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40. My progress Pillar #3 Eeeeks, Diet


Egad!  My favorite one— to get out of whack on… I do love to eat, good food. And somehow, we Americans tend to go from one extreme to another.

In fact, usually the best selling books in America are DIET books. So no need for me to write another one. Just pick a diet you like, and believe in.

I just ask you to  please let it be a healthy, happy diet that you enjoy.

healthy diet is one of the four pillars of health

whatever diet you choose, let it be healthy and happy

I’m rather sure that you already know probably wayyyyy more than you want on this… if not there are SCADS of diet advice books around.

But for those few of you who have any interest in MY personal advice: OK, here it is:

eat lots of fruits, vegetables, minimally processed foods, avoid SUGAR and fats… but ENJOY your food too!

I don’t follow a strict diet, but I do feel good when I eat healthy food, followed at the end of the day with a cookie or 2. Of course if I’m trying to lose a little weight, better to eat fruit than the cookies. I know,

{psssst…Peggy’s tip:  don’t let this important pillar ruin the next MORE important pillar…..}



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