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World's Best Advice for your Common Cold!

180. Dr. Bob has a common cold — thanks to cold air

“You should see a doctor for that” I cajoled him over the phone.

“yeah, right,” he grumbled, not appreciating the humor in my ribbing.  “I slept with the blanket over my head, am sipping hot cocoa, turned the heat up in the cold apartment.”

Midway through His latest shift in the ER, he discovered the heater in the Emergency Department rooms was not working and finally got a technician in to fix it.

He had been so busy  in his shift yesterday a hopping department full of sick patients that he didn’t realize how chilly the normally cold air had become.

But it was not so unusual that the department rooms had cold air.  Other staff often like to turn the thermostat down. In fact, many hospital clinics have a tendency to keep the thermostat low, perhaps in the belief that doing so generally prevents germs from growing?  But probably a more likely reason is that physically active workers tend to prefer cooler air in their work stations to feel more comfortable as they run around.

Little do they know that a cooler temperature actually nutures rhinoviruses to grow.

But this was worse. It took a while until Dr. Bob noticed the extra coolness since he was caught up in his hectic work of seeing the emergency patients, and was physically active examining patients and walking around the department. It was the patients who were sitting and lying still for longer periods who noticed the cold air first and brought it to his attention with their complaints.

So unfortunately, the upshot is that in those short chilly hours before he noticed the cold air he was breathing, the virus was able to replicate exponentially until he felt those unmistakable symptoms of a full blown cold virus come on strong. He then spent the next 24 hours of his time off battling the viral infection with hot drinks and warm steam and lots of sleep.

Too bad some faster intervention of heat and steam in the early stages could have saved him a lot of time and suffering.

It’s also part of his hazardous duty environment working in the ER to be constantly swimming through a flood of viruses, since many of the patients coming in are infected and are only too happy to share their germs with the ER staff, coughing, sneezing, breathing, and sometimes even vomiting on them. Lovely.

Bob says he is also wearing a surgical face mask on his shift today, both to filter out his rhinovirus germs he is exuding, and incoming germs from patients, and also to create a little pocket of warm air to breath, one more Warm & Steamy method he can easily do, even when the heater isn’t functioning.

At least this is one thing he can have control over, no matter what anybody else does.

— Peggy The Doctor’s Wife

179. A Time for Every Purpose…

For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.

One of my high purposes this year is helping you get over your common cold.

But its not my highest purpose. Admittedly I have some even higher ones–my family relationships, my personal physical and spiritual health, my previous work commitments. Good priorities all, but they took more  time than I expected this past year, which left less time for my common cold crusade.

But I’m thankful for all the good that happened, both personal and in common cold progress. Looking back, the past two years in my work to end needless suffering from the common cold. I can see I’m just getting started (hopefully soon to write the book), but also appreciative at a huge amount I’ve done and learned, to lay the groundwork setting up this business.

One trial project was my hiring of an assistant. She was great, but despite enjoying the work, she unexpectedly quit for personal reasons …and now is the new mother of a beautiful baby son! I believe that is wonderful progress, but just not what I was expecting!

The world has changed a lot in the past 30 years since I graduated from college, where I was still typing on the very noisy electric typewriter (waking my roommates up at 3 a.m. writing the all-night articles and essays.

And now I’m learning to do Google Hangouts…

which brings me to the happy spot where I believe I am now caught up with the cutting edge of the social media (and really hoping I don’t have to learn any more… except maybe Pinterest… and Instagram…and Prezi.. and… oh nevermind) that I’ve been striving to catch hold of.

But today is the first day in a long time that I am enjoying the delicious, delightful feeling of getting caught up, organized, at peace with my progress.

In other words, I’m following my own REAP advice… having caught up on
–REST slept in a lot lately
–EAT a satisfying Rainbow of plants…mostly vegan but also some fish and yogurt to make sure I’m getting all I need. and very slowly seem to be dropping weight. Yippee!
–ACTIVATE my body with Enjoyable Exercise… just went jogging thursday and waltz dancing for 5 hours last night, Which is my favorite natural high, to be delightfully exhausted from whirling, music and lots of hugs from my dancing friends.
–PURPOSE focusing my life forward on my spiritual journey, relationships (lots of family time this year) and work (continuing my job with international students and my social dance class) and now back to my Common Cold Crusade.

So I’m TRUSTING that putting it on “pause” for a few months while I developed those higher priorities, will in the long run pay off for myself, and for the world.

As I say, you must TRUST in God/the universe/your higher power, (however you choose to believe) that as we follow the right, most important priorities in life, God makes everything beautiful in its time.

And no, I didn’t make that up, nor did The Byrds rock band “Turn, Turn, Turn” in the 1965, but it was penned about 3,000 years ago by old King Solomon ( Ecclesiastes 3, Old Testament of the Bible).

It was the perfect word at the perfect time, back then, in the King’s palace in 907 B.C., on rock music vinyl records in 1965 and on my blog from Santa Cruz at 4 p.m. on this beautiful Saturday afternoon as well.

Peace be to you, too, as you REAP a healthy, happy life.

Peggy The Doctor’s Wife

santa cruz beach

everything is beautiful in its time

The Common Cold Reporter

177. My test flush today with a Neti Pot

In which, Finally, I try out a quasi-Neti Pot,

How can I call myself a credible journalist if I am unwilling to try out such a widespread practice for common cold relief as a Neti Pot.

It sounds international. It looks simple and natural, organic even. Perhap it is working with our bodies natural immune system.

But something about it just did not appeal to me.

Today I finally figured out why.

Neti pots: . First of all the concept of rinsing out ones own nasal cavities doesn’t make sense to me. When I have a cold,  the nasal cavities are already working hard flushing out the virus — so you want to help them flush more?

Nevertheless, today I just tried it…and quicly remembered why I didn’t want to do it.

I used to love playing in swimming pools when I was growing up. As a little girl, one of my favorite hobbies was somersaulting under water.

Very safe fun, with one big bummer. After going upside down I always got water up my nose and it hurt. Gave me a headache. Does not feel good or healthy, just feels like I got water into a WRONG part of my body that doesn’t want it there.

I do not like re-creating that.

But in the interest of gonzo journalism I tried a pseudo-Neti Pot today. My nose has been running like a firehose all day today, on the second day of my cold, so I found a clean  cup with a spout and put warm water, with a sprinkle of salt, to create a saline solution.

I tilted my head sideways over the kitchen sink and poured the water into one nostril, and then the other. The water basically drained down into the back of my throat. At first,  when I poured the water into my nasal cavity, it was not bad, it just drained down into my throat, a bit tickly, and clean. But I wasn’t sure it was the full Neti-pot experience.

So I poured some more in and sucked it up higher

When I tried to snort it up into my nasal passages it hurt. The familiar feeling of when I did somersaults and got water going the wrong way around inside my highly sensitive forehead bones.

Because the nasal cavities are next to your brain, we should be VERY cautious what we allow in. Putting non sterile water next to your brain, I am concluding, is NOT good.Which is probably why it hurts. Painfully.

I believe that this process is used in military interrogation and called Waterboarding. It doesn’t feel good there either.

Even worse, a young girl died of a brain infection after using NetiPot with unclean water (especially from Southern U.S. water systems) So I suggest its ok for just pouring through your nose if you want to rinse out nose to feel cleaner,  but not upside down, not snorting up into important sensitive nasal passages.

In contrast to this whole Neti Pot nettle, this controversy shows how simple and safe our Warm & Steamy advice is.

The simplicity of my remedy is striking, Non invasive. Clean, free, easy, accessible.….and come to think of it, steam is BOILED water that is therefore already sterilized, so no risk of contamination. Ha HA!

Conclusion: Although Neti Pots are not too expensive and are natural. I’d rather sit in a hot tub than do military waterboarding torture to myself.

So,to use a couple of U.S. Presidents as role models, you can go ahead and try it if you like, but DON”T INHALE!

for your Healthy Happy Life,

Peggy The Doctor’s Wife

178. Neti Pots – Good or Bad for colds?

The Risks and Benefits of Neti Pot Nasal Irrigation

See Peggy’s journalistic test of a Neti Pot

Though nasal irrigation with salt water has been found to an effective and inexpensive treatment option for sinusitis symptom relief, neti pot use may increase the risk of recurrence. A new study reveals why and what we can do about it.

A Cochrane Analysis –Yay some intelligence invested in this issue! –– shows that in studies of the Neti Pots, they can be helpful AND harmful for common colds.

An online discussion of the Neti Pots shows the controversy, that for people who have long term irritation of your nasal passages, especially due t the common cold virus, the rinsing of them with warm salt (saline) water can be good or bad


It does seem to relieve symptoms, because, like the function of mucous, it is rinsing and flushing out the cold viruses that are multiplying.

No discussion of the temperature of the water in this article. WHY ARE THEY MISSING THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT? (answer because they are not making money from it)

but a scary article from National Public Radio NPR News in December 2011 warns about risk of “brain eating amoeba” if using contaminated tap water, which in this case was tap water from the warm waters of the southern state of Louisiana and pushing it up your nose.

“Second Neti-Pot Death From Amoeba Prompts Tap-Water Warning”

The amoebas had already caused deaths in Children who were swimming in this kind of water had also died from the same “brain eating amoeba” since they probably did cannonballs that caused the water to be pushed up into their nose, whereas adults had outgrown that kind of behavior.

Then two adults had the same cause of death, and the second death triggered an idea to see if the victims had used Neti Pots

So if you use only sterilized water, and carefully clean and dry it inbetween uses.

Some other medications were also suggested by other commenters, but do we REALLY want to explore all the possible chemicals and medicines we can use to fight off common cold virus in our noses, when there is already such a simple remedy?

Warm & Steamy!!!

this whole Neti Pot nettle controversy shows, in contrast how simple and safe our Warm & Steamy advice is….and come to think of it, steam is BOILED water that is therefore already sterilized, so no risk of contamination.

The simplicity of my remedy, in contrast, is striking, Non invasive. Clean, free, easy, accessible.

Some commenters discussed other pump sprays, and I’e also heard of using a cotton swab such as a Q-tip, expecially for a baby’s stuffy nose, dipped in warm salt water.

Sounds fine. But lets try the simplest, safest solutions first, shall we?

For your healthy, happy life,

Peggy The Doctor’s Wife


176. What factors cause us to get colds? part 2

continued from What factors cause us to get colds?  Part 1

OK, after cold temperature and personal closeness, other big factors in getting colds (all preventable) have to do with our personal immune systems tending to be weaker at this time….

…and I REALLY want to know who’s crazy idea was it to schedule 4 major holidays in a row, just when we are already hectic getting the school year started… can we change that please??…

Well, if we can’t change the calendar then at least you really need to be aware of your personal health levels (which you have more control over than the international holiday schedules)

TIREDNESS… my personal theory is that this season is naturally conducive to hibernation, so follow the example of other mammals.

And instead of going crazy over handwashing (sure wash them often, but not obsessively) but pay more attention to these other factors.

And some other factors contributing to our tiredness can be…

  • Emotional stress, feeling overwhelmed with too many tasks to do, high expectations of amount of work and other activity we need do (earning money, taking care of famiy, volunteering to help in school, charities, friends, social relationships… all o which can leads to not taking good enough care of ourselves
  • Eating poorly
  • Lack of sleep
  • Lack of exercise

All of which cause our personal  immune system defenses are at a low ebb, (can you feel it now??) but most of those factors, you CAN take care of.

As for me, I’m feeling very glad now to get back into a normal routine, to put on hot bowls of pumpkin soup, green teas, sleep in a lot, get my normal exercise routine going again, (ballroom dance anyone??) and continue onward in my personal crusade to alleviate the world of common colds!

Onwards and upward Cold Crusaders!

–Peggy The Doctor’s Wife

For Your Healthy, Happy Life

175. What are main factors that cause us to get colds? part 1

What are the main factors causing us to get colds?

October 25, 2013–

As we feel the cold weather snap into place, our vulnerability to colds jumps way up.

After a hectic but wonderful past six months of my hosting Ugandan delegates, and being hosted in Colorado, Japan, Korea, New York and now back home in Santa Cruz, including two family weddings in the past 2 weeks, I’m freshly experienced with many of the factors giving us our annual a big spike in common cold virus infections at this time of year.

First off, the popular, but WRONG, theory being widely reported is that the main reason we get more colds in this colder season is that we are being closely packed next other people who may have colds, and thus spreading the virus more through personal contact.

While it IS true we spread colds more when we are closer together, I declare that it is NOT the main reason we get more colds in fall and winter.

Even though increase in population proximity is the most popular theory to explain the huge spike in colds at this time of year, it is wrong. It is NOT the most important factor.

It is the temperature drop that causes cold viruses to grow much faster.

Cooler Temperature of the air you breath is THE critical conducive factor for common cold viruses to grow at maximum rate.

The good news is that this is easily mitigated! (see the rest of my blog and upcoming book) The majority of cold suffering can EASILY be eliminated if you follow my easy, safe and effective advice…. which is in line with cold remedies used for centuries in MOST traditional cultures around the world– because it works!

But aside from that, the rest of the misinformation about how colds are spread makes a big difference in combating it, too.

The main way we spread colds  is NOT as most are reporting, mainly by touching items that are infected by other cold-bearers’ touches, but mainly by breathing, coughing and passing the cold virus through the micro-droplets of moisture in normal breathing. And virus spread is accelerated even more so by coughing and sneezing.

Therefore the best way to combat it is NOT wiping down every surface with disinfectant, but “capturing the virus” as you breathe, cough and sneeze.

But really, the cold temperature is a MUCH bigger factor.

read Part 2 in next post for more factors…

Onward and upward cold crusaders!

— Peggy The Doctor’s Wife

My Favorite Tea in Asia

My first afternoon in Korea, my friend Hyon-Rim “Shalom” brought me to a special tea place, where I discovered my new favorite tea in Asia.

We had stopped by her work, a Pharmacy outlet in the 5th floor gleaming silver and blue glass high-rise building of a super high tech business park in the brand new city of Pan-gyo.

Sunday afternoon the place was rather quiet, but a few shops and restaurants were still open. After she showed me cold remedies that she sold in the pharmacy, she considered where to take me, we zipped down the elevator to an underground wealthy shopping area, passed a few nice looking tea houses and finally stopped in a very chic traditional tea house, with tastefully decor,

She gave me a choice of two types of tea. One had “all five flavors” in it–sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and spicy. The other was “Jujube fruit flavor” a kind of date, she told me.

