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56. More on How Common Cold Virus Grows Best

How a Common Cold Virus grows best:

Cold temperature alone does not cause you to get a common cold. But if you have exposure to one of the more than 200 viruses that give you the common, and your upper respiratory system is functioning at its normal temperature, cooler than the rest of your body, the virus breeds more rapidly.

How do we know this? Where is the PROOF?

OTC cold medicines

Over The Counter Cold medicines fill the aisles of drugstores with $3 billlion spent in U.S. on them every year

After all, aisles of drugstores and supermarkets are FILLED with “Over-The-Counter” cold remedies, all with loooooooong lists of ingredients and warnings on them.

We all know that every cold season there is yet another supposed sure-fire remedy for the common cold.

News media automatically schedule stories at this time of year for how best to treat the common cold. And every year there are news stories about yet another new ingredient that is being touted as the best remedy. followed months or years later by reports that it does NOT have evidence of effectiveness in research studies.

It’s even a tired cliche, that an impossible news story would be if someone found a cure for the common cold….because its so….common.

So what makes our Warm & Steamy theory any different? Hasn’t it been disproven?

You want to see SOLID evidence about the breeding habits of these little beasties, right?

My answer:  It’s in the mainstream medical research. Details of evidence in mainstream medical research that we base this Warm & Steamy theory on will be given in my upcoming book :  Slash Your Next Cold From 10 days to 2 with a Teakettle: Doctor’s Wife Reveals How (due in Spring 2013)

I also plan to include  interviews with leading medical researchers, both those who may be or or against this theory.

But for those of you who are non-scientists…some background info will help understand how this medical research system works

COMING UP NEXT How do we know any medical information?

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