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65. Do Kiwi fruit cure common cold: my evaluation

Repost: Chase cold away with Kiwi Fruit

I do like Kiwi fruit, and I’m sure they are packed full of healthy things, BUT…

bananas for common colds

bananas were not as effective in chasing away colds as kiwi fruit?

Here is another case of a “research study” that makes very little sense from its claims. Not sure how, but somewhere there are huge gaps in logic from the scope of the study to the supposed results it is claiming to suggest.

Yet another promise of a Miracle food that will be THE answer to the common cold. Have we used up all the possible natural ingredients yet?

Key sentence in this article is “Older adults are susceptible to the common cold due to malnutrition and a lack of these essential vitamins and minerals.”

This report is not clear whether it is saying that particular group was actually deficient in one or more of their looooong list of “micronutrients” or if they are saying that they ASSUME a “micronutrient deficiency” to be the reason that ANYONE gets colds…based on popular theories about colds (none of which has been proven true).

This was a small study of 130 elderly inhabitants of a community in Ecuador, “Researchers found that there was a relationship between the occurrence of upper respiratory infections and micronutrient deficiency amongst the study group”

Are they claiming that their research DEMONSTRATED that those particular old people definitely had a “micronutrient deficiency” or that the researchers ASSUMED they did?

Sounds like the result that the group eating Kiwis got faster 3-4 days sooner than the group eating bananas. There could be a lot of reasons why this happened, but claiming that result is proof of all those “micronutrient deficiencies” is a bi-i-i-i-g stretch indeed.

The list basically sounds like a complete list of all known Vitamins and Minerals that humans need. I highly doubt that their small study of 132 Ecuadoreans even tried to explore which of those ingredients was affecting their cold. Are they saying these older Ecuadoreans were deficient in ALL those Vitamins?  And eating Kiwi fruit cured them of all those deficiencies, but the bananas did not?

This is a case of taking a nice study and running away with wild and hopeful conclusions that do not follow logically from the results of the study!.

have I will assume that British Nutrition researchers were more precise in their scientific logic, but the author of this article certainly was not.


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