I had not had jujube before, and could only think of the Jujube jelly candies that I had bought in movie theaters growing up as a kid. I was rather sure they didn’t make a tea out of those. But I was curious, so I picked it.

The tea arrived in heavy grey artistically designed marbled stoneware, very ancient and very new at the same time.

Both teas were extremely tasty, but the jujube won my heart as my new favorite flavor. Mildly sweet, deep reddish brown colored, it had a new and very pleasant flavor. The large mugs of tea, big enough that it was almost like a bowl of soup, had little pieces of fruit in it to chew, and a melange of flavors that touched my soul.

The mugs of soup were accompanied by a little plate of biscuits. Not quite a meal, but a very satisfying snack. So pleasant, so light and satisfying. So this is how the ancient Koreans drank tea? Marvelous. I could enjoy myself being an ancient Korean, I thought as I absorbed the deicious flavor and wisdom of the 4,000 year Goguryeo people.

And just the right thing to share with my old friend from Santa Cruz, reconnecting our lives again for a few moments after many years apart.

To your ancient and satisfying health!

The Importance of Satisfying Flavor

SatTo be honest, I’m getting rather sick of the sameness of flavor of many of my favorite cold preventing hot teas and soups. I’m sure their physical properties will still work fine to fend off common cold viruses with Warm & Steamy goodness….but without satisfying flavor, it will NOT if I don’t actually eat and drink them.

For some mysterious reason, humans have taste buds that give us very powerful feedback from the foods we eat, and, there is a huge psychological relationship we have with foods we partake that gives us great satisfaction, or dissatisfaction with our lives.

I don’t completely understand that (who does?) but I recognized good flavor when I taste it (who doesn’t?!).

Some of us have more highly refined palates than others, to be sure, but all of us have foods we love, hate, and find satsifying (the first and 3d of those three not necessarily being the same.)

So after years of somewhat unsuccessful experimentation to find the right kind of foods that are as strictly healthy as possible, I have grown to realize the importance of satisfying flavor in our diets is SUCH an important aspect of the success of a diet strategy.

Which is why my 2nd Pillar of health includes the description of “satisfying” as an important criteria for the best kind of diet we need to have for our good health.

Fortunately, there is a world of flavor out there waiting for us to discover.

Yes, I know Kale is all the rage these days, but not everyone likes eating it. Let’s face it– some foods are just more satisfying than others.

I’m the kind of person who likes trying new things, and like to eat as healthy as possible. But after many years of trying to eat various “super-healthy” diets, I realized recently that I couldn’t stay with because, well, frankly they didn’t TASTE good. So I finally realized the high importance of making sure the food you eat has exciting flavor that satisfies your taste buds and your soul.

If I eat a super mathematically nutritious balanced meal, but somehow the chocolate chip cookies in the cupboard are still calling to me,then the diet was not satisfying, was it? Hmmmmm?

Therefore, there is something missing…flavor!

And, although I have a stack of various teas given to me as friendship gifts from my Chinese, Japanese and Korean friends. Well, I know they are good for me, but just don’t drink as much of them,probably due to the notion that their flavor is not going to be satisfying to me.

So I was eager to explore on my visit to Japan and Korea what other kinds of teas and soups they have. And, my joy of discovery will be elucidated in my next post.

Pinkies extended — get ready to hear about a great cup of tea!

For your flavorful health!


Common Cold Remedies From My Trip to Asia

my host grows grapes in her backyard in Japan

My Japan host , with four strong Pillars of Health, is producing much fruit, spiritual and physical!

I’m back from my trip to Japan and South Korea this summer, where I collected more common cold remedies for the common cold, along with, most importantly, deepening my friendships with my international scholar alumni friends there.

As well as sharing with me their own personal common cold remedies,the four host families I stayed with shared their time, hearts, home, and an abundance of delightful food with me in my two weeks there (photos to come).  My immune system feels much strengthened by all the sushi and kimchi!

In fact, Asians are quite expert on common cold remedies.Think Chinese Medicine, Yin-Yang hot and cold balance, and aligning your Chi! All of that originates from the 5,000 years of ancient traditions and philosophy in those warm and steamy lands, (at least warm & steamy during August) and those traditions are still going strong,I discovered.

I gleaned more remedies and advice from a Pharmacist in one of Korea’s newest High Tech business centers, a dinner circle of Korean mothers, hot tea remedies from a historic tea house, footbath in  Japanese hot springs, and lessons from a Japanese schoolteacher. I’m eager to share them, as soon as I sort through my 1,300 photos.

I’m also getting the school year underway with new university international students and scholars here in Santa Cruz, and trying to keep my personal Four Pillars of Health activated to prevent me from getting my own colds, which would make everything else worse.

And then, hopefully soon, putting it all together into my long-promised BOOK. Yes, It is taking longer than expected, and I’m sure most of you have given up on me, but I’m not giving up, (to quote Winston Churchhill) NEVER Surrender! NEVER Give Up! And same for you with your good dreams, as well.

My advice, although late, is still needed to help everyone with a colds know the best remedies and most current research  — which I’m still collecting daily news bulletins of.

Indeed, those of you who already use Warm & Steamy methods, will be affirmed that what you are doing IS the best. And you others, who have been seduced by those colorful advertisements and pretty packaging, will grow stronger in your understanding of the truth, so you can avoid wasting your money, time and precious health on all that crappola (to quote my mother) that doesn’t work.

Thanks to the generosity of the Chun family on my trip, I also got to travel a few feet across the border into North Korea, a dramatic experience. Unfortunately I did NOT collect any common cold remedies from there, since the North Korean Border Guards, were quite distant, and not at all friendly. They looked rather thin, not to mention paranoid. But, I did send lots of prayers their way into that desperate land, whose top leader, by the way, was an international student in Switzerland for several years. Unfortunately the main thing he seemed to have learned there was a passion for basketball and Dennis Rodman, who has been a recent guest to the North Korean dictator.

Common Cold Immunity — caused by Old Age?

Common Cold Immunity

The science desk of the New York times answers a question as whether common cold immunity is due to old age, to why the inquirer’s mother age 92 seems to not catch the  colds of the daughter.

does old age give you immunity to colds?

does old age give you immunity to colds?

The doctor’s answer is not news, but common knowledge. Yes, you build up immunity to viruses, problem is that there are over 200 kinds of cold viruses, so there are a LOT of types of cold viruses going around to build immunity to.

The interesting part is how LONG we keep the common cold immunity. Dr. Jacobs says it can be “a few years to a lifetime”

But I am still unclear as to how the mutations of the cold virus affect the human sufferer’s immunity. Do they mutate into a new type that the human host has no immunity for? I have not seen that explained, but apparently from flu viruses, the bodies’s immunity is only to the exact type of virus that you have been infected with before.

That’ why they keep developing new flue vaccines each year because the flu viruses keep changing.

Dr. Jacobs also comments that the strength of our individual immune systems makes a big difference in how sick, and how long we suffer from a particular cold.

So answer, yes get colds, but get over them fast. Instead of popping herb pills next November, start working out this summer to keep yourself physically strong, which in turn strengthens your immune system to fight off the cold viruses much better this next season!

But with the cold, over 200 viruses can take a lot of years to cycle through so you likely will still get some colds, but if you fight it off quickly, then they are no big deal.


 Dr. Jonathan L. Jacobs, professor of clinical medicine at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, says “After most viral infections, people develop immunity to that specific virus, which can last from a few years to a lifetime.”

As immunity to different viruses builds up over time, it decreases the number of viral types that can make one sick, Dr. Jacobs said. But he added, “There are so many viruses that cause colds that complete immunity is very unlikely.”

As for the strength of symptoms of colds later in life, “our genes, and the strength of the immune mechanisms that produce many of the symptoms that we associate with the common cold, are also important factors determining how sick we get when exposed to a cold virus,” Dr. Jacobs said.


Your Common Cold questions needed!

Your Common cold questions needed!

Dearest common cold fans,

Saving the globe, one common cold at a time

Peggy The Doctor’s Wife Saving the Earth, one common cold at a time

As mentioned in my previous two posts. I’m trying to buckle down and

really focus on getting my book out that …

So I need your help. Please email/post/send me your questions and issues about the common cold.

  • Does it impact your health? your work? your family?
  • What remedies do you already use that work or don’t work or not sure?
  • What do you see other people doing that doesn’t work

If I use your quote in my book I’m happy to send you a free copy when it is published.

And beyond colds —

  • how about your immune system building habits?
    What do you do to strengthen your body to fight off colds?
    Are there any of the four Pillars of Health that you have a hard time with?

I need to know!
I want to know!
And other cold sufferers want to know too. My goal is to give the world’s best advice and YOU are part of this world too. You just might have a tip or method that helps you and that can help someone else as

well. So send your common cold questions right over!

Wacky, extreme, mild, all stories are good (although I probably won’t agree with all and will say so) Fill out the attached form below.

Philosophically, how do you see colds as part of our inescapable human condition. Do colds teach us something about life? about ourselves, about the universe and our purpose in life?

Tell me your thoughts on this in the form here>>>.

Many thanks for helping make our Earth a more healthy place to live!

Peggy’s Summertime Personal News

So what exactly prevented me from blogging these past 4 months you ask?

A lot of online coaching and a large serving of LIFE happened to me since my last time here. Mostly good–VERY good, in fact–… and a lot of it in line with my personal 4 Pillars of Health…especially in the PURPOSE department…I’m overFLOWING with purpose, I assure you!
I hosted a Friendship City delegation from Uganda, which I am still following through on. (its REALLY cool to email with the mayor of a city in Africa!!) and yes, they get colds in Uganda too, even on the equator. (but they also have snowcapped mountains year round, so DO check out our awesome video

Santa Cruz Sister Cities hosting

Peggy hosts Kasese Uganda Friendship City delegation on Santa Cruz Community TV show with Santa Cruz Sister Cities

Our oldest son Nelson graduated from college (heading to grad school in computer science at Carnegie Mellon silicon valley branch: Congrats son!

Our youngest son crashed my car, (3 days of car shopping, just to realize that I can trade cars with our middle son and HE can spend the time car shopping instead…although it may cut down on his video-gaming time…)

My grandson had a birthday and I spent a magical day taking him to movie/ice cream/candy shopping…mahhhvelous!)

I visited Colorado for my international student work conference and three old friends from childhood/college/and Bob’s medical residency. I’m preparing for my trip next week to Japan & Korea (will research cold remedies among other events)

And meanwhile collecting daily doses of common cold news…yes there are many, many remedies being tested and some maybe will help inhibit cold viruses…maybe…

…but NOPE, none have been conclusively found to cure or stop the cold altogether.

But be assured with billions of $$ at stake pharmaceuticals will never, ever stop trying (especially with YOUR money just waiting to jump into their cash registers every winter).

(pssst…Meanwhile, try our warm & steamy methods for FREE!)

Also collecting a LOT more Pillars of Health advice for you…and working on strengthening all Four of my own immune system Pillars with healthier , somewhat vegan diet, LOTS of exercise, especially dancing, spiritual purpose, tons of sleep, and throw in a little Shakespeare Santa Cruz watching with my Rotary club…all in all a rather productive summertime, I’d say.

for your Productive Summer

–Peggy The Doctor’s Wife

Happy Summertime from Peggy TDW

Howdy Cold virus friends!

Peggy the Doctor’s Wife here, climbing back into my blogging saddle again– my first Summertime blog!

Yep, its been a while since I’ve grabbed the reins of my ole WordPress hossie and kicked her into a trot through the common cold countryside to wrassle up some viral outlaws for another epic low-down show-down.

One question for you dear audience member in the peanut gallery…I’m still trying to focus on putting my book together but finding it terribly hard to focus on it…Anyone have advice to help me?

And especially for us whose work is online…one little task leads to endless internet searches with so many GREAT pieces of information… but where does it end? How to stop the research and get my own work done?

Hmmm…I’m guessing, might have something to do with my trying to handle FOUR careers at the same time.  Unlike Dr. Bob, who is laser focused on his one career, I am very inclusive…I do like multi-tasking, obviously… and on a hunter/gatherer scale I’m wayyyyy to the berry-picking end of the scale. In fact there are some lovely blackberries right now growing in my backyard, but…heyyyyy, wait a sec, there I go again…!.

So it is time now to invoke my killer hunting instincts and produce my virus-killer magnum opus. (where can I buy one of those nifty “y” chromosomes?

OK, meanwhile since I do have my perfectly matched XX chromosomes, best if I just accept myself for who I am, right, and adjust my life accordingly, realize that, despite not having produced the tome yet, I AM doing a lot of good in many relationships but I also need to work very hard to create structure in my life for this long-term purpose too.

Online webinars have been very helpful to keep myself motivated, encouraged, and convinced it is do-able. I believe I do have plenty of information already to give you a gosh-darned, bangup, heckuva great Common Cold book….I just need to stop doing all the other great stuff, or have the patience to wait until I’m through this busy season and have the time to spit it all out  into my literary spittoon (hygenically of course)

I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you as I gradually catch up.

And about all the other gol-durned  stuff I’ve gotten done in the past 4 months. More on that in my next post

… read on little doggies, yee-haw, rawhide! (cue whip snap!)

for your Happy, Healthy Life!

Peggy The Doctor’s Wife

(and now to click that satisfying little “publish button”…ahhhh its SO great to be back again!!!)

Wilbur Sargunaraj from India discovers Cold Virus truth in Scotland

Click for his fun video

Despite Wilbur Sargunaraj’s  dressing in a lab coat, I don’t THINK he is a doctor.

Something about his wearing sunglasses IN the lab, his catchy Bollywood preface to the video, and Saragunaraj’s other Youtube videos of bagpipe playing, Bollywood bhangra dancing, and official music video of The Cricket Song etc just don’t fit the serious academic researcher persona.

Nevertheless, we can learn SOMEthing here, as Wilbur interviews  Doctor Christie in a microbiology lab in Scotland. She proudly relates that penicillin was first discovered in Scotland by Sir Ian Fleming, so the Scots are quite proud of their bacteriology history, having launched the field themselves.

The doctor then demonstrates Antibiotics versus Bacteria versus Viruses… and Wilbur’s slow uptake on which confirms that he has never taken a microbiology class… including a cool multi-colored jelly agar dishes that grow bacteria.  Then Dr. Christie points out disks of antibiotics, some of which kill off the bacteria growing around it, some of which don’t, because “bacteria gets accustomed to it” Wilbur surmises.

