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Cold remedy book reviews

A post from the Everett Public Library friends reviews advice from several books.

book Doctor Chopra says

First is Doctor Chopra says similar advice to what the others weer saying, but the reader concludes that the best advice is to “fall into bed and stay there” with warm chicken soup and warm teas. Sounds nice and cozy, so what’s that common element again? Warm?why is that always mentioned as a “by the way” but not actually stated as medical instructions? because most doctors  are repeating the same advice they have all heard from the same few sources, that is missing this important element that they think has been disproven.


and washing hands, yes of course its good, but does nothing to prevent you from breathing/coughing sneezing OUT and breathing IN the cold viruses.


Next is an Outdoor Medicine book, saying to stay warm not cold.

Author Paul S. Auerbach, MD, preaches the gospel of common sense, recommending lots of rest, hydration, and staying warm and dry. Sadly this means that weekend plans for tarp camping or backpacking into remote and snowy campgrounds are probably out. Auerbach also strongly recommends against folk wisdom that sweating out a cold through exercise is a good idea – this could lead to dehydration, or worse, pneumonia.

After that an Herbal remed book with lots of WARM herbal teas and soup recipies, followed by “Achoo” which gives no remedy but talks about the current medical experiments being done.

All similar advice, based on the common percepton by most doctors of where they think the latest research has taken us.

<<Ah-Choo! The Uncommon Life of Your Common Cold, by Jennifer Ackerman, takes readers through the causes of the common cold, popular misconceptions about how to treat one, and even details about the massively profitable cold treatment industry that relies on these darned things being so annoying and so incurable to thrive.

In the end, I think the lesson I learned from my research into cold cures is that there isn’t one. Listen to what your mother has probably always told you: wash your hands if you don’t want to get sick. If you do wind up falling victim, fall into bed and stay there for a while. Hydrate and pamper yourself with whatever makes you feel most comfortable – including drinking hot tea with honey, sipping warm brothy soups, and applying warm compresses if your chest is sore from coughing>>

When will people connect those dots to see the invisible missing factor?

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