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16. Why Do we Suffer from Cold Symptoms?

I’ve already discussed how we get cold viruses. But what causes the symptoms?

The virus?

Actually no. The virus’s trigger a response by your body. Your body has several methods of trying to kill and get rid of the invading virus.

Each method will be explained in detail later, but many of  your immune system’s responses are what create your “symptoms of a common cold”

It’s not the virus. It’s your body reacting to the virus, Often its methods of fighting the virus are what makes you feel uncomfortable.

So when the virus first invades your upper respiratory system…

At first you don’t feel anything, until the virus has made a big enough assault on your nose, throat, and mouth.

But as your good cells start dying off, that does cause you some pain.

symptoms of a common coldAnd the invading virus cells also triggers your body’s Army of Defense, its immune system.  then a bunch of things happen. Your body is trying to kill off, flush out and eat up the nasty invading army of cold viruses.

It’s an epic Lord of the Rings battle!

The battle scene is what you know as the symptoms. Runny nose, inflamation of throat, mild fever and achiness, sneezing, and coughing. They are all part of your bodies immune defenses. It’s a complex and wonderful system as we shall see!


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