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50. New York Times reports power outages after Sandy

A lot of people on the East Coast have been in the cold and dark for over a week now.  They certainly don’t need to suffer any extra from cold viruses.

Of course they are facing many life-threatening dangers in the storm. So they must prioritize how to use their scarce resources wisely. Like the man in the story below, without heat, using his stove burners to keep warm in him home. (keeping warm is a good priority, but I’m not sure that’s the wisest, what about the dangerous risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning?)

The New York Times reported on November 1 on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the Electricity Outages in New York City.  On that date there were still about 156,800 customers were without power in New York City and 68,000 in Westchester County.

Fox News reports November 5, “At the Visiting Nurse Service of New York alone, more than 5,000 nurses, aides, social workers and others were out serving patients around the city during and after the storm.

Nine flights above East 22nd Street, Russell Oberlin, 84, had no heat or electricity, no phone, no elevator service and two cancerous tumorson his visiting nurse helps homebound patientright leg that required daily medical attention.

Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times

Suzanne Gilleran, 47, a nurse, visited Russell Oberlin, 84, who was without power in his apartment on East 22nd Street.

As two burners on his stove provided warmth on Thursday, Suzanne Gilleran, 47, carefully cut the gauze around Mr. Oberlin’s leg. “How’s your pain today?” she asked. “Did you take anything?”

When there is no heat available, People need to be armed with knowledge. Simply knowing that cold viruses grow more in cold temperature can go a long way towards helping people make wise choices to fight off cold viruses and get better faster once they have a cold.  Cold sufferers  can do simple things like wear a bandana across their face to warm the air as they breath, or sip on warm drinks during the day. Realizing how much those 2 things  can help will go a long way towards preventing any unnecessary illnesses from adding to their stress.


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