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World's Best Advice for your Common Cold!

108. Happy New Year Mompreneurs (part 1)

(reposting from my guest blog on Word of Mom Radio with Host Dori DeCarlo. I will be interviewed live on January 17, 11 a.m. PST,  (2 p.m. EST) please call into speak with host Dori DeCarlo and me about your common cold stories!!

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Happy and Healthy New Year to you Mompreneurs!

I want you to have the best year ever and I will help you do it here with sound medical advice on the common cold that you are NOT hearing from most other media sources.

should you buy some nice colorful, attractive looking Over The Counter Cold medicines?

should you buy some nice colorful, attractive looking Over The Counter Cold medicines? Nay I say!

First, I’m giving you a few action steps for when you have a cold in progress. Then I’m sharing  4 tips for long-term prevention of colds, based on strengthening your immune system  with the Four Pillars of Health.

So for starters, what should you do first when you actually have a cold? That first sign of a cold tickly feeling in your throat, mild achiness, and/or when your nose starts to run overtime.

Rush out to buy Over The Counter medicines at your local pharmacy? Aren’t they strong and effective?


OK, how about herbal remedies from the organic natural health food store? If they are Natural and Organic they must be good and effective, right? or at least not harmful?

NAY AGAIN, I say! They ALL DON’T work! Even the Organic Herbal ones! Even the Alternative/Integrative pills and herbs, such as those from Traditional Chinese Medicine!

Instead do what has been shown to be the MOST EFFECTIVE treatments for common cold in the world.


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