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24. Survey of Sports Team Members Absences Due to Common Cold virus

At my son’s sport team fundraiser event today…

After MONTHS of planning for this event…BOTH the coach and the parent coordinator had to miss it.. due to upper respiratory illness. One was diagnosed as pneumonia,after fighting what felt like a Common Cold for more than an week. Common cold red and green face

The other self-diagnosed as “feeling like crap.”

As the coach and I discussed my Common Cold advice and upcoming book he said that he likes Dr. Bob’s good advice and is following it because he thinks it really works. He also said he always gets lots of communication from his team players about their missing practices and games due to Common Colds and related diseases.

He wants our team to WIN!

So since he is highly motivated to do what he can to reduce the absences from his team practices and games. (me too)…

…AND he personally agrees with our Warm & Steamy advice being effective, he has just offered to review his past emails from the players to “mine the details” related to Cold virus illnesses and get a team-wide survey from the past season or two to count how much time was missed due to Common Cold and viruses.

Often we don’t notice  the QUANTITY of missed time and productivity happening around us, due to Common Cold suffering. But when we add it up, it can be a LOT! So if we can reduce it by half, or even a part, that can make a big difference in the quality of our daily lives.

This is the purpose of my blog. To give you the best information from around the world and from our own medical research and experience to help you get rid of YOUR common colds as fast as possible.


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