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14. Cinnamon Honey vs. Chinese Herbal Pill, who will win?

So from Cara/Lori’s glowing reports of the effectiveness of cinnamon honey, for a beginning of a Common cold, we are then sent to the land of China for the big powerful medicine that she believes will really wallop a full blown cold.

But if Honey and Cinnamon are so effective, then why wouldn’t they

suggested Common Cold remedy Honey and Cinnamon

Could this help prevent your common cold?

work for the whole course of the cold too?

Could it be that the honey cinnamon feels good to a point, but then you get a bit tired of too much sweetness so crave the strong medicinal flavor of a PILL to makes you feel even better? Especially when you don’t know what’s in it?

Apparently, mother’s love only goes so far, and when it didn’t work anyway, its time to pull out the big guns — herbally speaking — since at the bottom of  Cara’s page she says…

“Another Natural Remedy: I’ve found this Chinese Herbal Remedy to be the only thing that is natural that helps once a cold is under way.

Cara sounds like a darling, loving mother, but despite her insistence that her remedies always work, she admits she has no idea why.

Soooooo….let’s put them in the very crowded cold remedy category of “treatment makes me feels good, but no evidence to think they actually work.

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