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Happy Summertime from Peggy TDW

Howdy Cold virus friends!

Peggy the Doctor’s Wife here, climbing back into my blogging saddle again– my first Summertime blog!

Yep, its been a while since I’ve grabbed the reins of my ole WordPress hossie and kicked her into a trot through the common cold countryside to wrassle up some viral outlaws for another epic low-down show-down.

One question for you dear audience member in the peanut gallery…I’m still trying to focus on putting my book together but finding it terribly hard to focus on it…Anyone have advice to help me?

And especially for us whose work is online…one little task leads to endless internet searches with so many GREAT pieces of information… but where does it end? How to stop the research and get my own work done?

Hmmm…I’m guessing, might have something to do with my trying to handle FOUR careers at the same time.  Unlike Dr. Bob, who is laser focused on his one career, I am very inclusive…I do like multi-tasking, obviously… and on a hunter/gatherer scale I’m wayyyyy to the berry-picking end of the scale. In fact there are some lovely blackberries right now growing in my backyard, but…heyyyyy, wait a sec, there I go again…!.

So it is time now to invoke my killer hunting instincts and produce my virus-killer magnum opus. (where can I buy one of those nifty “y” chromosomes?

OK, meanwhile since I do have my perfectly matched XX chromosomes, best if I just accept myself for who I am, right, and adjust my life accordingly, realize that, despite not having produced the tome yet, I AM doing a lot of good in many relationships but I also need to work very hard to create structure in my life for this long-term purpose too.

Online webinars have been very helpful to keep myself motivated, encouraged, and convinced it is do-able. I believe I do have plenty of information already to give you a gosh-darned, bangup, heckuva great Common Cold book….I just need to stop doing all the other great stuff, or have the patience to wait until I’m through this busy season and have the time to spit it all out  into my literary spittoon (hygenically of course)

I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you as I gradually catch up.

And about all the other gol-durned  stuff I’ve gotten done in the past 4 months. More on that in my next post

… read on little doggies, yee-haw, rawhide! (cue whip snap!)

for your Happy, Healthy Life!

Peggy The Doctor’s Wife

(and now to click that satisfying little “publish button”…ahhhh its SO great to be back again!!!)

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