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55. Cold Remedies from Chilly Harbin China (part 2– Chongchun)

(continued from Part 1)

Doctor’s Wife analysis of Harbin cold remedy:

woman with coldHeat? check

Moisture? check

Low cost? check

Non-invasive, low risk? check

Sugar content?  maybe not so good.

“Does it have to be Coca cola with sugar? I asked? not diet?”

“No not diet! with sugar!”

We sat together under the dim light of a study lamp, in the home of my friend, a visiting postdoctoral researcher from China. I wrapped my jacket tight around me in “Chen’s” uncomfortably cool living room. She is a visiting scholar in Chemistry at our local university

As we chatted into the night, she poured hot water from her teakettle into my styrofoam cup on the table. She did not ask me if I wanted the tea. It’s just her automatic custom coming from Changchun in cold North Eastern China

“And what do you do for colds in Changchun?” I asked our hostess.

“I rarely get colds,” she responded.   “We just drink hot water all day. And I go to the gym to workout 3 times a week. Exercise keeps me healthy and warm.”

“American people are strange,she observed, “they like to drink cold drinks, with ICE!  Even when they have a cold.”

Doctor’s Wife Analysis:  Affirmative! studies show those people who exercise usually get fewer and shorter colds.

More evidence from the other side of the globe affirming that our warm steam therapy works!

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