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37. ALIGNMENT: The Four Pillars of Health

After my big exhilarating trip to Manhattan, I’m now lurching through my emotional letdown mode.  To be blunt, I feel like a lethargic blob.feeling misaligned?

What to do?  I’m all out of ALIGNMENT and need to get myself back into it. All my systems feel out of whack– sleeping, eating, exercise, relationships… all feel blahhhh. I”m crash landing from cloud 9 back into reality of my life, feeling overwhelmed with too much responsibility for too many tasks, and no energy to do them.

Does this happen to you, too, after a great trip?  The feeling of overwhelming responsibilities slaps me in the face. Probably the five days in a row of 4-hours of sleep at night last week has a lot to do with it. Wayyyyy out of alignment in THAT area!

So this week I’m really working to get all those areas, and more, back into good alignment. Sleeping extra, back to dance classes, jogging today, getting back in touch with friends, getting many parts of my life lined back up with my maximum functionality again.

Good alignment! Isn’t that what we all want?

Yes!  And to ease your confused mind about all the many kinds of health and happiness advice you have probably been listening to, I am identifying the four, yes 4, MOST IMPORTANT health areas of our life that we need to keep in good alignment, for our maximum health and happiness.

I call them the Four Pillars of Health!

Get these major life whoppers all lines up and BABY you are good to go go ggGOOOOooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Sleep

2. Exercise

3. Diet (eating food)

4. Relationships

There! That makes life simple right? So just do a simple checkup to see how are YOU doing in each of these areas. Most likely you already know what you should do, so do that first.


NEXT POST: a perfect example of mis-alignment–me



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