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23. Santa Cruz teen boys Poll part2

Further Questioning of the boys sports team …

How many colds a year do you get?

1 or 2.

A bunch.

staying home for a Common Cold

too many sick days missed from school

My family gets a lot usually around holiday time.

Whenever there’s something at school I really need to do I get a cold.

How long do they last?

sometimes just a day or two.

A week.

one or two weeks.

One boy said he had one last year that lasted two months.

And he (or was it another boy? I could not tell)  must especially be careful because he has asthma and colds make it way worse.

Then the Common Cold discussion ended when the conversation turned to nostalgia over their childhood days obsessions with Pokemon vs. Digimon and Dragon BallZ movies, ahhhh the good old days…!


“Peggy The Doctor’s Wife” analysis:

when I first asked them their immediate response was assuming I meant they STAYED HOME FROM SCHOOL for a cold.. Meaning lost days of schooling.

Of course there were probably colds that were so mild they didn’t need to stay home, or perhaps even notice, but of the ones they counted, it sounds like they are used to colds being severe enough to need spending the day at home. Apparently their parents felt that way too.

So a sad indication that it seems common to have many days of school missed for Common Colds.  Therefore it is worth doing everything we can to reduce the severity and reduce missing precious school time. for such sick days!


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