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56. How Fast Can You Get Better From the Common Cold?

Most medical websites and doctors today say one to two WEEKS!

I say one to two DAYS.

According to my math, That is seven, yes 7!!! times faster.

Better from your cold in 1-2 days using Warm & Steamy methods

You can get over your cold in 1-2 days using Warm & Steamy Methods

OK, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, an inexact comparison of the very conservative guess by doctors,of one to two weeks for a cold to “run its course” which they also say there is nothing you can do to shorten, so they don’t get blamed if a cold drags on for a couple of weeks.

But  patients in my husband ER clinic, hundreds to thousands of them who actuallly follow , Dr. Bob’s advicehave gotten DRAMATICALLY better in one to two days. And so have I. And so has our family.

Admittedly my title is ambiguous, since it doesn’t have an exact definition of “Get Better” and has a vague comparison of estimated outcomes. It’s a bold and brash journalism thing, just to get your attention.

In fact, Bob  wants to be more cautious when I told him the title, since he wants to be very precise and accurate with any predictions and diagnoses.  And of course we cannot guarantee this result for all people, since there are many factors involved in how long and strong your cold is.

Truth is, that colds can vary drastically. We cannot say that everyone who follows our advice will get completely better in 1-2 days, or that those who don’t will ALL take 1-2 weeks.

Soooooo much depends on an individual person’s  immune system.and state of health.

Most of us are exposed daily to many virus germs. Some viruses are stronger than others. Many people get infected with cold viruses and don’t show any symptoms, or may only feel a vague feeling of fatigue, but get quickly over it.

And others with a weak, fragile, or suppressed immune system, such as a pregnant mother, or a person with a serious illness, may be debilitated for a very long time.

But I do believe it is basically true.  If you really follow our Warm & Steamy advice, usually you (most normal healthy people) will get dramatically better in a day or two.

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