So “we should treat antibiotics with deep respect” Wilbur concludes, and bottom line not use it for colds.The most important thing I learned from this video is its note that, in India, mothers’ favorite cold remedy is antibiotics!

The doctor does start out saying you DON’T catch colds from cold weather — yes, technically correct, but a blanket statement (pun intended) that would be more accurate if it included an allowance that the cold weather makes your cold worse. And In chilly Scotland, they should know that better than anyone.

What to do for colds, then? Wilbur asks?  The bacteriologist advises to “just take care of yourself, rest and drink tea with ginger and honey…there is no cure for the common cold.”

Hmmm…sounds warm & steamy to me!

–Peggy The Doctor’s wife



Cold remedy from China

My friend Xing, an international Masters student in Computer Science, from Tongchuan, Shaanxi,  a small town in China. He is now working in tech industry in Silicon Valley

Xing tells me about his mother’s home common cold remedy :  drink lots of hot water and sleep under heavy blankets until you sweat.

Sounds warm & steamy to me! Thanks Xing!  — Peggy The Doctor’s Wife

<<I remember when I was a kid and when I had common cold, my mom usually asked me to drink tons of hot water and then go to bed with very thick blankets on me.

Literally I slept inside those big and thick blankets and I sweated a lot during the sleep. After maybe 8 or 10 hours’ sleep, I tend to be better from the cold.

But this is only for the cold part. If with fever, this is dangerous.

it’s very cold during the winter, like around 32 degrees, sometimes like around 15 degrees. I don’t remember how often I got cold when I was a kid. But my home, I think, is not warm enough. We used to burn the coal to warm the room. and that’s not very convenient. sometimes it’s too hot sometimes it’s too cold. during the time, the fire is gone and it’s cold.

Nowadays, I actually begin to eat lots of vitamins if I feel I am weak and on the edge of being sick. I think the vitamins actually helps, because I don’t eat any during normal time. So when I feel sick, my body may feel some difference with the vitamins and it actually make me avoid some cold. :)

I’m not sure how she found it. But I remember it’s pretty common that people did this. It’s sort of a common sense and I heard it when I was very little.

I think one reason is that lots of people did this and feel better. Another reason might come from the poverty. I remember at that time most people are very poor and this method actually doesn’t cost anything, which is good :)

I also remember when we (my friends from neighbor and I) had some small cuts, we just use sort of soil (very tiny soft soil like light yellow powder) on the cut to stop the bleed and speed up the heal. It helped and we did that all the time. But now I think it’s not very safe though… 😉

Cider Remedy for Cold and Flu with hidden Warm & Steamy ingredient


See if you can find the hidden ingredient that I recommend in this  recipe for an apple cider remedy for colds! Kind of like Where’s Waldo, let’s call it “Where’s the Warm & Steamy?”

Probably the only important ingredient in the recipe that actually affects your cold virus.

But the other ingredients  are so strong that they may just overpower your suffering. Do they really kill off the virus?  It’s possible they may help some by just revving up your mucous production with their walloping strong flavors, and therefore help stimulate your immune system to flush out the virus.

Or perhaps they numb your throat sensations with their burn-off-your-taste-buds recipe (only things missing are Serrano hot peppers and turpentine!). Even if it doesn’t cure your cold you can use it in a zingy chow mein recipe, for sure!

reposted from Care2 internet site which has a mélange of socially concerned sites. This one in the “Healthy living category”

Peggy The Doctor’s Wife

<< by Annie B. Bond June 27, 2004

Here is a great natural formula—with a spicy, zesty, delicious flavor#—that offers relief from cold and flu symptoms, and is an effective natural antibiotic.

Several healing ingredients make this tasty formula one that you can drink at the first sign of a cold or flu to help open up your sinuses and bronchial passages. You can also gargle with it for relief from sore throats. We plan to print this out and keep it handy all fall and winter long; when the sniffles hit, this will help! Here’s the recipe:

INGREDIENTS (Try to use organic if at all possible)

25 cloves garlic, minced
2 tablespoons dried or 3 tablespoons fresh Echinacea root, grated or chopped
1/3 cup fresh horseradish root, grated
1/4 cup fresh gingerroot, peeled and sliced
1 large white onion, diced
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper powder
Honey to sweeten, if desired
Raw apple cider vinegar, 1 quart or less

1. Place all dry ingredients in a 1-quart wide mouth jar. Fill to the top with vinegar. Cover the top of the jar with plastic wrap, then screw on the lid.

2. Refrigerate for six weeks so the flavor can develop and soften. Shake daily. There’s no need to strain and bottle it unless you want to. The flavor keeps getting better and bolder the longer the formula is allowed to steep.

3. At the first sign of a cold or flu, take 2 tablespoons of this formula with a warm water chaser. Rinse mouth out well after swallowing the cider. Repeat once or twice daily for the duration of the illness. You should feel your sinus and bronchial passages quickly open and your breathing become easier.

4. For a sore throat, gargle with the formula for 60 seconds, spit, then rinse out your mouth. You should feel immediate relief.

Makes about 1 quart.

Read more:

Are your Telomeres too short?

Check your telomeres in the mirror.

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.  Telomer-structure, used with permission with Attribution: Iridos at the English language Wikipedia

Telomer-structure, used with permission
(c) Iridos at the English language Wikipedia

Are they too short?


Bet you didn’t even know you had them, but turns out they do show, when you get a runny nose. Or at least, your shorter ones show in that you probably get more colds than people who have longer ones.

Big news last month on the common cold was the discovery by researchers that a part of your DNA, the cap of your Chromosone called a “telomere” could determine your body’s susceptibility to the common cold.

And if so, what can you do about it? Is there a clinic where you can get them fixed? Can a personal trainer assist you in working out to lengthen and strengthen them?

Sadly no.  So what good does it do us to know about this? Well, none at the moment, but perhaps in future this can assist medical researchers to figure out how to work around that sadly deficient telomere and help people resist colds more.

Foundational knowledge, it is. But cool to think about it. The wikipedia entry has a neato 3-dimensional video clip of a multicolor telomere structure diagram.

According to Science 2.0 One of the researchers, a professor of psychology at Carnegie Mellon University explains

“Our work suggests the possibility that telomere length is a relatively consistent marker across the life span and that it can start predicting disease susceptibility in young adulthood… We knew that people in their late 50s and older with shorter telomeres are at a greater risk for illness and mortality.

“We expected that younger people would vary in their telomere length as well and wanted to see what this would mean for their health.

“Those with shorter telomeres in the CD8CD28- cell population may be at greater risk for infection because they have fewer functional cells available to respond to the [cold] virus. The superior ability of CD8CD28- T-cytolytic cells to predict infection gives us an idea of which cells to focus on in future work on how telomere length influences the immune system’s response to infection and other immune-related challenges.”

…Cohen emphasized that “this is preliminary research and further work with other viruses and with natural infections will help clarify its implications.”

All of which tells ME that… hmmmm…. really, what??? Just that ANY incremental, small news that is real solid information about the common cold is so basic to our health, if any small improvement can be made on the common cold for humanity, that it becomes HUGE international news.

Now … how to get the BIG  little news  out about “Warm & Steamy?”

Maria asks: “Do dogs get a fever like people?”

Maria asks: “My dog [feels] hot do they get a fever like people and it looks like he has a running nose also.”

Maria, I just posted an article on whether dogs get colds (yes) and now I’m looking up about fevers specifically.

Fevers can be caused by many diseases, including similar ones to what we get. Cold viruses can cause mild fevers, but usually do not have high fevers. A high fever comes more often with influenza/the flu.

And remember a fever is one of the ways the body fights off disease, so it is not a bad thing in itself.

Here is a list of reasons a dog would have a fever

  • Infections (most commonly, bacterial, viral, parasites, and other microorganisms)
  • Immune-mediated
  • Tumors
  • Metabolic diseases
  • Endocrine diseases
  • Miscellaneous inflammatory conditions
  • Various drugs
  • Various Toxins
  • Sometimes the exact cause can not be established (e.g., in fever of unknown origin)

If it goes on a while or your dog seem unusually sick. Take him to a veterinarian to have him checked.

Hope he gets better soon!

— Peggy The Doctor’s Wife

Question: Can dogs catch a cold?

“Can dogs catch a cold?”

Answer: Yes! I wrote on this in November, and  here’s a good article from PetMD on dogs catching colds

The thing is, there are many other  reasons besides a common cold virus that a dog would have similar symptoms to a common cold, coughing (distemper or kennel cough) worms, fungal parasites, allergies and other infections.

Just as in humans the cold is one of many viruses that cause similar symptoms, coughing, runny nose, sneezing

But unlike in humans the cold viruses that your dog gets are NOT contagious to you, or “cross-species” or at least not that scientisits have discovered.

<<There are other highly contagious, cold-like illnesses to be familiar with, as well. The influenza virus, parainfluenza virus, adenovirus, and tuberculosis are all illnesses that can be transmitted by infected dogs.

Another potentially life-endangering viral illness is canine distemper. A dog exhibiting symptoms of distemper will usually have coughing, vomiting, high fever, and a thick discharge from the eyes and nose.>>

Another article about dogs getting colds, agrees with this information and adds tips on how to help your dog get better.

The first and second tip are…Warm & Steamy methods!…

<< Helping Your Dog Recover
1. Increasing Fluid Intake
If your dog has common cold, the simplest way to get rid of it is by feeding him/her lots of nutritious liquids. Chicken broth, for instance will work wonders for your dog too.Steam Therapy
2. Try to get your dog to inhale steaming water which will unclog the sinuses. Bring over a tub of hot water, and gently lead the dog to inhale the vapors. Be careful not to allow the dog to go too close to the steaming water.
Read more at Buzzle: >>
So there you go. Yes they can, no you won’t catch it from each other, and, if it is a mere common cold, the way to get better is the same as for us, Warm & Steamy methods
— Peggy The Doctor’s Wife

129. Sharkie’s Pep Talk Radio Interview

Greetings to Sharkie’s Pep Talk radio fans!

I’m delighted to be on the show today and share with you my advice for how you can get over your colds faster and back to your great life.

You can do it! I’ll tell you how

(and please pardon any problems with my website, I recently changed the theme and need to reconfabulate a lot of the settings. Maybe I need Sharkie to give me my own pep talk on website design, eeeek!)

Please get my FREE downloable chart with a Summary of my 10 Rules for the Common Cold.

Or If you are REALLY serious about doing all you can, you can by my COMPLETE Chart with more tips and info, which also includes the 1-page Summary Chart.

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If you have any problem with it email me at and I’ll send it to you myself.

I would also love to hear your honest feedback, so PLEASE leave comments!

I’m in beginning stages of writing my book on the Common Cold “Slash your next Cold from 10 days to Two– with a Teakettle”  featuring cold remedies from around the world, as well as my advice based on mainstream medical research adn my husband’s 30 years of treating thousands of patients in Emergency and Urgent Care clinics.

For your healthy happy life

— Peggy The Doctor’s Wife

128. Pakistani News reports Vitamin C reduces Common Cold

The “PakTribune” news agency in Pakistan reports today that Vitamin C reducing Common Cold suffering in athletes

I do NOT give much credibility to this report. While it cites several studies, it does not specify WHO did the studies, how they were funded. It only says they were randomized.

And oddly, In one study Vitamin C is said to have shorten suffering of colds in male athletes, but not females!  The results of this report don’t conclusively prove anything but the need for more questions. Just like MOST supposed results of studies done on the common cold, that are as full of holes as an overused  kleenex.


Vitamin C halves incidence of common cold

15 February, 2013

ISLAMABAD: Vitamin C is beneficial against common cold particularly for people under heavy physical stress.

In five randomized trials of participants with heavy short-term physical stress, vitamin C halved the incidence of the common cold.

Three of the trials studied marathon runners, one studied Swiss school children in a skiing camp and one studied Canadian soldiers during a winter exercise.

Furthermore, in a recent randomized trial carried out with adolescent competitive swimmers, vitamin C halved the duration of colds in males, although the vitamin had no effect on females.

Regular doses of vitamin C of one gram per day or higher have reduced the average duration of colds in adults by 8 percent and in children by 18 percent.

Although these findings unambiguously show that vitamin C has a biological effect on colds, taking vitamin C every day to shorten infrequent colds does not seem reasonable. On average, adults have only a few common cold episodes per year and children have some half a dozen colds per year.

Few therapeutic trials, meaning trials in which vitamin C was given only after the first symptoms of a cold appeared, have been carried out and their results are not consistent.

Nevertheless, given the consistent effect of vitamin C on the duration and severity of colds in the regular supplementation studies, and the safety and low cost of vitamin C, the researchers consider that it may be worthwhile for individual common cold patients to test whether therapeutic vitamin C is beneficial for them.


127. Repost part 2 “Speech from Common Cold Convention


Over-The-Counter common cold remedies

do they really work to get rid of your cold? Or are they just very expensive placebos?


Repost from

(NOTE from Peggy The Doctor’s Wife: this is a fictional humor essay, but I appreciate its critique of the ethics of the hugely profitable, yet ineffective, cold remedy market for the pharmaceutical industry

Third, our beloved lobbyists. We appreciate you continuing to dispel rumors that a cure for the common cold was invented in 1952. It was not. And if we occasionally come up with a cure for the common cold, please know that it’s simply because we ran out of marketing ideas.

Lastly — and relatively new members to our brethren, who are quickly attaining a reputation as earners — I’d like to acknowledge the creators of the magic elixirs, who have convinced people they can stave off the common cold with vitamin C powders, magic bracelets and even magnetic toe rings. Stand and take a bow. I speak for this entire auditorium when I say we are truly looking forward to your line of tattoo cures in 2013.

I know we’re all excited to get to the happy hour and toast our good fortune, but I’d like to reminisce for a moment. I don’t mean to get sentimental — we all know the danger of contracting conjunctivitis from public crying. But whenever I see people sharing a ChapStick, or an obviously non-monogamous couple kissing in public, or someone ordering a draught beer in a seedy bar — it brings a tear to my eye, not to mention a ka-ching to my soul, because I know the state of the common cold is strong.

Okay, enough dripping eye and nasal secretions all over each other. Queue up the PowerPoint. And because this convention is flush with cash, I present to you at a ridiculous cost the one, the only, Beastie Boys.  [cue music band ]

126. Repost of fictional Common Cold speech (part 1)

Over The Counter cold remedies

your local pharmacy is chock full of over the Counter Cold remedies, selling for billions of $$ per year.


