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30. Peggy and her Robo-Spam friends

Peggy again here, hanging out with my Robo-spam friends! Let me introduce you to Edgar, Rajan, XiQuan, Guy and Ariana,

~[ * _ * ]~     ~[ * _ * ]~      ~[ * _ * ]~      ~[ * _ * ]~      ~[ * _ * ]~

They are not bad company after all, rather quiet, each gave me a nice compliment, and don’t ask much in return. They are just quietly waiting for me to click on their websites to buy some ladies sandals,  men’s sport jerseys, or cell phone app.

I’ve had worse company.

Like my previous cat, for example…he would bite and scratch us…

OK, enough about me and my pity robo-party,

Back to YOU!  and your common colds. Let’s whup those nasty buggers and get you alllllll better fast.getting a cold

And the more advice and stories I give, hopefully you real, cold suffering humans can replace my robo-spam buddies so our party won’t be so borrrrrrrring.

But at least they don’t sneeze on me too much.

Well, next we will be discussing the big NEWS that is coming out.  Amazing cold news, that yet again another Vitamin ingredient has been PROVEN by medical research to……NOT be effective against the common Cold.

Can you guess which on it is? No, not Vitamin C this time (that was disproven a while ago)  and not Zinc, that’s old news….

Answer in our next exciting post!

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