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The Importance of Satisfying Flavor

SatTo be honest, I’m getting rather sick of the sameness of flavor of many of my favorite cold preventing hot teas and soups. I’m sure their physical properties will still work fine to fend off common cold viruses with Warm & Steamy goodness….but without satisfying flavor, it will NOT if I don’t actually eat and drink them.

For some mysterious reason, humans have taste buds that give us very powerful feedback from the foods we eat, and, there is a huge psychological relationship we have with foods we partake that gives us great satisfaction, or dissatisfaction with our lives.

I don’t completely understand that (who does?) but I recognized good flavor when I taste it (who doesn’t?!).

Some of us have more highly refined palates than others, to be sure, but all of us have foods we love, hate, and find satsifying (the first and 3d of those three not necessarily being the same.)

So after years of somewhat unsuccessful experimentation to find the right kind of foods that are as strictly healthy as possible, I have grown to realize the importance of satisfying flavor in our diets is SUCH an important aspect of the success of a diet strategy.

Which is why my 2nd Pillar of health includes the description of “satisfying” as an important criteria for the best kind of diet we need to have for our good health.

Fortunately, there is a world of flavor out there waiting for us to discover.

Yes, I know Kale is all the rage these days, but not everyone likes eating it. Let’s face it– some foods are just more satisfying than others.

I’m the kind of person who likes trying new things, and like to eat as healthy as possible. But after many years of trying to eat various “super-healthy” diets, I realized recently that I couldn’t stay with because, well, frankly they didn’t TASTE good. So I finally realized the high importance of making sure the food you eat has exciting flavor that satisfies your taste buds and your soul.

If I eat a super mathematically nutritious balanced meal, but somehow the chocolate chip cookies in the cupboard are still calling to me,then the diet was not satisfying, was it? Hmmmmm?

Therefore, there is something missing…flavor!

And, although I have a stack of various teas given to me as friendship gifts from my Chinese, Japanese and Korean friends. Well, I know they are good for me, but just don’t drink as much of them,probably due to the notion that their flavor is not going to be satisfying to me.

So I was eager to explore on my visit to Japan and Korea what other kinds of teas and soups they have. And, my joy of discovery will be elucidated in my next post.

Pinkies extended — get ready to hear about a great cup of tea!

For your flavorful health!


Common Cold Remedies From My Trip to Asia

my host grows grapes in her backyard in Japan

My Japan host , with four strong Pillars of Health, is producing much fruit, spiritual and physical!

I’m back from my trip to Japan and South Korea this summer, where I collected more common cold remedies for the common cold, along with, most importantly, deepening my friendships with my international scholar alumni friends there.

As well as sharing with me their own personal common cold remedies,the four host families I stayed with shared their time, hearts, home, and an abundance of delightful food with me in my two weeks there (photos to come).  My immune system feels much strengthened by all the sushi and kimchi!

In fact, Asians are quite expert on common cold remedies.Think Chinese Medicine, Yin-Yang hot and cold balance, and aligning your Chi! All of that originates from the 5,000 years of ancient traditions and philosophy in those warm and steamy lands, (at least warm & steamy during August) and those traditions are still going strong,I discovered.

I gleaned more remedies and advice from a Pharmacist in one of Korea’s newest High Tech business centers, a dinner circle of Korean mothers, hot tea remedies from a historic tea house, footbath in  Japanese hot springs, and lessons from a Japanese schoolteacher. I’m eager to share them, as soon as I sort through my 1,300 photos.

I’m also getting the school year underway with new university international students and scholars here in Santa Cruz, and trying to keep my personal Four Pillars of Health activated to prevent me from getting my own colds, which would make everything else worse.

And then, hopefully soon, putting it all together into my long-promised BOOK. Yes, It is taking longer than expected, and I’m sure most of you have given up on me, but I’m not giving up, (to quote Winston Churchhill) NEVER Surrender! NEVER Give Up! And same for you with your good dreams, as well.

My advice, although late, is still needed to help everyone with a colds know the best remedies and most current research  — which I’m still collecting daily news bulletins of.

Indeed, those of you who already use Warm & Steamy methods, will be affirmed that what you are doing IS the best. And you others, who have been seduced by those colorful advertisements and pretty packaging, will grow stronger in your understanding of the truth, so you can avoid wasting your money, time and precious health on all that crappola (to quote my mother) that doesn’t work.

Thanks to the generosity of the Chun family on my trip, I also got to travel a few feet across the border into North Korea, a dramatic experience. Unfortunately I did NOT collect any common cold remedies from there, since the North Korean Border Guards, were quite distant, and not at all friendly. They looked rather thin, not to mention paranoid. But, I did send lots of prayers their way into that desperate land, whose top leader, by the way, was an international student in Switzerland for several years. Unfortunately the main thing he seemed to have learned there was a passion for basketball and Dennis Rodman, who has been a recent guest to the North Korean dictator.

Wilbur Sargunaraj from India discovers Cold Virus truth in Scotland

Click for his fun video

Despite Wilbur Sargunaraj’s  dressing in a lab coat, I don’t THINK he is a doctor.

Something about his wearing sunglasses IN the lab, his catchy Bollywood preface to the video, and Saragunaraj’s other Youtube videos of bagpipe playing, Bollywood bhangra dancing, and official music video of The Cricket Song etc just don’t fit the serious academic researcher persona.

Nevertheless, we can learn SOMEthing here, as Wilbur interviews  Doctor Christie in a microbiology lab in Scotland. She proudly relates that penicillin was first discovered in Scotland by Sir Ian Fleming, so the Scots are quite proud of their bacteriology history, having launched the field themselves.

The doctor then demonstrates Antibiotics versus Bacteria versus Viruses… and Wilbur’s slow uptake on which confirms that he has never taken a microbiology class… including a cool multi-colored jelly agar dishes that grow bacteria.  Then Dr. Christie points out disks of antibiotics, some of which kill off the bacteria growing around it, some of which don’t, because “bacteria gets accustomed to it” Wilbur surmises.

So “we should treat antibiotics with deep respect” Wilbur concludes, and bottom line not use it for colds.The most important thing I learned from this video is its note that, in India, mothers’ favorite cold remedy is antibiotics!

The doctor does start out saying you DON’T catch colds from cold weather — yes, technically correct, but a blanket statement (pun intended) that would be more accurate if it included an allowance that the cold weather makes your cold worse. And In chilly Scotland, they should know that better than anyone.

What to do for colds, then? Wilbur asks?  The bacteriologist advises to “just take care of yourself, rest and drink tea with ginger and honey…there is no cure for the common cold.”

Hmmm…sounds warm & steamy to me!

–Peggy The Doctor’s wife