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World's Best Advice for your Common Cold!

179. A Time for Every Purpose…

For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.

One of my high purposes this year is helping you get over your common cold.

But its not my highest purpose. Admittedly I have some even higher ones–my family relationships, my personal physical and spiritual health, my previous work commitments. Good priorities all, but they took more  time than I expected this past year, which left less time for my common cold crusade.

But I’m thankful for all the good that happened, both personal and in common cold progress. Looking back, the past two years in my work to end needless suffering from the common cold. I can see I’m just getting started (hopefully soon to write the book), but also appreciative at a huge amount I’ve done and learned, to lay the groundwork setting up this business.

One trial project was my hiring of an assistant. She was great, but despite enjoying the work, she unexpectedly quit for personal reasons …and now is the new mother of a beautiful baby son! I believe that is wonderful progress, but just not what I was expecting!

The world has changed a lot in the past 30 years since I graduated from college, where I was still typing on the very noisy electric typewriter (waking my roommates up at 3 a.m. writing the all-night articles and essays.

And now I’m learning to do Google Hangouts…

which brings me to the happy spot where I believe I am now caught up with the cutting edge of the social media (and really hoping I don’t have to learn any more… except maybe Pinterest… and Instagram…and Prezi.. and… oh nevermind) that I’ve been striving to catch hold of.

But today is the first day in a long time that I am enjoying the delicious, delightful feeling of getting caught up, organized, at peace with my progress.

In other words, I’m following my own REAP advice… having caught up on
–REST slept in a lot lately
–EAT a satisfying Rainbow of plants…mostly vegan but also some fish and yogurt to make sure I’m getting all I need. and very slowly seem to be dropping weight. Yippee!
–ACTIVATE my body with Enjoyable Exercise… just went jogging thursday and waltz dancing for 5 hours last night, Which is my favorite natural high, to be delightfully exhausted from whirling, music and lots of hugs from my dancing friends.
–PURPOSE focusing my life forward on my spiritual journey, relationships (lots of family time this year) and work (continuing my job with international students and my social dance class) and now back to my Common Cold Crusade.

So I’m TRUSTING that putting it on “pause” for a few months while I developed those higher priorities, will in the long run pay off for myself, and for the world.

As I say, you must TRUST in God/the universe/your higher power, (however you choose to believe) that as we follow the right, most important priorities in life, God makes everything beautiful in its time.

And no, I didn’t make that up, nor did The Byrds rock band “Turn, Turn, Turn” in the 1965, but it was penned about 3,000 years ago by old King Solomon ( Ecclesiastes 3, Old Testament of the Bible).

It was the perfect word at the perfect time, back then, in the King’s palace in 907 B.C., on rock music vinyl records in 1965 and on my blog from Santa Cruz at 4 p.m. on this beautiful Saturday afternoon as well.

Peace be to you, too, as you REAP a healthy, happy life.

Peggy The Doctor’s Wife

santa cruz beach

everything is beautiful in its time

The Common Cold Reporter

176. What factors cause us to get colds? part 2

continued from What factors cause us to get colds?  Part 1

OK, after cold temperature and personal closeness, other big factors in getting colds (all preventable) have to do with our personal immune systems tending to be weaker at this time….

…and I REALLY want to know who’s crazy idea was it to schedule 4 major holidays in a row, just when we are already hectic getting the school year started… can we change that please??…

Well, if we can’t change the calendar then at least you really need to be aware of your personal health levels (which you have more control over than the international holiday schedules)

TIREDNESS… my personal theory is that this season is naturally conducive to hibernation, so follow the example of other mammals.

And instead of going crazy over handwashing (sure wash them often, but not obsessively) but pay more attention to these other factors.

And some other factors contributing to our tiredness can be…

  • Emotional stress, feeling overwhelmed with too many tasks to do, high expectations of amount of work and other activity we need do (earning money, taking care of famiy, volunteering to help in school, charities, friends, social relationships… all o which can leads to not taking good enough care of ourselves
  • Eating poorly
  • Lack of sleep
  • Lack of exercise

All of which cause our personal  immune system defenses are at a low ebb, (can you feel it now??) but most of those factors, you CAN take care of.

As for me, I’m feeling very glad now to get back into a normal routine, to put on hot bowls of pumpkin soup, green teas, sleep in a lot, get my normal exercise routine going again, (ballroom dance anyone??) and continue onward in my personal crusade to alleviate the world of common colds!

Onwards and upward Cold Crusaders!

–Peggy The Doctor’s Wife

For Your Healthy, Happy Life

The Importance of Satisfying Flavor

SatTo be honest, I’m getting rather sick of the sameness of flavor of many of my favorite cold preventing hot teas and soups. I’m sure their physical properties will still work fine to fend off common cold viruses with Warm & Steamy goodness….but without satisfying flavor, it will NOT if I don’t actually eat and drink them.

For some mysterious reason, humans have taste buds that give us very powerful feedback from the foods we eat, and, there is a huge psychological relationship we have with foods we partake that gives us great satisfaction, or dissatisfaction with our lives.

I don’t completely understand that (who does?) but I recognized good flavor when I taste it (who doesn’t?!).

Some of us have more highly refined palates than others, to be sure, but all of us have foods we love, hate, and find satsifying (the first and 3d of those three not necessarily being the same.)

So after years of somewhat unsuccessful experimentation to find the right kind of foods that are as strictly healthy as possible, I have grown to realize the importance of satisfying flavor in our diets is SUCH an important aspect of the success of a diet strategy.

Which is why my 2nd Pillar of health includes the description of “satisfying” as an important criteria for the best kind of diet we need to have for our good health.

Fortunately, there is a world of flavor out there waiting for us to discover.

Yes, I know Kale is all the rage these days, but not everyone likes eating it. Let’s face it– some foods are just more satisfying than others.

I’m the kind of person who likes trying new things, and like to eat as healthy as possible. But after many years of trying to eat various “super-healthy” diets, I realized recently that I couldn’t stay with because, well, frankly they didn’t TASTE good. So I finally realized the high importance of making sure the food you eat has exciting flavor that satisfies your taste buds and your soul.

If I eat a super mathematically nutritious balanced meal, but somehow the chocolate chip cookies in the cupboard are still calling to me,then the diet was not satisfying, was it? Hmmmmm?

Therefore, there is something missing…flavor!

And, although I have a stack of various teas given to me as friendship gifts from my Chinese, Japanese and Korean friends. Well, I know they are good for me, but just don’t drink as much of them,probably due to the notion that their flavor is not going to be satisfying to me.

So I was eager to explore on my visit to Japan and Korea what other kinds of teas and soups they have. And, my joy of discovery will be elucidated in my next post.

Pinkies extended — get ready to hear about a great cup of tea!

For your flavorful health!