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28…Moral dilemma resolved, for now

(my blogging balloon part 4)

And I just cringe at having NO comments. That would be like trying to do without drinking any liquids for a few days…..I feel so dryyyyyyyyyy…..

Yet, yet….your TRUST is sooooooooooooooo important. Without TRUST I am NOTHING as a journallst. There are plenty of other places you can turn to for crap.

Crazy Enough balloons

Crazy enough to change the world with my blogging balloon

I am writing this blog for the TRUTH.

Always seek the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you free.

SO better that I come clean because if something is not TRUE I don’t want it on my blog. And likewise, if there is information that I find is not true, I don’t want to pass it on to others. It’s not worth it.

So dear REAL Readers, please leave REAL comments (good or bad) so I can erase the fake spam comments without leaving my comment box bare! OK? Thanks!

And I do mean Good OR Bad.  If Anything I say here is brilliant or crap, or obvious or unintelligible, beautiful or boring please let me know.

My purpose is to give YOU the truth about the Common Cold (and eventually beyond) So let me know when I do and don’t achieve that.



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