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33. More results from National Publicity Summit

checken soup has onion and many good nutrients for th common coldI am soooo blessed to be here! My roommate here at the hostel is a wonderful  lady, Felcia, from Denver, who is promoting her book an coaching a business about The Ten Commandments of Gender Peace. She is a PhD in leadership, and a Masters in Mathematics. And now exploring her expression of femininity.

We are both enjoying very much the encouragement and all the great coaching.

Today was our 3d session of pitching the media.  I had perhaps 50% positive responses yesterday, but today I think I had 100% positive responses. The media agreed it is an important story that they want to cover.

I think the fact that a few of them were experiencing colds at the moment was a helpful start.

I was better organized today. and growing more confident in my pitching. Tomorrow is last two sessions. I’m running low on pitch sheets. Since I made 7 versions of them, it was more complicated to keep it all organized, but worthwhile. I think a Fox News producer complimented me on preparing so well. And the story ideas that fit their niches certainly had more appeal.

Now th important thing will be to follow up with each wonderful one ery well and give them a great story! And to make sure my Common Cold chart and blog are giving very useful advice for all of you dear readers.

While at Fed Ex/Kinkos last night copying off more of my headlines “Slash Your Next Cold from 10 ays to 7 with a Tea Kettle…Doctor’s Wife Reveals How” I began chatting with Armando, the very helpful  copier assistant. His mother is from Dominican Republic, and her favorite cold remedy for her family was to take a slice of onion and sprinkle it with either salt or suger, until if formed a kind of syrup. then mix the syrup with lemon juice and drink it, straight.

Sounds powerful!  Those are a couple of my favorite flavors. I’m not sure of the curative powers. but Perhaps the strong onion juice an lemon would certainly wake up your taste buds.

Gracias Armando! I look forward to trying it. Maybe mixed in \ hot broth would be even better?

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