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47. from Switzerland more cold remedies

Not only do the Swiss people give us the lovely little “Ricola” cough drops…(pronounced with a yo-o-o-o-o-odel, as in “Ri-i-i-i-i-i-i-c-o-o-o-o-o-o-ola-a-a-a!” )  but they also have a few other interesting cold remedies,

Swiss Alps

yes they get common colds here too, but its so beautiful who cares?

I imagine that living amongst the spectacular snowy Alps, the Swiss folks get lots of colds, but, they are in such bliss with the beauty who would care so much?  And the musical tinkle of the charming swiss cow bells across the  grassy slopes, while dining on that kirsch imbued fondue by the fireplaces. Well, perhaps there is no big rush to getting better  .This

One good factor in their favor is that Swiss tend to be very athletic, climbing up all those steep mountain paths. They are in good shape. And they are also very developed in their snowy winter cultural lifestyle, knowing how to dress and live warmly.

Another advantage is that they are a very highly educated and wealthy society.

But, nonetheless, here’s a couple of interesting traditional Swiss cold remedies from my  friend Nadine. Both are traditional plasters that a cold sufferer can apply to your neck and chest area when you have a sore throat.

One is a warm plaster made of mashed potatoes. You leave it on for less than an hour and it warms up your throat area. I asked if one would salt and pepper it and eat it afterwards, but she said no.

Another is a cool yogurt plaster, but importantly it must be a very rich, thick yogurt. She did not find such a yogurt here in our Santa Cruz goceries, but probably a thick high-fat “greek-style” yogurt would be similar. The idea is to draw out the toxins from your throat area.

Doctor’s wife analysis:  warm is good, and I’m sure warm potatoes sounds very comforting.

Cool? Well, perhaps there is some benefit for beautifying your skin, but probably doesn’t help inhibit the virus from growing faster.

Another thought- –  if you have either of these plasters  applied to your throat, you are much less likely to go out in public. Therefore it prevents you from spreading the  germs. So bingo! there’s a benefit right there!

I’ll try them out next time I feel the rawness  coming on in my throat. And the Ricola too. And by the way, lots of hot soups and hot tea with honey and lemon is also recommended. These I am wholeheartedly in favor of.

Thanks Nadine!

swiss cows

Also the Swiss cows, from whence the Swiss chocolate is made. Another good remedy for common cold…according to Rule #10 in my chart!

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