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World's Best Advice for your Common Cold!

What’s your common cold story?


What’s your favorite Common Cold remedy?

What did your family do for colds when you were growing up? Did it work? best/worst remedies?

How about your worst common cold?

We are all learning from each other. Share your story, advice or comments with me and I will post good ones on the blog and favorite ones on this page. Funny, terrible, weird, comforting, whatever, we can all learn from each other.

If I can use your story on my website, I will send you a free copy of my COMPLETE chart in return as a thank you gift.

The best stories I hope to include in my upcoming book, with the story giver’s permission, of course. (and a free book too, plus my heartfelt thanks, admiration, and hopefully a moment of international fame, to boot!

For your Happy, Healthy Life!

–Peggy The Doctor’s Wife 2/25/13logo3_resized






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