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105. I Doubt It!

When I was a child, one of my favorite card games with friends was “I Doubt It.”

The object was to get rid of all one’s cards, and to do so, you put a few of them face down and tell the other players what they were….or lie about them.  But if another player said, simply, “I doubt it” then the gig was up, the cards were flipped over and the wrong person (accuser or defendent) was punished with more cards.

I doubt it face

Get in the habit of saying I DOUBT IT when you hear of a magical mystical new common cold remedy

In our society, with common cold remedies we have a big I Doubt It game going on, but with our health at stake.

Because it is the world’s most common disease, the common cold probably has the world’s most numerous and varied selection of remedies as well. Some are quite ridiculous.

But why, oh why, do so many people just believe and accept, and PAY FOR, every claimed cold remedy that comes along.

All you have to do, dear Reader, is say “I Doubt It!”  You don’t even need to know for sure if a remedy works or not in order to say those three beautiful words. Don’t just fall for every snake oil magical ingredient that you find that gives promises. Even if they are on the internet!

Just get in the habit of saying “I doubt it” before you plunk your hard-earned cash, and precious time, and invaluable health down for an unproven common cold remedy until you see enough evidence about it that convinces you otherwise.

The same goes for many other areas of your health (weight loss diets, etc) but I am focusing on the common cold since that is my area of expertise.

So please repeat after me

“I — Doubt — It”

and get comfortable saying that as much as possible when you hear a new cold remedy being pitched to you.

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