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60. Who are “The Medical Researchers?” (part 1 of 5)

How Do We Know Which Medical Research To Trust?

Who are “The Medical Researchers?” ( part 1)

What exactly is a “Medical Researcher?” How do I recognize one when I see one?


Who is the following person? —

Is THIS a Medical Researcher?

wears a white lab coat and thick eyeglasses.

Is in a TV commercial, swirling a test tube around

is paid LOTS of money by a Pharmaceutical Company

is the above…

1. An authoritative medical researcher

2. an actor

3. a graduate student spending 5 years  trying to get his Masters or PhD degree

4. a millionaire Chinese Herbal medicine “doctor” (unspecified as to what kind of doctor or which school he/she trained at)

5. A schoolteacher, now a mega-millionaire whose husband is a Hollywood Marketer and helped her publicize her common cold pills she “invented” with a cute package with cute cartoons and a cute name similar to  “carried in the air” herbal “immune system booster” that my sister swears up and down as being the best cure ever, that “really works” for the common cold (although the inventor is now in a big lawsuit about false advertising and has had to drop any reference to Common Cold from her cute and clever packaging of her pills.

ANSWER:  all of the above!!!

Question #2:  which of the above are people whose advice you should trust?


Answers on next post!!!

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