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85. Extreme hand washing to prevent colds?

Another example of  popular advice…

it starts out sounding reasonable and agreeable,…except for being WRONG.  For example, its point of the handwashing for effectiveness against BACTERIA, noted below? I’m all for lots of handwashing to stay generally clean of lots of kinds of germs and bad stuff…but….

Cold and flu viruses ARE NOT BACTERIA!!!

And then the slide show (nice pictures though!)  progressively gets more out of whack with reality and Evidence Based Medicine (of which I am a BIG fan, in fact, I’m a fan of evidence based ANYTHING!  Show me the proof!

Popular is not always true.

(c’mon…kissing a snowman helps your cold get better??? NOT!!!!!!)


(Update: NOTE–I’ve been notified this link was tagged as malware, so look it up at your own risk—
from the popular lifestyle advice website

Extreme Handwashing!!! does it really work?

17 Tricks You Haven’t Heard to Prevent Colds & Flu

Boost your immune system and stay healthy this winter with these simple, all-natural expert tips (18 Photos)

Jessica Smith on Nov 29, 2012 at 2:29PM
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(ALSO NOTE: this was also tagged as a suspected Malware link to dublu-dublu-dublu(dot)”>

1.       Wash Your Hands — Up To Your Elbows


Yes, we said elbows. While regular hand washing is one of the top tips to avoid getting sick in cold and flu season, scrubbing all the way up to your elbows could be even more effective, says Stacy Mobley N.M.D. The gross truth: “Studies suggest that the forearm holds more bacteria than your armpit,” explains Mobley. In fact, the top places on the body for bacteria to thrive are the forearms, palms, index fingers, back of knee and the soles of feet, according to researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Mobley recommends washing your hands and forearms regularly with soap, especially before eating or touching your face, and lathering up for the full length of the “Happy Birthday” song to wash off all cold and flu causing germs.

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