[NOTE from Peggy The Doctor’s Wife: this is a fictional humor piece, not a real speech, nor a real convention. I do not know how accurate his data is, but appreciate the author’s questioning of the ethical motivations of the huge market for cold remedies]

Opening Remarks From The 87th Annual Common Cold Convention

Jan. 23, 2013  By Jon Methven info

Members of the pharmaceutical industry, our preventative sanitizer affiliates, advertising executives, medical personnel, hot liquid ingestion representatives, regurgitation and diarrhea experts, our disposable nasal mucous wipes constituents, and, of course, our esteemed Washington lobbyists — I’m happy to report that the common cold is alive and well.

Thank you, thank you. Okay, settle down. Please, take your seats.

Alive and well is a conservative estimate. More like blossoming and fantastic. In 2012, members of this convention grossed more than $24 billion from people either trying to prevent or cure the common cold. And because there were 617 deaths attributed to runny noses last year, the anxiety produced is projected to gross us more than $27 billion in 2013.

Please, if we keep up these standing ovations we’ll never make the Holiday Inn happy hour.

Now, before we show the PowerPoint slideshow, which this year is set to a live performance by the Beastie Boys’ “Time To Get Ill,” I’d like to mention a few highlights of the 2012 cold and flu season.

First, when the bonanza hit last February — a goldmine of three different strains of virus circulating the country at once — it was our New York advertising affiliates who saw the opportunity and introduced Involuntary Flatuhicculitis, a virus that causes hiccup-esque flatulence. The advertisements were shown at two in the morning, when only the social media addicts and hypochondriacs are awake. Even though it does not exist, the disease spread through social media like wildfire, leading to 217,000 confirmed cases and at least 17 deaths. The folks at Pfizer even got a new patent antibiotic out of it. The City of Scranton was quarantined for three weeks. A round of applause for Flatuhicculitis. A lesson to us all — let’s be more proactive about exploiting hypochondriacs through late-night infomercials.

Second, I’d like to acknowledge the flu virus proponents. Every year, you folks convince a willing populace that your inferior serum will prevent sickness. Every year, people pay for the injection and get sick anyway. The next year, they all line up in workplaces and pharmacy kiosks to drop another $29.95 on your placebo juice. Keep up the good work, you sick [*&$#!s.]



126. How long after a cold are you contagious?

In the washroom at my social dance class last night two women were LOUDLY commenting on the inconsiderate people who come to the class while they are sick.

Since I’ve just gotten over a cold, I’m especially considering the issue of exactly when are we still contagious and when are we ok to socialize again without passing on the infection?

I believe I am  basically over my last cold, but I must say , the last little dribs and drabs of cough did kind of hang on for several days, even though I feel back to basic good health again.

My energy is back, I’m getting back in shape with exercise and dancing, but  for several days there was still a tickle of it in my throat. I think its just a residual irritation from having had a cough for this past week.

I’ve heard a range of advice from the medical literature. you are infectious one to 2 days after your cold ends? But cold symptoms are so variable in duration and intensity, its sometimes hard to tell just exactly when it ends.

Dr Bob advises that when you are still coughing and sneezing you are infectious, when you have stopped coughing and sneezing, you are no longer contagious.

And I think that at the end of a cold s ometimesyou still have the cough reflex just from the residual irritation of your past infection, even after  you’ve fought it off.

Normally most people may cough or sneeze a few times a day.  So if the basic advice is that if we are coughing and sneezing we are contagious, once that is over we are not spreading the virus germs anyway, and are probably free of the illness, even if there is an occasional cough.

I’m not coughing or sneezing anymore, except perhaps a few times a day. So I feel quite ready to get back to my normal activities to get my health strong again

But still, I’m trying to be very considerate to not spread any possible leftover germs around.  I’m being careful not to breathe on my partners, keep a good social distance, and wash my hands frequently.  And I hope others do the same for me as well.

And I’m still keeping myself and especially my upper airways as warm as possible to get rid of any last bits of the virus entirely.

I also just stocked up on some very good new soups! Spanish Chicken Kale & Rice, chicken tortilla soup, and little super-healthy veggie souffles, microwaveable and yummy topped with salsa.

Illness or not, they are good for my body and soul!

For your happy healthy life.

125. my first blogpost by email

I just had a nice Chatroom session with my webserver host help technician “Stephen B” @ bluehost and he helped me isolate the problem of my emails not posting. We didn’t actually solve it yet, but at least eliminated a lot of possibilities. It wasn’t part of his job specification since its more of a WordPress problem (as the last tech person said before he cut me off) But Stephen B went beyond the call of his duty and helped me test out some troubleshooting methods.

Seems to be a problem with my dashboard setup only allowing posts with certain categories, so now I need to identify which is the magic category that will work!

……(few minutes later)…..

Aha!!! the secret ingredient to getting my posts to show on page 1 is to make them…..STICKY!!!….

My blogging coach explained what it means to be sticky a few months ago… but I’ve really forgotten. So I neglected to make all of them sticky recently… very tedious.

so if anyone can explain more what it means, and how I can make it my default….I’m all ears.!!!  Thanks.

So much to learn! and part of me says , wait until I learn how to do this better, but the advice from my book publicity course is that we “stumble forward” …by trying out things I learn more as I go, and get more feedback and help along the way.

So stumble forward everyone, in your worthy endeavors to help change the world and learn as much as you can as you go!

Cheers for your health!.

Peggy Pollard, “Peggy The Doctor’s Wife”

Author, Slash Your Next Cold from 10 days to 2 with a Teakettle

124. Cocktail drink recipes for common cold


REPOST from “Yummly”

These look good! but only if they are hot & steamy, and just enough to help you relax to get a good night’s sleep, not get drunk and then have a hangover, which really is from dehydration, so enjoy, but sparingly. with lots of hot liquid.


I myself invented a 2 a.m. microwve mulled wine (red wine/water/ agave) but honestly it didn’t taste very good.

You can also make plenty of alcohol-free drinks using juices instead, just please make em steamy hot.


Cocktail Remedies for the Common Cold

By On January 6, 2013 · In Yum, Yummly Tagged With: , , , , , ,

In the strictest sense, alcohol, being a diuretic, is not something you should consume while you’re sick. However, tradition and old wives tales have held for ages that few things soothe an aching, burning throat better than a good old-fashioned hot toddy and bedrest. Here are a few “cocktail remedies” for those days when you really need a soothing pick me up. Don’t skimp on the ginger and lemon, and feel better soon!

Smoky Lemon Martini from Leite’s CulinariaPhoto by William Lingwood


Hot Toddy from AllRecipes


Charleston Light Dragoon’s Punch (Rum, Brandy, and Lemon Tea) from Serious EatsPhoto by Robyn Lee


Hot Vodka with Honey from Food.comPhoto by Mirabella’s Pantry


Smoky, Hot, Scotch Apple Cider from ChowPhoto by Roxanne Webber


Bourbon and Ginger from Martha Stewart


Smoky Iced Tea and Whiskey Cooler from Serious EatsPhoto by Kelly Carámbul


Hot and Nutty Whiskey Sours from Martha Stewart

Related Searches on Yummly:

Photo Credits: Mirabella’s Pantry,



123. Slow Cooker soup recipes (part 4)

REPOST from Spark People’s weight loss website


Madras lentil soup

“Slow Cooker Soups for Winter”

 [more enthusiastic comments]

They look good. I hate to cook.

im going to make and freeze a couple of these for easy fast meal options! thanks!

The tortilla soup looks really good.

Cooking winter squash: it is pretty hard to cut up for cooking. I usually halve the butternut or hubbard, whatever, scoop out the seeds, then bake it cut-side down until I can poke a fork through the squash through the skin. (I line my baking dish or spray it so the squash doesn’t stick.) When it is done and cooled, I spoon out the squash (leaving the skin to discard). What I don’t need that day, I freeze in portions for another day. Hope that helps, 8NT SKYRD

This gave me some great dinner ideas

I plan on making the Chicken Tortilla soup next weekend. I’m anxious to try it!

The Slow Cooker Winter Squash Soup recipe includes 3 cups of cooked winter squash. -red face- I don’t know how to cook the winter squash. Help?

can’t wait to try some of these.

Crock pot beef & veggie stew is on the menu this week.

I need a slow cooker!!!

It doesn’t say what kind of beans are in the beef and vegetable soup. I do think it sounds good.

love buffalo chicken cant wait to try it in a soup

The chicken and rice soup sounds great! I am putting that on my list to make this weekend. A good after church lunch.

122. Slow Cooker Soup Recipes (part 3)

REPOST from Spark People’s weight loss website

[More comments, most sound positive, but some people don’t know how to cook.]



Slow Cooker Soups for Winter

Did you hear that!?! My belly is rumbling!!! I have tried a couple of these and this list is great, now I have a few more to try!

I have got to try these. Sound so tasty

PLEASE show the serving SIZE with recipes! For instance, if a recipe says has 8 servings, please say 8 1-cup servings so we know how much to serve. Otherwise, we have to empty the entire crock pot into serving dishes to know how much to serve each person!

I’ve been wanting to try some different soups & love the idea of doing them in the slow cooker – thanks!!!

I just made the Buffalo Chicken soup and it was horrible! I do look forward to trying a few others on this list

I think I will make a batch of sixteen bean soup.I have a nice big ham hock I will trim the fat off of it and add some chopped onion,garlic and maybe some raw spinach at the end.I love homemade soups so this article was very timely.!Thank you

My flatmates boysfriends mother just gave us a slow cooker for Christmas! I’m excited to try one of these soups now. xoxo

Report Inappropriate Comment

I’m so excited I’m going to try one of these soups Friday! Perfect for the weekend! LOL!

I use my crockpot a lot. I have plans to make taco soup and chicken soup. Love both. I make lots and freeze the rest in single serving containers.

Perfect timing, I have been wanting some new crock pot recipes!



121. Slow cooker soup recipies (part 2)

A nice variety, the Winter apple squash soup  sounds really good

REPOST from Spark People’s weight loss website

Slow Cooker Soups for Winter


a soup with apples, squash and onions sounds really good and really wintery, chock full of vitamins and flavor


Slow Cooker Winter Squash Soup:  Warm soup with squash, apples, and onions.

CALORIES: 168.9  |  FAT: 6.3g  |  PROTEIN: 3.4g  |  CARBS: 28.1g  |  FIBER: 7.7g


Broccoli Slow Cooker Soup:  Stealthy way to serve vegetables, if you or the family doesn’t normally like to eat them

CALORIES: 181.4  |  FAT: 2.3g  |  PROTEIN: 16.3g  |  CARBS: 28.4g  |  FIBER: 8.7g


Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup:  This tortilla soup tastes better than anything you can get at a restaurant. And it’s healthy too! Don’t let the long list of ingredients fool you. All you do is dump everything into the slow cooker and walk away.

CALORIES: 168.6  |  FAT: 2.5g  |  PROTEIN: 17.4g  |  CARBS: 20.3g  |  FIBER: 4.2g


Slow Cooker Minestrone Soup

CALORIES: 54.7  |  FAT: 2.1g  |  PROTEIN: 2.6g  |  CARBS: 6.7g  |  FIBER: 1.4g


Northwest Beef and Vegetable Soup

CALORIES: 388.6  |  FAT: 7.6g  |  PROTEIN: 26.9g  |  CARBS: 55.7g  |  FIBER: 10.8g


What soup recipes are cooking in your kitchen?


Want more healthy recipes from Chef Meg and fellow SparkPeople members? Be sure to subscribe to SparkPeople’s Recipe of the Day email. Click here to sign up!


Hello, I love soups and will definately try the chicken and rice and minestrone, but my kids aged 15, 14 and 11 will probably not go for it, any solutions to this age old problem.




120. REPOST: Slow cooker soup recipes

when you get enough time and energy, build on your soup repertoire with crockpost soups

when you get enough time and energy, build on your soup repertoire with crockpost soups

What to eat to boost your immune system? Canned soup is are a good start —  fine and healthy for convenience, but these recipes are probably tastier!

For when you have a bit of energy, and can plan ahead, some recipes that sound delicious. Slow cooking often brings out the best flavors in food and is rather easy to do, you just have to put all the ingredients in and click the button 6-8 hours ahead of time, or the night before.  And the whole house will smell yummy all day.Here is a link and descriptions.


REPOST from Spark People’s weight loss website



Slow Cooker Soups for Winter

By: Samantha Donohue : 1/1/2013 6:00 PM     25 comments : 27,236 Views

Welcome in the new year with these winter slow cooker soup recipes. As a busy mother, wife and writer, I have to plan ahead if I’m going to achieve my health goals. When I utilize my slow cooker, I’m able to quickly and easily prepare family meals. These hearty soup recipes will warm you on a cold night and support you nutritionally too. Begin 2013 on a strong note with these soup recipes.


Northern Bean and Spinach Soup: This hearty soup is perfect for when there is a chill in the air, and you want dinner waiting for you as you walk in the door.

CALORIES: 216.5  |  FAT: 7.4g  |  PROTEIN: 18.4g  |  CARBS: 33.2g  |  FIBER: 16.2g


Slow Cooker Cream of Chicken and Rice Soup:  Ditch the condensed “cream of whatever” soups and make this instead. You only need 10 minutes of hands-on cooking time for a filling yet light bowl of comforting soup.

CALORIES: 172.3  |  FAT: 1.8g  |  PROTEIN: 21.3g  |  CARBS: 13.8g  |  FIBER: 1.7g


Buffalo Chicken Soup:  Did you know that just three buffalo wings have 10 grams of fat? (Who eats just three?) This soup has all the spice, creaminess, and tang you crave–with a fraction of the fat.

CALORIES: 113.2  |  FAT: 1.5g  |  PROTEIN: 16.3g  |  CARBS: 8.1g  |  FIBER: 1.9g




119. Quantum cure from extraterrestrials (part 2)

Not surprisingly, there is the usual misunderstanding of quantum entanglement as somehow affecting large, macro-level objects that woo-meisters of many stripes routinely demonstrate. None of this is particularly surprising. It is, however, rather amusing. Or it would be, if these charlatans didn’t apparently charge a fair amount of money for their PAK™s.

