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68. Where do doctors get their information for treatment of colds?

So there is no unbiased research evidence for MOST of the treatments given by doctors  for common cold?

Then where do doctors get their information for medical treatment of colds?

unbiased research on the common cold?

Common Cold Unit in England, the longest term medical institution in the world for researching the common cold is now underwritten by pharmeceutical companies. How can this be ubiased?

In the national healthcare policy book “Overtreated” by Shannon Brownlee, which won New York Times Award for 2007 national Economic book of the year, the basis of much of our U.S. healthcare decisions by doctors is based on three sources:

  1. Other doctors (including training from medical school)
  2. Medical journals
  3. Sales representatives from pharmaceutical and device companies who are buiding relationships with doctors to influence them on prescribing or recommending their products.

All three of those, she shows have been highly influenced in our U.S. healthcare system by the companies who are selling pharmaceuticals and devices.

But what about medical research?  Can’t we trust the research? Aren’t our medical studies objective?

In her analysis over a broad range of healthcare issues, she demonstrates how at least 80% of modern medical research is funded by those same profit making industries, which results in highly biased findings from that medical research.

Guess who has been funding MOST (and probably all) of the research for the common cold? The answer can be found printed on the labels looking at the “Cold and Flu” remedy section of your local pharmacy.

In fact, the biggest center for studying the common cold has been the Common Cold Unit, which started at the end of World War II in England. They were funded by the British government and spent more than 50 years studying cold viruses and discovered a LOT about how viruses work.

But to show where they are going with it now —

Their latest study by the Common Cold unit on Echinacea reported in October, 2012, touting results that the herb may show some help in speeding recovery from common cold virus.

Guess who is funding their studies now?  One hint is that the bottom half of the Press Release is an announcement of how to purchase the herbal Echinacea plls from the company selling the pills.

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