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71. Has Chinese Medicine Cured the Common Cold?

Is everything I read on the internet true? How do I know? just published  another example of people Chinese medicine says common cobelieving a common cold remedy must be good just because “Chinese Medicine” says so.
Medical scientists who prefer “evidence based medicine” call this, going to the “woo.”
Does its explanation of how we get colds remind you of the medieval belief in the Four Humours?  Every culture in the world comes up with explanations based on what knowledge they have, and before we had microscopes, people could only guess as to what was causing the common cold ailments.
So the Chinese guessed that an “invasion of wind” was the cause, since they didn’t know about viruses.  Close guess, but not exact.
I do like some of their answers, except for the acupuncturist part (but this was written by an acupuncturist.
I do NOT believe that we expel cold viruses through our pores, but we DO help expel it through our mucous. Steam and sweat are good, but not for the reasons he writes below.
They do fit in perfectly with our advice based on mainstream medical research, that cold viruses thrive at cold temperature, therefore raising your upper respiratory area temperature with warmth and steam will help you fight it off fastest.

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