In fact, there’s seemingly nothing that QuantumMAN™ can’t do! Apparently, you can vaccinate yourself against malaria, influenza, and even the common cold! You can even protect your children from becoming addicted to meth by downloading some ZAG goodness into them, or, failing that, cure them (or yourself) of meth addiction.. If you have an infection, you can treat it with a quantum antibiotic, and if you’re in pain, you can take Zaxis™, which promises 24 hour pain control. Why only 24 hours if quantum medicine is so much more awesome than regular medicine? Who knows? Then, of course, there are a wide variety of ZAG products designed to help you lose weight because, well, you know, all that dieting and exercising is just so “chemical” compared to the quantum goodness at the heart of QuantumMAN™. You can even undergo a form of “quantum gastric bypass surgery” by reprogramming your brain, if you want. Even more amazingly, if you’re a female going through menopause, you can provide yourself with quantum hormone replacement therapy.

And, of course, if all else fails, there’s always Quantum Doctor (QDr™) or Quantum Chiropractor (QChiro™), while you can also detoxify. Quantumly, of course:

118. Woohoo! new cure for common cold from extraterrestrials!

REPOST from  under Basic Science,Health Fraud,Humor

From Dr. David Gorski, Evidence Based Medicine blog


Closing out 2012 with a bit of fun: Do you want some quantum with that pseudoscience


Dec 31 2012

And here’s a hilariously off-base description of why ZAG’s “technology” is allegedly so superior to what exists in medicine:

The entire universe including the human body and maladies that afflict it operates on the principles of quantum mechanics. Chemical based treatment systems do not operate according to those princicples and, as such, are not compatible with human physiology as evidenced by their adverse side-effects. Conventional pharmaceuticals are chemicals that act only on the physical level. On the other hand, QuantumMAN™ delivers medicine on a quantum level to the multiple realms within the human body with an efficacy unmatched by primitive drug delivery systems. Moreover, QuantumMAN™ delivers his quantum treatments without the slightest chance of collateral damage to the host.

I’m sure it would be news to Richard Feynman (a.k.a. the real Quantum Man)—were he still alive of course—that chemical-based treatments (which are basically nothing more than chemicals whose reaction with chemicals in the human body, such as proteins, DNA, RNA, carbohydrates, and the like determines their activity) don’t operate according to the principles of quantum physics. In fact, come to think of it, I bet it would be news to Professor Feynman that quantum effects are not on a “physical level.” Seriously, though, if ZAG could find a single drug that somehow violates the principles of quantum physics and convincingly demonstrate that it did, there would be a Nobel Prize there for whoever did the research!



117. 2 a.m. remedy for sleeplessness

My cold progress day 3 continued,


Last night I was exhausted but got everything taken care of and in place and did all my personal hygiene cold care, then put my head on the pillow, and slept until 2 a.m.

My insomnia maybe because  I drank too much tea too late at night?

My insomnia maybe because I drank too much tea too late at night?

Wide Awake!

I was tired but not at all sleepy. What do do?

Tip #3:  To help me fall asleep, My mind needs to be tired out. It may be that I drank too much green tea too late in the evening. or the lack of my usual physical exercize.

Hot flashes often interrupt sleep as well.

I need something to soothe my mind to busy it, but not be exciting to wake me up. I find Sodoku puzzles rather perfect for that. There is a sense of urgency, and challenge, and I know I can do them if I just focus steadily, and satisfaction when I see all those squared filled in with numbers. Yet nothing at ALL meaningful that I can get emotionally involved with, pondering deeper hidden meanings of. Nice and logical. SoI did Sodoku for an hour

But that wasn’t quite enough. So I invented

Tip #4:  a “microwave mulled wine” nightcap.  A small glass of red wine diluted with some water, and microwaved to warm it up nicely (but tastes rather terrible ) so adding a bit of Agave sweetener.

Ahhhhh. It hit the spot, and combined with the tedious Sodoku puzzle for another half hour and gradually my brain started relaxing its hold on the numbers, my mind lost its edge and I realized that time to go back to bed had come.

I like having just enough to send me on the path to relaxing, so then my sleep hormones can take over.  Did you know there are more than 70 different hormones invovled in sleep?

116. My own cold’s progress day 3

Vaseline petroleum jelly is a great balm for your nose and lips when you have a runny nose.

Vaseline petroleum jelly is a great balm for your nose and lips when you have a runny nose.

Continued from Day 2



I’m learning so much from becoming a quasi-hypocondriac, self absorbed in

studying every aspect of my current rhinovirus.

I came up with a couple of new tips too!

So, as you may notice, this is the 3d day of my apparent viral infection. Therefore my claim about getting better in 1-2 days is not working, is it? Well, I cannot guarantee the course of anybody’s health, there are wayyyyy too many factors to make a guarantee.

And in the case of cold viruses. Significantly, there are over 200 types of cold viruses and they each may behave differently, plus they are often mutating (which I do not yet understand).

So, it doesn’t mean I’m wrong, it can mean that this is a stronger strain of the virus, or I was overtired….or something…

But at any rate, I promise to be honest about the progress, whether it makes me look good or bad on this blog.

New Tip #1  A heating pad. I found our old one in the cupboard, turned it on high and slept with it on my chest and throat all night.  Felt really good!

our house is heated unevenly, so living room tends to get overheated and my bedroom is cooler. And I seem to be that way too, lately I’m spending a lot of time alternating between too cold, and putting on more layers of clothing, drinking more hot drinks, and then all of a sudden I break a sweat and have to throw it all off..

New Tip #2 Smear your nose and upper lip with vaseline petroleum jelly before it gets raw from blowing your nose.

The first day my virus was just a tickly sore cough in my chest, now yesterday it turned into a runny nose, and occasional coughs. And now I’m going through the kleenexes. With more runny nose after I drink more hot teas. This is flushing the virus out, though. so its good.

But Vaseline prevents that rawness around the nose, and is generally good for my dry skin too. (also helps with hair coloring treatments to prevent color stains on the skin.)


115. Can you help your immune system fight off a Common Cold?


which of these ingredients helps "boost your immune system"

which of these ingredients helps “boost your immune system”

The standard advice now found on most blogs is that “a cold must run its course, there is nothing you can do.

And your immune systemmust fight it off.

But Most people do not understand what an immune system is. Or where it is.

Is it a magical gland in your brain, that just needs a particular ingredient to goose it?

Well, sort of, your immune system is actually a whole variety of responses that you body does when it senses invading viruses and illnesses in your body.

So when many people hear about it, they don’t know how to “boost” it. So when you walk into CVS pharmacy and see pretty colorful boxes that say “Boosts your immune system” that sounds helpful, right?

Kind of like when you order that purple smoothie at Jamba Juice and they offer you a variety of “boosts” little jiggers of powder, protein powder, matcha green tea powder, all nice and colorful.

And people do feel good when they take a nice colorful pill that has colorful cartoon characters on it and feel the pill “boosted” their immune system.

In a recent medical study, cold sufferers were given pills and told they were Echinacea pills that would supposedly boost their immune system. Some patients believed that Echinacea would help them, others did not believe it would. Result is that the patients who believed in the power of teh pill actually did feel better, but the doubting patients did not. So it was the power of their mind that made them actually feel better, not the pill itself.

Placebo effect is verrrrrrrrrry strong.


But however weak or strong your immune system is, it can make a big difference whether you help your immune system or not. It can make the difference between a cold lasting 1-2 days, or dragging on for weeks, even months.

And it starts with understanding how the cold virus works.

For the best ways to do so, please download my free Summary chart on this website, or the extended version with lots more advice, (for less than the price of one bottle of
boosts your immune system” pills.

And it works MUCH better.

114. My own cold’s progress (part 2)

CONTINUED from Part 1

LadiesTea farewellNIKE basketball 024

DO use this, or any form of warm steam to actually help your immune system to FIGHT OFF the virus, not just mask the symptoms.

the runny nose is one part of the bodies immune system of increased mucous secretions that help flush out those tiny invisible hordes of invading cold viruses. So a runny nose is actually GOOD for you , not bad.

And I believe my drinking lots of tea just gave my body more fluid to work with, so is really helping along the fight against the virus. The virus itself you don’t feel. You feel your body’s cells being destroyed from the virus. and you feel the irritating reaction of your body to the virus. Inflammation of the throat. Irritation of mucous in your nose and airways. Muscle achiness and tiredness

Those are not the virus, they are the weapons your body is using to fight off the virus. Get it?

If I were of the mindset that I want a remedy to work instantly and I will kill off my cold virus

That is the value of a placebo pill. That is why people spend $4 billion every year on cold medincines. because it feels so good to take a pill, or a highly packaged powerful tasting medicine that you think will really knock those viruses down.

And some of them, such as decongestants and antehistamines, stop the flow of your mucous so you do feel a big difference.

But did it get rid of the virus? No, it just stopped your body’s reaction to the virus. They actually make you WORSE by stopping your body’s immune system from fighting OFF the virus!

So again, when I drink more tea today, it made my nose run more, but that is helping along the fight against the virus.

That’s why the strongest and safest remedy for the cold and any disease is knowledge and understanding!

Cheers for a knowledgeable New Year!

113. My own cold’s progress (part 1)

COLD decongestant

This may stop your runny nose temporarily but that  prevents your immune system from fighting off the virus! So it makes you worse! Don’t take it.

Grrrrrr…. now I’m getting more mad.

I’ve been being good, staying home from my social dance for the 2nd night in a row (was realllllly looking forward to it) due to multiple factors, but mainly that my friends would not appreciate me coughing and sneezing on them during waltz. Oversharing the cold virus is just not attractive in a dance partner. :-( at least for those partner with whom I EVER want to dance again.

Also its heavy rain tonight, and I do have lots more work to get done, soooo… more good reasons to stay home. So maybe a few waltzed in my living room will help get me through

But as I am newly experiencing the un-lovely sensations of a cold virus… I’m realizing an important point that often trips people up in their cold care.

I have been dutifully keeping as warm as I comfortably can. And been drinking LOTS of hot drinks, mainly green adn black tea.  Yesterday the virus  was just a tickly cough but this afternoon it turned into a runny nose too!


Does this mean my advice does not work?

Important thing is realizing that the SYMPTOMS of a cold virus are NOT the cold virus!!!!

The symptoms are actually my IMMUNE SYSTEM fighting OFF the virus!

So people thinking their runny nose is the problem, don’t realize that…



112. Happy New Year Mompreneurs (part 5)

Keep your relationships happy and healthy

Keep your relationships happy and healthy

(reposting from my guest blog on Word of Mom Radio with Host Dori DeCarlo.

I will be interviewed live on January 17, 11 a.m. PST,  (2 p.m. EST) please call into speak with host Dori DeCarlo and me about your common cold stories!!

Radio show call in # (646) 595-3163

Thanks to Dori I’m looking forward to a great time spreading the viral news about how to get better from our most popular disease! Yes this is a health battle we can fight together  so call in to share your stories too!



…your common cold stories, good, bad, helpful, funny or weird. It’s the world’s most common disease — the virus that brings us all closer together!

“Peggy The Doctor’s Wife” — Peggy Pollard is a Mompreneur with children ages 35, 22, 21 and 16, and 3 grandsons. She has worked for 20 years as director of a social program for university international students, is a ballroom dance instructor and competitor. Peggy has also worked as a newspaper reporter and publicist and is now writing her first book on the Common Cold, collaborating with her husband Dr. Bob Pollard, Emergency Room Physician who graduated with honors from UCSF Medical school (one of top 5 in the U.S.) and has been developing his common cold advice for 30 years with thousands of patients in ER and Urgent Care clinics. 

Visit her blog website and get a free downloadable chart “Peggy’s 10 rules for the Common Cold Care” (or purchase the downloadble extended advice chart  for less than the price of gas to drive to a doctor’s visit), at  or

111. Happy New Year Mompreneurs (part 4)

(reposting from my guest blog on Word of Mom Radio with Host Dori DeCarlo.

I will be interviewed live on January 17, 11 a.m. PST,  (2 p.m. EST) please call into speak with host Dori DeCarlo and me about your common cold stories!!

Radio show call in # (646) 595-3163

Oct 27 to sort out 163

Don’t get carried away with too many responsibilities!

too many commitments


TIP #4: Prioritize your many tasks and relationships (both are important) and don’t overcommit!  Say NO to whatever is lower than, perhaps #6 or #7 on the list, and get your top priority work done so you feel good about your jobs AND good about  your important relationships. This includes your relationship with yourself and your body. So you need to keep getting good sleep, eating healthy and exercising.

OK, there you go!  Those are one tip per pillar for each of my FOUR PILLARS OF HEALTH to get you going on the right track.

(see my extended Advice Chart at  for more info on the Four Pillars of Health.)

Now you are doing the RIGHT things first, and have gotten your major health pillars in place!

So Mompreneurs — I want to congratulate you for being a great mother and entrepreneur. Because you are reading this, you are a go-getter who is making the most of your potential. You want to do your best in using your life, talents, gifts and resources to raise a happy family and help other people in this world.

I look forward to sharing more of my advice and talking with you all more on the Word of Mom radio show next week! Please call in and let me know if this advice is helpful to you or not. I’m always eager to hear more own tips recipes or questions and especially…




109. Happy New Year Mompreneurs (part 2)

Continued from Part 1

(reposting from my guest blog on Word of Mom Radio with Host Dori DeCarlo.

I will be interviewed live on January 17, 11 a.m. PST,  (2 p.m. EST) please call into speak with host Dori DeCarlo and me about your common cold stories!!

Radio show call in # (646) 595-3163


From our review of all the research studies done on all the common cold remedies, studied by our mainstream medical science, there is one important element that has been shown to be the most effective in getting over a cold as fast as possible.

Instead of the 1-2 weeks duration that most doctors now predict your cold will last, people who follow these methods get better in 1-2 DAYS!

AND the same methods are echoed in remedies used by many cultures around the world, as I am finding in my interviews of international scholars for my book on the common cold global remedies.


  • UNDERSTAND how a cold virus works.. that Cold viruses thrive at COLD temperature so fight them off with the opposite–warmth & steam!

    green tea

    drink lots of HOT green tea, black tea, herbal, or coffee, bullion, whatever you like…the magic ingredient is the HOT part!

  • Sip a toasty warm drink—tea, soup, hot water, anything warm!
  • Take two hot steamy showers a day!
  • Wrap a scarf over your nose and mouth when you are in cold air.
  • Turn your bedroom heat up at night.


for more tips  see my website

And next, after you have taken care of the urgent symptoms, you need to really build your immune system long term to be strong to fight of this and future cold viruses.

