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31. Common Cold Home Remedy from Ecuador

Courtesy of Mrs. Estela Lima Kramer, a native of Ecuador who moved here a year ago with her family.

Ecuador is one of the smaller countries of South America, on the Pacific ocean and also has the Andes snowcapped mountains running through it, with the Amazon jungle on the east side of the country– a huge variety of geography.

And plenty of opportunity to catch colds!

Estela is still learning to speak English, but explained to me her family’s methods’ for getting over their Common Colds.

“In my country we take some yellow flower with green leaves, very small… you call it Chammomile? and we grind it up and pujust my cup of teat it in hot water. Then we put in honey, and drink it. Honey makes it taste nice and is also soothing for the throat.

“Also we breathe the steam from the tea. And we might put a towel over our head to breathe in the steam.It feels so good and makes us feel better.”


The Doctor’s Wife Analysis Hot steam? check!

Hot tea drinking throughout the day? Check!

Put a towel over your head  breathe the warm steam from some hot water for a few minutes. Triple check.

Sounds like the Ecuadorians are right on the money with their Common Cold remedies. Could it be that they know something our American doctors are missing?

Thank you Estela for sharing your lovely family method for getting better faster from the Common Cold. it is perfectly in accordance with our advice! And sounds muy delicioso tambien! Gracias!

Por su bien salud!

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