us our annual a big spike in common cold virus infections at this time of year.

First off, the popular, but WRONG, theory being widely reported is that the main reason we get more colds in this colder season is that we are being closely packed next other people who may have colds, and thus spreading the virus more through personal contact.

While it IS true we spread colds more when we are closer together, I declare that it is NOT the main reason we get more colds in fall and winter.

Even though increase in population proximity is the most popular theory to explain the huge spike in colds at this time of year, it is wrong. It is NOT the most important factor.

It is the temperature drop that causes cold viruses to grow much faster.

Cooler Temperature of the air you breath is THE critical conducive factor for common cold viruses to grow at maximum rate.

The good news is that this is easily mitigated! (see the rest of my blog and upcoming book) The majority of cold suffering can EASILY be eliminated if you follow my easy, safe and effective advice…. which is in line with cold remedies used for centuries in MOST traditional cultures around the world– because it works!

But aside from that, the rest of the misinformation about how colds are spread makes a big difference in combating it, too.

The main way we spread colds  is NOT as most are reporting, mainly by touching items that are infected by other cold-bearers’ touches, but mainly by breathing, coughing and passing the cold virus through the micro-droplets of moisture in normal breathing. And virus spread is accelerated even more so by coughing and sneezing.

Therefore the best way to combat it is NOT wiping down every surface with disinfectant, but “capturing the virus” as you breathe, cough and sneeze.

But really, the cold temperature is a MUCH bigger factor.

read Part 2 in next post for more factors…

Onward and upward cold crusaders!

— Peggy The Doctor’s Wife

Common Cold Remedies From My Trip to Asia

my host grows grapes in her backyard in Japan

My Japan host , with four strong Pillars of Health, is producing much fruit, spiritual and physical!

I’m back from my trip to Japan and South Korea this summer, where I collected more common cold remedies for the common cold, along with, most importantly, deepening my friendships with my international scholar alumni friends there.

As well as sharing with me their own personal common cold remedies,the four host families I stayed with shared their time, hearts, home, and an abundance of delightful food with me in my two weeks there (photos to come).  My immune system feels much strengthened by all the sushi and kimchi!

In fact, Asians are quite expert on common cold remedies.Think Chinese Medicine, Yin-Yang hot and cold balance, and aligning your Chi! All of that originates from the 5,000 years of ancient traditions and philosophy in those warm and steamy lands, (at least warm & steamy during August) and those traditions are still going strong,I discovered.

I gleaned more remedies and advice from a Pharmacist in one of Korea’s newest High Tech business centers, a dinner circle of Korean mothers, hot tea remedies from a historic tea house, footbath in  Japanese hot springs, and lessons from a Japanese schoolteacher. I’m eager to share them, as soon as I sort through my 1,300 photos.

I’m also getting the school year underway with new university international students and scholars here in Santa Cruz, and trying to keep my personal Four Pillars of Health activated to prevent me from getting my own colds, which would make everything else worse.

And then, hopefully soon, putting it all together into my long-promised BOOK. Yes, It is taking longer than expected, and I’m sure most of you have given up on me, but I’m not giving up, (to quote Winston Churchhill) NEVER Surrender! NEVER Give Up! And same for you with your good dreams, as well.

My advice, although late, is still needed to help everyone with a colds know the best remedies and most current research  — which I’m still collecting daily news bulletins of.

Indeed, those of you who already use Warm & Steamy methods, will be affirmed that what you are doing IS the best. And you others, who have been seduced by those colorful advertisements and pretty packaging, will grow stronger in your understanding of the truth, so you can avoid wasting your money, time and precious health on all that crappola (to quote my mother) that doesn’t work.

Thanks to the generosity of the Chun family on my trip, I also got to travel a few feet across the border into North Korea, a dramatic experience. Unfortunately I did NOT collect any common cold remedies from there, since the North Korean Border Guards, were quite distant, and not at all friendly. They looked rather thin, not to mention paranoid. But, I did send lots of prayers their way into that desperate land, whose top leader, by the way, was an international student in Switzerland for several years. Unfortunately the main thing he seemed to have learned there was a passion for basketball and Dennis Rodman, who has been a recent guest to the North Korean dictator.

Your Common Cold questions needed!

Your Common cold questions needed!

Dearest common cold fans,

Saving the globe, one common cold at a time

Peggy The Doctor’s Wife Saving the Earth, one common cold at a time

As mentioned in my previous two posts. I’m trying to buckle down and

really focus on getting my book out that …

So I need your help. Please email/post/send me your questions and issues about the common cold.

  • Does it impact your health? your work? your family?
  • What remedies do you already use that work or don’t work or not sure?
  • What do you see other people doing that doesn’t work

If I use your quote in my book I’m happy to send you a free copy when it is published.

And beyond colds —

  • how about your immune system building habits?
    What do you do to strengthen your body to fight off colds?
    Are there any of the four Pillars of Health that you have a hard time with?

I need to know!
I want to know!
And other cold sufferers want to know too. My goal is to give the world’s best advice and YOU are part of this world too. You just might have a tip or method that helps you and that can help someone else as

well. So send your common cold questions right over!

Wacky, extreme, mild, all stories are good (although I probably won’t agree with all and will say so) Fill out the attached form below.

Philosophically, how do you see colds as part of our inescapable human condition. Do colds teach us something about life? about ourselves, about the universe and our purpose in life?

Tell me your thoughts on this in the form here>>>.

Many thanks for helping make our Earth a more healthy place to live!