So here is another set of four quick tips for you to DO RIGHT NOW to start building your Four Pillars of Health for preventing and reducing common colds. (I’ll explain why below)



110. Happy New Year Mompreneurs! (part 3)

(reposting from my guest blog on Word of Mom Radio with Host Dori DeCarlo.

I will be interviewed live on January 17, 11 a.m. PST,  (2 p.m. EST) please call into speak with host Dori DeCarlo and me about your common cold stories!!

Radio show call in # (646) 595-3163



TIP #1: Sleep in (or go to bed early) as much as you can –after you get your top priority work done (for example, I was up til midnight last night writing an urgent document, but slept in until 10 a.m. this morning…nice!

healthy soups

chicken noodle soups are great but not the only good soup for a cold

TIP #2: Boost your immune system, NOT with pills, but with EXERCISE, whatever you really enjoy most (I prefer social dancing, but this morning I went jogging instead.) If you don’t enjoy it you won’t keep it up, so find something regular that you really do enjoy that gives you cardio-fitness.

TiP #3:  Buy cans of high protein, low-fat vegetable-rich soup to have as a default meal when you have a cold or are in a hurry. Chicken noodle is great, but any healthy soup will do. Why soup? It’s the warm steamy broth that really helps.  Stock up on it! Warm it up piping hot and serve it twice daily to anyone who has a cold! In fact eat it yourself when you can. Fast and healthy!

For example, I now have in my hand   “Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle Soup.” It’s label says it has 8 grams of protein and 90 calories per serving.  Admittedly, homemade soup usually tastes better than canned, IF you are a good cook…BUT even so, as Mompreneurs YOU don’t have TIME to make it often. So don’t feel bad about serving canned soup.  It’s a great healthy, satisfying meal, and FAST. So just stock up on cans of chicken soup or or any other high protein, high-vegetable, low-fat quality, tasty and healthy brands of soup.  Eat it as a fast default meal for lunch or dinner, so you can get your OTHER work done and reduce other stress in your life!





108. Happy New Year Mompreneurs (part 1)

(reposting from my guest blog on Word of Mom Radio with Host Dori DeCarlo. I will be interviewed live on January 17, 11 a.m. PST,  (2 p.m. EST) please call into speak with host Dori DeCarlo and me about your common cold stories!!

Radio show call in # (646) 595-3163

Happy and Healthy New Year to you Mompreneurs!

I want you to have the best year ever and I will help you do it here with sound medical advice on the common cold that you are NOT hearing from most other media sources.

should you buy some nice colorful, attractive looking Over The Counter Cold medicines?

should you buy some nice colorful, attractive looking Over The Counter Cold medicines? Nay I say!

First, I’m giving you a few action steps for when you have a cold in progress. Then I’m sharing  4 tips for long-term prevention of colds, based on strengthening your immune system  with the Four Pillars of Health.

So for starters, what should you do first when you actually have a cold? That first sign of a cold tickly feeling in your throat, mild achiness, and/or when your nose starts to run overtime.

Rush out to buy Over The Counter medicines at your local pharmacy? Aren’t they strong and effective?


OK, how about herbal remedies from the organic natural health food store? If they are Natural and Organic they must be good and effective, right? or at least not harmful?

NAY AGAIN, I say! They ALL DON’T work! Even the Organic Herbal ones! Even the Alternative/Integrative pills and herbs, such as those from Traditional Chinese Medicine!

Instead do what has been shown to be the MOST EFFECTIVE treatments for common cold in the world.


107. Best food to eat for a cold

pantry of soups for coldsWhat should you eat for a cold?

The #1 type of bestselling book in our American society are diet books. People want to be told exactly WHAT to eat, and how much.

Ironically, perhaps, our nation has more, and more variety of foods than every in history, and I’m guessing, than just about any other country, although food distribution systems these days worldwide are bringing lots of types of foods just about everywhere in the world.

America is the richest country in the world.

Sooooo….. the problem is that we have too MUCH food, good, tasty, healthy and not healthy food. The choices are overwhelming.

And most Americans are overweight, though some argue that they  are still undernourished with the wrong kinds of foods.

So what people are REALLY asking is what NOT to eat, right? We want to be told what TO eat so we can resist and eliminate having to choose from  the bombardment of other foods we encounter daily, both in person and from media.

I am NOT a dietician, or diet expert, although I have my suggestions based on generally accept sound nutritional guidelines.

So taking those mainstream guidelines, and applying them to our Warm & Steam principle of fighting common cold viruses = my advice for cold virus fighting food is….SOUP! Lots of soup! Piping Hot (not scalding) healthy, flavorful, satisfying soup.

Stock up on cans of your favorite healthy soup so you have them ready as a default meal.


1. They are warm & steamy (if you serve them that way)

2. a “healthy” soup I define as being high protein and rich in vegetable, and low fat (sorry not creamy based soups, if you care about fat content.

3. they are easy, so you can eat them without spending a lot of time.

4. they are satisfying, so you don’t feel so much need to eat other stuff.

And TEA! Lot’s of tea…or coffee, or bullion, or even hot water, basically any hot drink will do (but avoid sugar.

So have a Happy, Soupy New Year to fight off your Common Colds!


106. 12 Gifts of Good Health from Costco Connection

Linda Melone, a California based writer shared in The Costco Connection December 2012

“12 Gifts of Good Health

Instead of Giving your loved one a partridge in a pear ree and lords-a-leaping this year, why not give a healthful gift that keeps on giving?” and goes on to list 12 health tips.”


Let’s see how they compare to my Four Pillars of Health!

1. Molasses cookie, molasses has a weight loss health benefit (Pillar 3- healthy diet)

2. 2 ounces of almonds (#3 again)

Almonds are one of this Costco Columnist’s 12 healthy gifts for Christmas to help with diabetes

3. 3 ounces of salmon (#3)

4. 4 ounces of red wine (again #3)

5. 5 Yoga poses (#2 exercise)

6. 6 oz. Greek yogurt (#3)

7. 7 servings of veggies (#3)

8. 8 hours of sleep (#1 Sleep!)

9. 9 minutes of meditation (#4 all your other relationships in life)

10. 10 minutes of activities (#2 exercise)

11. 11 minutes of sunlight… (hmmm not on my list, but.. maybe #3 & 4  since it creates vitamin D, and also is relating to your environment)

12. 12 weeks of resistance training (#2 again)


So that affirms that we are on the right track, saying the same things with my FOUR Pillars of Health . The Costco health columnist’s advice is really advocating the same things I am.  Of course, for Costco, the food will be emphasized since Costco is primarily a food and home item store.

but I think my FOUR pillars: 1. Sleep, 2. Exercize, 3. Healthy Diet, and 4.  Relationships, are easier to remember than these 12 cute gifts, although they do make  better verses for the song.


105. I Doubt It!

When I was a child, one of my favorite card games with friends was “I Doubt It.”

The object was to get rid of all one’s cards, and to do so, you put a few of them face down and tell the other players what they were….or lie about them.  But if another player said, simply, “I doubt it” then the gig was up, the cards were flipped over and the wrong person (accuser or defendent) was punished with more cards.

I doubt it face

Get in the habit of saying I DOUBT IT when you hear of a magical mystical new common cold remedy

In our society, with common cold remedies we have a big I Doubt It game going on, but with our health at stake.

Because it is the world’s most common disease, the common cold probably has the world’s most numerous and varied selection of remedies as well. Some are quite ridiculous.

But why, oh why, do so many people just believe and accept, and PAY FOR, every claimed cold remedy that comes along.

All you have to do, dear Reader, is say “I Doubt It!”  You don’t even need to know for sure if a remedy works or not in order to say those three beautiful words. Don’t just fall for every snake oil magical ingredient that you find that gives promises. Even if they are on the internet!

Just get in the habit of saying “I doubt it” before you plunk your hard-earned cash, and precious time, and invaluable health down for an unproven common cold remedy until you see enough evidence about it that convinces you otherwise.

The same goes for many other areas of your health (weight loss diets, etc) but I am focusing on the common cold since that is my area of expertise.

So please repeat after me

“I — Doubt — It”

and get comfortable saying that as much as possible when you hear a new cold remedy being pitched to you.

104. Happy 2013 (with a virus bug) part 2

Continued from “Happy 2013” part 1

stock up on healthy soups for your default cold recovery diet

stock up your pantry on healthy soups for your default cold recovery diet

So both of those symptoms, the chills and cough,  I had before the possible virus, but today I just felt them more.

Which means maybe they were a setup, a weak spots in my health, and then catching the cold virus just made the symptoms worse.

In any case, I should  still treat them the same, warm and steamy things, warm shower, hot tub, warm drinks and food, turn up the thermostat a bit.

And by the end of this day I am feeling mostly better, so whatever it was,  whether virus or just worse symptoms of the menopause and throat irritation, I think I’m fighting  it off and will probably feel normal again by tomorrow.

Resting is a good thing for all of those!

Of course, the worry, especially with slightly unusual symptoms, is whether this is indeed a cold ORRRRR (cue dramatic music) could this be something more serious??? My mind races with the possible diseases this could be. There are so many to choose from!

So should I rush right in to the doctor to find out? Will a thousand dollar MRI scan reveal that my slight tickling cough in my chest is the beginning of a more horrible disease?

No, not yet. The right thing to do first is to try the OBVIOUS remedies for what the most obvious disease that my symptoms indicate!  Give it a few days with REST, Warm & Steamy diet and habits, and most likely it will go away quickly.

It’s only after you try the obvious remedies first, and then after you’ve eliminated the most likely probabilities if you still have unusual symptoms or symptoms that won’t go away, then, by all means scoot on in to see that expensive doctor, but only when you really need it.

The doctor, and you ,and I, and your pocketbook, and your appointment schedule, all would much prefer that you get better on your own!

103. Happy 2013– with a virus bug (part 1)

Happy 2013!

(with a virus bug)

practicing for my Toastmaster public speaking gave me a throat irritation which turned into a cough, probably  from the virus

This new year started well, with social dancing with friends till 1 a.m. New Years Eve — no alcohol, just a healthy modest Martinelli cider toast at midnight.

And then the next few days at home getting things back to my new normal, that is, more organized, but also feeling rather depressed and overwhelmed with too many responsibilities and so many new things I’m learning all at once. And all the things I THINK I’m supposed to do, but can’t get the energy to do.

The answer to depression?  Exercise!  And get stuff done!

But today, Friday, I’m skipping social dance tonight, wahhhh  :-(( because I’ve got a little virus in my chest, I think.

This morning I did go for an hour walk, and to my ballet class, but felt very peaked and tired, so came home and took a nap in the warm sunlight through the window.  And now I’m staying home, eating lots of canned, but healthy soup and teas. and catching up on computer work.

See, I AM following my own advice!

The boys have had a bit of a bug this week too, I noticed they were running the vaporizer in their bedrooms. Maybe I caught it from them?

But the symptoms are a little hard to tell, since I’m also having  similar symptoms from two other issues-

-the menopausal hot flashes, like spiking a sweaty fever alternating with deep chills, only today more so, have been going on for months.

And the other symptom is the tickle in my throat started after I did some breathing lung exercises last week for my Toastmaster public speaking practicing… I think it kind of irritated my throat a bit. And now that irritation seems worse, turned into a slightly phlegmy cough.

Continued in “Happy 2013” Part 2

102. and Happy New Year from Peggy The Doctor’s Wife



For example, I’ve been feeling quite depressed about the overwhelming amount of tasks I should be doing, and am trying to do, but not doing all of,  towards writing my book on the common cold, and Christmas season means I have a BUNCH of other tasks to do for my own family celebrations and for my other work (year end mailings to hundreds of people) my lists of tasks was, ans still does, seem endless, no time for me to feel finished about anything!

But each new morning I have the choice of focusing on the GOOD that is happening, and downplaying my negative feelings, choosing to beleive that good will win out over the bad, even before it happens.
And that has helped me keep plowing through the lists of tasks, and with each big job acomplished my depression is subsiding more and more. just keeping myself positive to have the energy to get it done, and letting go of the many frustrations and dissappointments, to KEEP GOING! and gradually, it IS getting done, which makes me FEEL much better! I feel much worse when I’m not getting it all done, and better when I do.

So DECIDE Today that you will focus on your blessings and the good that is streaming through your life and you will thereby be opening your life up to more of it. Open your eyes and heart to see the good in your life even through the bad things.

And if you don’t know how to do that, just email me, Peggy the Doctor’s Wife, and I’ll talk you through it!

May your MERRY Christmas lead you on the path to a Happier New Year!

lots of hugs, love and cheers from Peggy the Doctor’s Wife!

101. Merry Christmas!

Dear Readers of the Common Cold,

Merry Christmas to you! I’m hoping and praying you are having a happy, healthy holiday to celebrate the end of a wonderful year, many loving family and friends and much success and blessings in every area of your life.

I wish that for every person on earth right now.

Sadly, we all know that is not the accurate scenario for many people, and PROBABLY not for ANYONE, come to think of it. Certainly not for me.

Lesson #1: we all have imperfect lives with problems.
Lesson #2: we all have some blessings and love as well
Lesson #3: let’s CHOOSE to focus on #2 and not #1
Lesson #4: this positive attitude will give us a better view of life, and will actually strengthen our immune system, fight off depression, and help us make more positive healthy choices, which in turn physically strengthens our body’s immune system, helping us fight off common cold viruses and other diseases and results in fewer, shorter colds and healthier happier lives, which in turn makes us stronger and able to accomplish the things we need and enjoy, which makes us happier.

Lesson #5: even when big disappointments happen… learn to let go of them and keep when I just learned recently that I’ve been doing all my photos for this website wrong and i need to redo them.

Is this two months of work wasted?  I could choose to believe that.

OR, I can remind myself that I am doing well by “stumbling forward” as my marketing coach, Steve Harrison says. That by choosing to go and attempt my dream, to make my message known even as I’m only starting to write my book, means I will get more feedback, learn more from my mistakes, and end up making a better book in the longrun.

And that is my goal. to write the best book possible, to give many people the best truth that I can about the common cold. So as I start, I will make mistakes, and I should not get bogged down in the misery of the feeling of failure, but learn and go forward with it.

Lesson # 6:  Just Keep Going!

CONTINUED in Part 2,

100. REPOST: What is the “Norovirus?”

Aha! It is a basic stomach bug. 




By Misty Barton, eHow Contributor

The norovirus is the most common cause of upset stomach in the United Kingdom. In 2010, it caused mass outbreaks among passengers on cruise ships.

