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39. My progress Pillar #2 Exercise

2. EXERCISE:  Yay!  This is my favorite pillar of health-– the more I do the better I feel.

runing for exercise

excercise boosts your immune system and makes you feel great!

So this week, back to jogging and dance classes for me…its not selfish, its doctors orders, as preventative therapy to keep myself physically, emotionally and mentally strong.  Much more effective for “boosting my immune system” than taking an herbal pill!

And alternatively, it feels scary when I don’t exercise much. After the past couple weeks of neglect, this week I’ve been feeling weak, tired, rundown, like I have aged 40 years and feel so decrepit that I can hardly walk around the block.

But I’m chasing that old good endorphin feeling, knowing it will come back again if I keep trying. So I keep doing the neighborhood walks, then push myself to jog-walks, then stretch the jogging part a bit further each time.

My first day back to dance class I felt like a jelly-filled blob, foggy-brained, hardly able to follow the instructions. but 4 classes later, I’m starting to feel good again.  And now I can take breaks from typing and practice some of the dance moves I learned this week…feels good!

And happily, the exercise fitness comes back quicker than I think, I now feel my strength starting to build up again.



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