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Wise Advice from a Harvard medical professor.

Wise Advice from Harvard Medical Professor on Diet and Health

Food: You’re The Boss, by Dr Gary Epler, Assoc. Professor of Medicine @ Harvard Medical School

But today, while wallowing in my bleary fog of  pumpkin pie hangover, I have fortunately been freshly inspired on how to get out of the spiral of food depression.

I just read a new book by a new friend from my book writing program. I met Dr. Gary Epler and his lovely wife Joan in Manhattan last month, and have been discussing my Warm & Steamy cold advice.

Gary is a Harvard Medical School Clinical associate professor of medicine in Pulmonology and practicing clinician.

He has been recognized annually from 1994 to 2012 in “Th Best Doctors In America” and consults at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Dana-Farber Cancer Intitute in Boston..

His book relates very well the story many of us go through in dieting. He contrasts two patients who gain 20 pounds, one who freaks out and tries many harmful diets, ending up heavier for years. And another patient who calmly and with a positive self-view, simply learns about nutrition and chooses a wise diet plan, looking, and getting long-term good results.

As is true for soooooooo much of healthy living, we (especially women!) tend to go from one extreme to another, doing what makes us feel GOOD one day, then regretting it the next, (thereby ruining the enjoyment of our holiday) which causes emotional freaking out,which causes us to feel depressed for the next week, which spurs us to do more unhealthy behaviors to feel better again (like more overeating), Crazy, huh?

Our swinging emotionally up and down over only one day’s progress, good or bad, then affects our attitude, which changes our actions. But we can use that pendulum swing for GOOD instead of bad, if we choose wisely.

Well I feel much better already today, reading it to know that food is my FRIEND, and I’m the BOSS who can make good food work FOR me. A very positive way of thinking. I like it!

Check out Dr. Epler’s common sense book, a simple, easy read, a good guide for you to put your dieting in a healthy context  BEFORE you buy any other diet books.

Thanks Dr. Gary for putting me on the right path of healthy eating and healthy self-image!

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