  1. Symptoms

    • The most common symptoms of the virus are nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. In some cases, fever, headaches and general cramping may also occur.


    • The United Kingdom’s national health service estimates that up to 1 million citizens in the U.K. contract the norovirus annually. The Center for Disease Control reports 21 million cases annually in the United States.

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    • Norovirus is mainly spread through fecal-oral transmission. This means that human waste infected with the virus must enter the system orally to cause infection. There is also strong evidence that suggests that the virus can be transmitted via airborne vomit that is swallowed or contaminates other surfaces.


    • There is no effective treatment to cure norovirus; the disease must run its course. Treatment combats the dehydration caused by vomiting and diarrhea. In most cases, electrolytes are given orally, but in extreme cases, intravenous fluid replacement may become necessary.

Read more: Norovirus |


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99. IS this a cold or the norovirus?

Now that we know what  a “Norovirus is” (a basic stomach flu) does this person have it?


It’s a sore throat, probably caused by a cold virus. Seems obvious doesn’t it? But the symptoms of a cold vary so widely that a lot of people are confused by it.  And that’s why up to 50% of people coming into ER’s are coming in because they are scared that their strange symptoms could be some more dangerous disease, so the want to make sure.

But the answer given below emphasizes taking pills to make your immune system stronger. In fact, those pills probably do not, but the best thing for that is exercise.

— Peggy The Doctor’s Wife


Open Question

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Is this the common cold?

My throat is really sore and my nose feels like it is burning.

Is it the start of the norovirus? I am terrified of it :(

Answers (3)

  • Stop being such a ******* hypochondriac
  • It could be any common cold virus. Go get some wellness pills- hard tabs- at the health stores
    or online. They will boost your immune system and you will get rid of anything fast. My family
    has used these for 15 years only when getting sick.
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  • Its a cold
    • 2 days ago

98. Who(??!) conducted the study that shows Beer chemical helps colds?


beer has hops with chemical Humulone which the BEER company funded research to find that it may help fight off common colds.

….just like the zillion other ingredients that have been promoted the past few decades said they MAY help the cold too (but didn’t) end result is probably that the beer sales go up a bit. Sadly I doubt that ANY of the encouraged drinking of beer will be beer that has been WARMED UP to actually help fight off the virus.

But on the other hand those with colds who are inspired by this to imbibe more,  will maybe get more sleep? 

But on the third hand, they wake up, with a hangover, dehydrated, and worst of all, in their virus and alcoholic stupor they did not plug in their vaporizer to breathe the beneficial warm & steamy air all night while they snoozed.

Prediction: Bad Remedy. drinking more beer will make your cold worse.

— Peggy the Doctor’s wife.


REPOSTED from  and video

Japanese brewery Sapporo conducted a study that discovered there is a chemical compound in hops (what gives beer its bitter taste) that can fight off the common cold. Problem is: You have to drink a lot of it. Challenge accepted.


The chemical in question is called humulone, which can provide an effective defense against a virus that can cause severe forms of pneumonia and bronchitis.

I’m not sure I believe that; my friend once felt a cold coming on, tossed an Airborne in his beer, and subsequently caught pneumonia. But perhaps he just hadn’t drank enough. That may actually be the case, because in order to really get the benefits that humulone provides, you’d have to drink about thirty beers.

On the one hand: cold free! On the other: you’ve ruined every relationship you’ve had and you’ll never find love.

Trade-off, I suppose?

Anyway, the discovery now has scientists looking at ways to bring humulone to the populous in other ways. Putting it in food, drinking water, etc., to increase our resistance to the common cold.

Because not everyone’s going to take the thirty beer challenge just to fight off a cold.

Question: Thirty beers, huh?


97. Can dizziness be a symptom of common cold?

The person below wonders if nausea and dizziness can be symptoms of a cold.

The poor guy already has sore throat red and coughing and runny nose. No fever, so those can all be cold symptoms. The dizziness and nausea can be caused from dehydration or most likely from a virus, either a flu or similar virus. The dizziness could cause the nausea or vice versa.

So my recommended treatment is similar in all those cases, whether it is from just a cold virus, or a flu virus, or also from dehydration… drinking plenty of warm liquids, such as hot tea or just warm water (or any drink you warm up), and breathing warm steamy air, and eating some healthy foods. That would be the best care for both cold, sore throat and the flu, and whether the nausea is caused by dehydration or caused by a virus. Dizziness and nausea are good reasons to lay in bed and rest for a while, until you feel better.

And the sooner you do all these, the faster you will get better, so best to really take care of yourself as soon as possible when you feel the symptoms coming on.

can dizziness and nausea be symptoms of common cold?

–Peggy The Doctor’s Wife


REPOST From “Answers”

Ally asks:

What do these symptoms sound like? Common cold?

He has a sore throat, it’s also red, and he’s coughing. He’s dizzy and sick to his stomach with a runny nose. No fever or anything else.

Answers (2)


The dizzy and nausea doesn’t sound like the common cold but the rest do

  • 3 days ago
  • Tres
  • Everything is the symptoms of a cold, if he pukes its probably from motion sickness experienced from the dizziness. I’ve been threw this before. But if you’re really worried, make him see a doctor.

    • 3 days ago

    96. REPOST: Hospital announces beginnning of RSV season

    Flu season has begun in Porterville, California (Central Valley, north of Bakersfield) recommendations: continual hand washing and disposable tissues  (as usual, no mention of warmth & steam)

    flu season has begun in Porterville, CA hospital recommending precautions.

    December 14, 2012 9:50 PM

     Hospital announces beginnning of RSV season

    Sierra View District has had two cases of respiratory syncytial virus in the past couple of weeks and Tuesday officially announced the beginning of the RSV season at the hospital.
    RSV is a common virus that causes cold symptoms in adults and children. It is more commonly referred to as the flu.

    Though most healthy adults and children will experience nothing more than an infection resembling a common cold, infants and kids with pre-existing medical conditions can experience severe and potentially life-threatening complications from RSV.

    Though there is no known cure for viruses like the common cold and RSV, over-the-counter medicines are proven to be temporarily effective in suppressing symptoms.

    RSV is spread through contact, much like the common cold. An infected person sneezing or coughing can spread the virus through the air, and RSV can also survive for several hours on surfaces like a desktop, doorknob or telephone.

    During the season, visiting children under age 13 will not be permitted on any of the hospital’s inpatient units — except for the Distinct Part Skilled Nursing Facility — until further notice. Children requiring hospitalization will continue their normal course of care. The restriction on visitors under 13 will be in effect for the duration of the RSV season, which can last through the winter until early spring, depending on the number of RSV cases seen.

    The most effective way to prevent RSV is through continual and thorough hand washing.

    Always wash with soap and water or disinfect with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before touching a baby. Also, remember to routinely clean household surfaces to keep them as germ-free as possible. If possible, try to avoid crowded places like malls and movie theaters, where the virus can quickly spread from person to person. When experiencing cold-like symptoms, always use a tissue when coughing or sneezing, immediately dispose of it properly, then wash hands thoroughly to prevent spreading the virus.

    95. REPOST Feeling ill: Common cold or common core? (part 2of 2)

    CONTINUED from part 1

    Feeling ill: Common cold or common core?(part 2)

    common cold suffering causes teacher to ponder that other problems in life catch on like viruses…so question all the authoritative instructions to see what evidence they are based on (same for cold remedies!)

    Understanding the outbreak: Standards vs. initiatives

    First, separate the symptoms from the cause. This is true of cold viruses, we all present symptoms differently. The same holds true for the standards.

    Let me define this virus for a moment. It is not the standards themselves. Just as a cold virus is not cold weather, though related. Common Corefluenza is the deluge of “the standards DEFINITELY say you MUST teach like this” and “these modules are EXACTLY how you MUST organize your instruction” and nearly anything with the term “EXEMPLAR.”…..

    …..(discussion of education standards issue)

    Home remedies

    I am quite literally writing this with a humidifier running, rapidly cooling ginger tea, a pile of cough drops and, yes, Kleenex shoved in my nose. We are all friends here.Often times the best ways to fix what ails you begin at home. The same holds true for helping yourself deal with making sense out of all of the options swirling around.

    …… (more discussion of education standards issue)

    4) Be innovative and reflective. None of this should be read as suggesting that we fight to keep things the same for the sake of keeping them the same, just as we shouldn’t change everything just because it sounds like a good idea. We do have a long way to go to educating every child, and that road is paved with thoughtfulness and reflection. Take the CCSS as an invitation to experiment with new approaches and be certain your criteria for success is not if you met someone’s expectation for an initiative, but if it led your students to new thinking and more developed independent practice.

    Wash your hands regularly: Don’t spread germs

    Cover your mouth when you cough. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water. If a questionable “MUST” initiative doesn’t sound right, don’t spread it around.

    Christopher Lehman is an author, a speaker and a senior staff developer at the Teachers College Reading & Writing Project at Columbia University. His latest book, “Energize Research Reading and Writing,” is now available. He can be found on his blog and on Twitter @iChrisLehman.

    94. REPOST: Feeling ill: Common cold or common core? (part 1 of 2)

    Here is a slightly funny essay comparing the common cold to the “virus” of over-proliferation of teaching standards in the U.S. educational system

    …and how we should question authorities to see if there is actual evidence to prove their theories correct

    …. Similar to what we should do in our healthcare. Show me the proof for all these common cold remedies! Amazing how most of the popular cold remedies have very scanty proof indeed.

    And by the way, he does discuss his own weird cold (or sounds more like flu to me, higher fever )

    NOTE: as a non-expert, but highly educated, cold sufferer, his offhand impressions as a cold victim (some might call it common sense…)

    • it is “related to cold weather”

    • remedies are rest at home, (especially for flu) hot tea, tissues and humidifier

    • “Often times the best ways to fi

    This cold sufferer likes ginger tea

    what ails you begin at home.”

    That 3d one is good advice for colds, flu and a lot of things in life!!!

    – Peggy The Doctor’s Wife




    Feeling ill: Common cold or common core?

    By Christopher Lehman on December 13th, 2012 Like seemingly everyone I know, I have been struck with the oddest seasonal cold I have ever had.

    Now well into it’s second week of existence, the virus has been a roller coaster of feeling 100% okay one hour and then sweating, coughing, body aching my way through a read aloud with sixth-graders the next. It was so terrible the school’s assistant principal agreed I should go home with the sincere direction: “go get better.”

    It’s been a leaving work early, nightstand full of tissues, muscles on fire, kind of a cold. Not knowing how you will feel from minute to minute, roller-coaster from aches to calm and back again, piles of stuff next to your bedside seem to be the symptoms of another national outbreak: Common Corefluenza.



    Another report == They can NOT be serious to even suggest that children dink beer to prevent the cold virus?? And it is the BEER company funding this “research study” right?

    Chemical Compound in Beer protects against Common Cold, says research

    Submitted by Annabel Tautou on Tue, 12/11/2012 – 04:21
    Chemical Compound in Beer protects against Common Cold, says research

    Beer is said to have anti-vital properties, said a research taken out by a group of researchers from Sapporo Medical University. The research funded by Sapporo Breweries, Japanese Beer Company, has unveiled that the anti-viral properties are especially effective against the respiratory syncytial (RS) virus.

    The virus is the one, which causes pneumonia and bronchitis in young children as well as causes common cold in young adults. The study researchers said that a compound found in the beer is responsible for preventing a number of problems.

    The compound, which is said to be providing protection against viral properties, is humulone. It shall be noticed that the compound found in the beer is quite small. Ife one wants to derive its effect then he needs to have 30 cans of beer weighing 12 oz. But, then a major concern that stands in the mid way is that beer is not considered healthy.

    A number of complications that can be caused by excessive consumption of beer are heart burn, dehydration and weight gain. Jun Fuchimoto, who is a researcher with the company, said that main difficulty that they are going to witness is the bitter taste that children will not like.

    “We are now studying the feasibility of applying humulone to food or non-alcoholic products”, said study researchers.

    beer splash

    humulone in beer hops MIGHT help fight off the cold— but how in the world did the beer companies find that out? since THEY are funding the studies??? did they test it out on themselves? For real??? Highly susupicious in my estimation

    86. National Handwashing Week for Cold & Flu prevention part 5.


    #4. Which is why I also disagree with Dr. Sawyer’s statement that the ONLY way the virus gets inside is touch. In fact I believe  it is not even the MAIN way they get inside.

    The main way virus particles come into your body to infect you is that you BREATHE them in, not by touch or eating.

    This is a theory, true, and should be tested with research studies, but doesn’t it make more sense?

    Rather than scaring you into being paranoid  to not touch anything with your hands, focus more on preventing BREATHING in the virus from another infected person, by keeping a few feet away, and by the sick person doing their best to CAPTURE the germs in a hankie instead of coughing/sneezing the germs into the broad air around you.

    But it is the old fashioned way, when the infectious nature of cold viruses were first discovered at the Common Cold Unit during World War II that people were first encouraged to prevent spread of cold viruses. Back in the good olden days when EVERYONE with carried a handkerchief for a variety of personal hygiene uses.

    And wild men were no exception.  Even Cowboys wore bandanas around their neck, useful for spur of the moment sneezes, as well as keeping the trail dust out of their mouths as they gallopped after those stray cattle.

    “Capture your sneezes” was the title of a poster from the landmark book “Cold Wars” on the common cold.It was a good habit then and needs to come back into popular custom again.

    Or is it just here in California that almost no one carries handkerchiefs anymore???

    But lest I sound too critcizing and negative, I do give Kudos to Dr. Sawyer for being a big step up from prescribing those despicable antibiotics or Over the Counter remedies for our favorite pestilence. At least we are getting closer to the real ways to prevent and car for our colds.

    For  your Healthy Happy Life!

    92. India’s gives Common Cold Overview (part 2 of 2)



    Common cold: Complications

    Review possible medical complications related to Common cold:

    • Secondary bacterial infections
    • Otitis media
    • Sinus infections
    • Earache
    • Pneumonia
    • Bronchopneumonia (type of Pneumonia)
    • more complications…»

    Causes of Common cold

    • Human metapneumovirus
    • Coronavirus 229E, Human
    • Rhinovirus
    • Respiratory syncytial virus
    • Adenovirus

    Latest Treatments for Common cold

    • Rest
    • Fluids
    • Humidified inspired air
    • Saline nasal spray
    • Topical decongestants
    Prevention of Common cold Prevention information for Common cold has been compiled from various data sources and may be inaccurate or incomplete. None of these methods guarantee prevention of Common cold.
    • Avoid exposure to people with colds
    • Hand washing
    • Avoid touching eyes or nose with your hands
    • Cleaning with disinfectant – on surfaces that may be contagious.

