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69. China grants patent for cold fighting polymer

November 20, 2012

China grants a patent for cold virus fighting polymer

for  nasal spray that is supposed to bind the virus particles  inside your nasal passages so they cannot replicate.  I hope it works!vicks warm steam vaporizer

Pharmaceutical companies are all looking for a pill, shot or spray that can fight and kill the common cold virus This is how they can make $$ BILLIONS more profits.

And meanwhile they, and the doctors, and therefore most Americans,  are ignoring the simple advice that already works best, because it is difficult for them to earn much money off of “warm steam.”

Although there are a few ways:  but people seem to want to pay more money for pills shots or sprays, even if they don’t work as well, or at all.

I cannot repost the exact contents of the announcement about the new Chinese patent article since it says:

“This content is copyright protected

However, if you would like to share the information in this article, you may use the headline, summary and link below:

Marinomed granted Chinese patent for cold virus fighting polymer

Marinomed Biotechnologies is set to take on the ‘common cold’ in China with a new patent for an anti-viral polymer technology that prevents rhinovirus infection.

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