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46. It’s hunting season — for cold medicine advertisments

November is upon us, and its prime hunting season. Pharmaceutical companies are hunting for the dollars in YOUR wallet and spending big bucks to get some, battling for your attention with advertisements for Over-The-Counter cold remedies.

And guess which ones work?

cold medicines

big money is being invested to persuade you to buy cold medicines


In 2009  $3.6 billion was spent by Americans on Over-The-Counter Remedies, says the New York Times, “even when there is little or no proof they work.”

So why do we buy them? Because people don’t know what else to do. And they have really, really good marketing.An 60 million of us get colds every year.

What’s $10 for a bottle of cough syup when you feel miserable?  What is one really good night’s sleep worth to you? $15 for a bottle of Nyquil? $60 for an Urgent Care visit? $500 for an Emergncy Room visit?

Days of work or school missed?  Colds cost us a lot.

Colds that linger for weeks can also trigger many other kinds of infections: asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia.  Some are viral, some can be bacterial infections where antibiotics are needed.

So yes, its important. And people are willing to pay lots of money to relieve suffering.

But one of the most difficult things in medicine is to change people’s behavior.

Too many of us would rather spend a lot of money on a pill shot or spray than do simple changes to our behaviour that can save us from illness.

Notice How many cold remedy commercials you count on the next hour of TV that you watch?

According to  a healthcare watchdog site,  almost twice as much money is spent by Pharmaceutical companies on advertising as on Research and Development — $57.5 billion in fact!

and besides the consumer advertising,  80% of the rest  is spent on physicians, which is $61,000 per physician!

All to get you to buy medicines that don’t work. Big guns are being aimed at your wallet!

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