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Peggy’s Summertime Personal News

So what exactly prevented me from blogging these past 4 months you ask?

A lot of online coaching and a large serving of LIFE happened to me since my last time here. Mostly good–VERY good, in fact–… and a lot of it in line with my personal 4 Pillars of Health…especially in the PURPOSE department…I’m overFLOWING with purpose, I assure you!
I hosted a Friendship City delegation from Uganda, which I am still following through on. (its REALLY cool to email with the mayor of a city in Africa!!) and yes, they get colds in Uganda too, even on the equator. (but they also have snowcapped mountains year round, so DO check out our awesome video

Santa Cruz Sister Cities hosting

Peggy hosts Kasese Uganda Friendship City delegation on Santa Cruz Community TV show with Santa Cruz Sister Cities

Our oldest son Nelson graduated from college (heading to grad school in computer science at Carnegie Mellon silicon valley branch: Congrats son!

Our youngest son crashed my car, (3 days of car shopping, just to realize that I can trade cars with our middle son and HE can spend the time car shopping instead…although it may cut down on his video-gaming time…)

My grandson had a birthday and I spent a magical day taking him to movie/ice cream/candy shopping…mahhhvelous!)

I visited Colorado for my international student work conference and three old friends from childhood/college/and Bob’s medical residency. I’m preparing for my trip next week to Japan & Korea (will research cold remedies among other events)

And meanwhile collecting daily doses of common cold news…yes there are many, many remedies being tested and some maybe will help inhibit cold viruses…maybe…

…but NOPE, none have been conclusively found to cure or stop the cold altogether.

But be assured with billions of $$ at stake pharmaceuticals will never, ever stop trying (especially with YOUR money just waiting to jump into their cash registers every winter).

(pssst…Meanwhile, try our warm & steamy methods for FREE!)

Also collecting a LOT more Pillars of Health advice for you…and working on strengthening all Four of my own immune system Pillars with healthier , somewhat vegan diet, LOTS of exercise, especially dancing, spiritual purpose, tons of sleep, and throw in a little Shakespeare Santa Cruz watching with my Rotary club…all in all a rather productive summertime, I’d say.

for your Productive Summer

–Peggy The Doctor’s Wife

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