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67. How Much Evidence for Other Cold Remedies?

Now that I’ve asserted that I’m basing my assertions for Warm & Steamy cold remedy methods on the BEST of medical research, what about other cold remedies?

Over-The-Counter common cold remedies

Over-The-Counter cold rmedies fill an aisle at our local CVS pharmacy

How much weight of evidence is there for other popular cold remedies?

How much weight of evidence is there for the other remedies for treating the common cold?  And there are a LOT of other remedies out there.  Many websites, both high level prestigious websites, such as our U.S. government Pubmed, and National Institutes of Health, and Center For Disease Control websites, which have much overlapping similar information, but even these venerable institutions vary somewhat in specific recommendations for common colds.

How much evidence do they have for their advice?

Definitely not the “Gold Standard” for any of it.  But you can bet they are looking like crazy for evidence. There are ongoing studies for lots of various ingredients that can help prevent , or minimize cold virus suffering.

$3 billion per year is spent by Americans on Over-The-Counter cold remedies.

$1 billion per year is spent by Americans on prescription antibiotics for common colds.

How much evidence is this $4 billion that we are paying pharmaceutical companies.

Well, a LOT of evidence…that shows they all DON’T work!

We are paying $4 Billion per year for cold medicines that research has shown does NOT work?

Isnt’ this crazy?


How did this happen?

NEXT:  Where do doctors get their information for medical treatment of colds?

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