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52. Post Sandy, Fox News reports NYC “Increase of ER cold & flu patients”

(continued from previous post)

New York Daily News pic of Hurricane Sandy Floods

Flooding in New York from Hurricane Sandy–by Aaron Showalter for New York Daily News

From Fox News

The biggest reason for the increase, Shami explained, is that many patients are unable to see their primary care physicians, particularly those whose doctors’ offices are located in areas of Manhattan that have lost power.

“There’s a lack of access to care,” he said. “…There have been patients who couldn’t get to their normal physician’s office – especially in downtown [Manhattan], and those who were scheduled for follow-up care at NYU or other hospitals that were evacuated.”

To complicate matters, with the weather fluctuating from warm to cold and the fact that many suffer from limited heating capabilities from loss of power, Tugetman said he’s seen a significant increase in patients with sinus problems or flu-like symptoms.”

….”Many people have been stuck inside their homes or apartments, easily passing on sickness to family and friends living with them.

“Respiratory problems are common at this time of the year in general, and the cold and lack of power are certainly not helping,” Shami agreed. “We’ve seen a slight increase in respiratory complaints.”

The report goes on to say that urgent care doctors have seen “an influx of cold and flu”

The doctors recommend that.”patients with non-life threatening injuries…either call their physicians or continue to seek out urgent care facilities, rather than going to the emergency room.

“The ER has a normal wait of about four hours,” Shami said. “Since the weekend, that wait has spiked to about seven or eight hours…Stay out of the ER for non-life threatening emergencies. Go to an urgent care center with full capabilities like board-certified physicians, X-ray and laboratory facilities onsite.”


So, upshot is, if you really need a doctor, please DO go, but if you can take good care of your health at home, please do. And following our four pillars of health: sleep, good diet, exercize, relationships and if you have a cold virus, stay warm & steamy!!!

Our Prayers are With You to Stay Healthy and Strong People of New York City and the East Coast! 

Love and Blessings to You All From Your Friends in California!


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