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Dr. Shen’s “Zong Gan Ling” scary Ingredients

Continued from previous post

Below is the list of ingredients for the Mysterious Chinese Herbal medicine from Dr. Shen  “Zong Gan Ling”  purporting to treat the common cold.

Scary ingredients!

This is a LOT of scary looking herbs to be taking without having been evaluated by FDA and knowing what they are!

Kudzu, I recognize at least, it is the scourge of the east coast, where it is a super fast gowing  invasive vine that is destroying forest ecosystems.

I would NOT want that in my body!

Can anyone help with the other ingredients?  And any guesses as to what

“clears toxic heat and invigorates blood”

might mean?  How do those help your body fight a common cold, specifically?  Sounds very religious, bordering on the old fashioned snake-oil medicine right?

INGREDIENTS Kudzu Root also known as Ge Gen or Radix Puerariae Clears Heat, Releases the Muscles, Nourishes Fluids,

Major Known ingredients: puerarin, puerarin-xyloside, daidzein, daidzin B-sitosterol, arachidic acid Hairy Holly Root also known as Mao Tung Ching or Radix Illicis Pubescentis Clears toxic Heat, Invigorates Blood Major known ingredients: flavonoid glycosides, triterpenoids, tannin, ursolic acid, oleanolic acid Vervain also known as Herb of the Cross or Ma Pien Tsao or Herba Verbenae


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