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2. What is Lighthouse Health?

Welcome to Lighthouse Health!

Common Cold journalist

Peggy Pollard, Common Cold journalist

I’m Peggy Pollard, journalist for your healthcare. My mission is to bring you the best, most helpful and intelligent healthcare information, advice and stories for you, your family and community to live the healthiest and happiest life that we are all meant to live.

My qualifications: I have been a newpaper reporter and journalist in the San Francisco Bay area, and married  to Emergency Room physician Dr. Bob Pollard – For 26 years I have been listening to his countless stories of how too many patients are coming in to his Emergency Room and Urgent Care clinics suffering from simply Common Colds. The good part of his stories is that, when patients follow his advice they usually get better very fast.

So one by one, Dr. Bob has been helping them—a lot!.

And now, finally it is time that we multiply his wisdom to help many more people with good, solid information.  Maybe this will help HIM get more sleep in his looooong ER nights.

So with this maiden voyage blog, let’s cast off! We are embarking on a new journey into the sea of research and investigation from around the world. We need to keep growing in knowledge and wisdom for ourselves, and our world community.

Share your common cold advice with us!