    Compiled by: Salome Phelamei

    First Published: Wednesday, December 05, 2012, 16:09


    aga – srinagar
    common cold is a disease which excreates the dirt from the brain and frm othr parts of the body, it should b allowd to run from the nose and dont take immediately medicine after it occures.


    in another page for “Ayurveda” on the webite the news agency also lists religious and healthy foods to eat:

    Not only from religious point of view but from medicinal perspective too it is highly useful.

    91. India ZeeNews gives Common Cold Overview (part 1 of 2)

    REPOST  India’s www.ZeeNews website


    This India News site gives a health report on news of he Common cold. It’s a very straightforward, good overview of the common cold, symptoms, prevention and remedies.

    It says the usual rest and fluids, but also includes “Humidified inspired air”  it doesn’t specify warm air … however. in India I believe that MOST of the air is warm already.

    My favorite part is the comment left at the end.

    And also the neighboring linked webpages of Ayurvedic medicine, and its list of healthy foods “not only for religious purposes”

    Other countries often do not have the same concept of separating relgious beliefs from the rest of our education/information systems that many Americans believe is necessary.

    Common cold recommended remedies listed here  for common cold listed are similar to ours, (no yoga breathing suggested?)


    Common cold: Causes, symptoms and treatment

    Common cold is often described as a sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, or tearing. Though, colds are very common, they are more widespread in children and decline with age. Colds are rarely dangerous to healthy adults or children, but may seldom be dangerous to infants, the elderly or other at-risk groups.

    The common cold is caused by a virus and is very contagious. About 200 different types of viruses are there that cause common cold. Most cases of the common cold are mild, and most people recover from the common cold without complications. But, sometime they can lead to more serious infections and complications in some cases.

    Symptoms:Symptoms of the common cold are low-grade fever, sneezing , watery eyes, runny nose, stuffy nose, body aches, headache, fatigue, sore throat, and cough.


    Correct diagnosis of a cold usually means distinguishing between cold and the more serious flu, There are also other conditions that start like a cold (e.g. rare but serious whooping cough) and numerous conditions that have cold-like symptoms or flu-like symptoms. Although there are numerous different subtypes of colds, diagnosis of the specific subtype of cold is rarely performed and not usually important for treatment.

    There`s no cure for the common cold currently, but there are ways to protect you from getting it.

    Alternative Treatments for Common cold Alternative treatments or home remedies that have been listed in various sources as possibly beneficial for Common cold may include:

    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin E
    • Vitamin A
    • Zinc
    • Echinacea
    Common cold: Complications

    Review possible medical complications related to Common cold:

    • Secondary bacterial infections
    • Otitis media
    • Sinus infections
    • Earache
    • Pneumonia
    • Bronchopneumonia (type of Pneumonia)
    • more complications…»
    Causes of Common cold

    • Human metapneumovirus
    • Coronavirus 229E, Human
    • Rhinovirus
    • Respiratory syncytial virus
    • Adenovirus


    93. Textbook on Evidence Based Medicine

    Here’s a Medical Textbook giving us an outline of the issues of Evidence based Medicine versus all the alternatives…of which the Common Cold is at the forefront of the battleground between— waging a war over our personal health with millions of lives and billions of $$$ at stake.

    One of the textbook authors is Paul Glasziou, Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine, University of Oxford, UK.!

    Impressive that there is a whole field of “Evidence Based Medicine” in which he can be a specialist!

    Elsevier is a leading publisher of health science books and journals, helping to advance medicine by delivering superior education, reference information and decision support tools to doctors, nurses, health practitioners and students. With titles available across a variety of media—print, online and handheld, we are able to supply the information you need in the most convenient format.

    ©2012, Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
    For problems or suggestions regarding this site, please contact us.

    Evidence-Based Medicine

    Evidence-Based Medicine

    Textbook on Evidence-BAsed Medicine

    4th Edition How to Practice and Teach it

    By Sharon E. Straus, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Calgary and University of Toronto;

    Paul Glasziou, MRCGP, FRACGP, PhD, Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine, University of Oxford, UK;

    W. Scott Richardson, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, South Texas Veterans Health Care Systems and University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio, TX and

    R. Brian Haynes, MD, Attending Physician, Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation, Hamiton, Ontario; Chief, Health Information Research Unit, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada’





    Asking answerable clinical questions

    Acquiring the evidence: How to find current best evidence and have current best evidence find us

    Appraising the evidence


    Diagnosis and screening




    Teaching EBM


    I’m looking forward to learning more!


    90. Some suggestions for cold remedies (part 2 of 2)

    A Top Contributor is someone who is knowledgeable in a particular category.Firstly you do not need antibiotics for a common cold. It’s a virus not a bacterial infection. Have honey & lemon mixed with hot water, use a few drops of eucalyptus oil on a hanky or use steam either in shower or in a basin for your nose, get plenty of rest (in bed asleep), keep your fluids up, take the ibuprofen for your headache.
    Get well soon.
    Hot toddy of whiskey, honey, and lemon. I hate taking medicine too.

    Source(s):Personal experience

    Antibiotics won’t touch a common cold. The only time antibiotics would help is if you developed a chest infection, or similar, on top of your cold. There is no cure at this time. Probably the drug used most often in colds is paracetamol ( acetaminophen in US and some other countries ). Paracetamol will help with pain and will also reduce inflammation in your upper airways and nose. It will also bring down a high temperature, although not everyone has one as a symptom of common colds. Ibuprofen will do similar things to paracetamol but can irritate your stomach. You can take them both at the same time as they are different classes of drug, but do not exceed their individual stated doses. Also be aware that some cold remedy drinks contain paracetamol, so if you take the tablets check any other products. If they contain paracetamol don’t take it. You may find the cold gets much better by itself before you go away.if your headaches are unbearable you should go to the emergency department or at least your GP, as it is unusual to get very severe headaches with a common cold. They are usually mild to moderate. if you have a cough you may have a mild chest infection too. Don’t take products which stop the cough. Cough up the stuff and spit it out into tissues as your body is trying to get rid of it. Taking vitamin C tablets or eating lots of citrus fruit may help to overcome the cold more quickly. Try to rest and drink plenty of fluid. I hope you feel better before you go away, take care :)

    Source(s):Health care pro.

    89. Suggestions for best treatments for common cold (part 1 of 2)

    REPOST FROM Yahoo’s “Ask” website,

    she sounds desperate! Answers 4-5 make sense, especially the last one VERY GOOD. Notice that 4/5 DON’T want to take any medicine and the middle 3, non-medical advice all involve warm temperature remedies? and even answer #1 likes Theraflu…isn’t that supposed to be mixed with HOT  water?

    If so, the only one that doesn’t include heat in the remedy is from the “health pro”

    I just learned from it that “Probably the drug used most often in colds is paracetamol ( acetaminophen in US and some other countries…”  This echoes the Italian remedy of Bayer aspirin to feel better.

    Sounds like this “health care pro” is from another country since s/he uses the non-U.S. name version… So perhaps its not only the U.S. doctors who keep  pushing medicines and saying temperature does not affect the cold virus?


    Open Question

    Common cold! HELP???

    (BEST ANSWER GETS 10 POINTS!!!!!!!!)?

    im currently experiencing a cold and i need it to go away fast i have plans in 4 days that cant be canceled. i have just common symptoms such as head ache,sore throat,congested nose, and tiredness. im not a big fan of using antibiotics, or over the counter medicine, but my headaches have been so bad that i finally decided i needed to take and ibuprofen. i have a nasal spray but it doesn’t help at all. if you have anything you could suggest that could help me i would love your input.

    Answers (5)

    I use the Theraflu cough syrups, they’re about the only thing I’ve ever found to help when I get a bad cold.
    Have you tried The sauna

    88. The No. 1 Trick to Never Get Sick (part 2)

    In Barrett’s study, cold sufferers were split into four groups-one group was given no pills, a

    Are Echinacea Pills the answer to colds?

    second and third group were each given Echinacea or a placebo but were not told which pill they received, and a fourth group was given Echinacea and was told it was Echinacea. Each participant was asked to rate the effectiveness of the medicinal herb Echinacea .

    The results: The illnesses of people who believed in Echinacea and received pills were considerably shorter and less severe-regardless of whether or not the pills contained Echinacea.

    What does that mean for you? “A positive outlook matters,” Barrett says. If someone believes a cold remedy works, it just might. No one knows for sure why.

    Barrett says that the manner in which the brain stimulates healing mechanisms through positive expectations is not entirely understood.

    But this certainly helps explain why there is a seemingly endless list of pharmaceuticals, alternative treatments, and quirky homemade solutions for treating the common cold.

    RELATED: 10 Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes As a practicing family doctor, Barrett strongly encourages the use of non-pharmaceutical cold remedies. For the record, I swear by orange juice, bananas, and vitamin C, which in the wide range of solutions turns out to be quite tame.

    “I was being interviewed on ‘The People’s Pharmacy’ (radio program) and a guy called in who melts skunk fat and gives a teaspoon of it to his kids when they start getting a cold,” Barrett says. “He swore it stopped all of the colds in their tracks. That’s worse than onion in the socks.”
    Have any skunk fat handy? No? What’s your go-to cold cure? Tell us in the comments below!
    Joe Donatelli is a freelance journalist. He can be reached at .

    87. “The #1 Trick to Never Get Sick” repost

    (thanks to my media coach Jess Todtfeld for passing this on)

    cold suffering

    Best trick for curing a common cold?

    The main point of this post is Just my Cup of Tea!– I actually AGREE with it!!!!!

    Because it was a scientific study on the effect of taking Echinacea pills with random blind testing (not sure if it was double blind– the gold standard in research– but anyhoooo… the results of the study makes sense, not a convoluted far-fetched theory like so many others I’m seeing.

    It vividly portrays the most powerful trick for getting better, and the real secret ingredient to almost ALL cold remedies (except the one I recommend) ….THE PLACEBO EFFECT!!!!!


    Shape magazine

    does Echinacea help cure colds?


    Feel a cold coming on? Try this remedy!f you smell onions in someone’s socks over the next few weeks, do not be alarmed. That person is probably just fighting a cold.

    Everyone seems to have a custom ” miracle cure ” for the common cold, and it seems the more creative the solution, the less bashful they are about sharing. A recent poll of Facebook friends revealed the following methods, all of which the practitioners stand by (in their onion-filled socks, in some cases):
    Heaps of vitamin CChicken soup, preferably homemade by MomNatural foods, fresh colorful veggies, and supplementsChopping and eating a raw yellow onion (with a little salad dressing for taste) followed by a warm bath or a long shower to open the poresOscillococcinum, which is a homeopathic alternative medicineThieves Essential OilCoating feet with Vicks Vapor Rub and wearing a pair of socks overnightSocks filled with peeled onion layersCardio, a few sips of whiskey, and cold medicineOutdoor activity, hydration, and restSex RELATED: 6 Moves for Slimmer Hips and Thighs
    Is the mighty common cold so wimpy that it can be defeated by a rubber ducky, menthol, socks, and a few lit candles? The answer lies in an interesting piece of research by Dr. Bruce Barrett at the University of Wisconsin.

    86. 17 Tricks for Cold care continued

    Continued from Post 85.

    These two tips sound OK to me. Best to use disposable towels if you have a lot of mucous. But even better would be hot air dryers. Since the virus lives in the moisture.

    I especially like the Chicken soup one (just made turkey soup myself.)

    I don’t, however, swallow the “integrative medicine” (ie. not evidence based but based on Chinese folk philosophy)  explanation, below, of its healthfulness being due to the Chinese “Yin” factor. 

    The obvious reason chicken soup works is not due to a mysterious ingredient, but that it is hot & steamy!  Also healthy food with protein and vegetables so lots of good nutrition, and very tasty and soul satisfying.


    disposable towels are best


    1.Dry Your Hands on Paper (Not Cloth) Towels


    What you dry your hands with is just as important as washing them, says Jamie Oskin, N.D. a naturopathic physician. Reusing the same cloth towel can spread even more germs. “Paper towels can be easily disposed of to prevent the spreading of germs.” It may seem un-green to use paper towels, but Dr. Oskin points out that for the amount of times a sick person washes her hands, it can be more of a burden on the environment to keeping washing those cloth towels.



    Use Soup Bones

    Chicken soup is hot & steamy as well as healthy soul satisfying nutrition


    We always wondered why chicken soup was so good for colds, and it seems that the chicken bones could hold at least a part of the answer. “Depending on your diet, try and incorporate bone marrow into your soups and stews by adding organic, free-range bones into the broth,” recommends Elizabeth Trattner, A.P, D.O.M, an integrative medicine specialist in Miami Beach, FL. “Marrow is the root of blood and yin in Chinese Medicine and keeps the body healthy and strong during the winter season,” she says. Bone marrow contains a type of fat found in our organs (in small amounts), which encourages the body to produce white blood cells to protect against infections and disease, explains Trattner.


    NEXT Trick:  Elderberry Syrup

    85. Extreme hand washing to prevent colds?

    Another example of  popular advice…

    it starts out sounding reasonable and agreeable,…except for being WRONG.  For example, its point of the handwashing for effectiveness against BACTERIA, noted below? I’m all for lots of handwashing to stay generally clean of lots of kinds of germs and bad stuff…but….

    Cold and flu viruses ARE NOT BACTERIA!!!

    And then the slide show (nice pictures though!)  progressively gets more out of whack with reality and Evidence Based Medicine (of which I am a BIG fan, in fact, I’m a fan of evidence based ANYTHING!  Show me the proof!

    Popular is not always true.

    (c’mon…kissing a snowman helps your cold get better??? NOT!!!!!!)


    REPOST —
    (Update: NOTE–I’ve been notified this link was tagged as malware, so look it up at your own risk—
    from the popular lifestyle advice website

    Extreme Handwashing!!! does it really work?

    17 Tricks You Haven’t Heard to Prevent Colds & Flu

    Boost your immune system and stay healthy this winter with these simple, all-natural expert tips (18 Photos)

    Jessica Smith on Nov 29, 2012 at 2:29PM
    Read More
    (ALSO NOTE: this was also tagged as a suspected Malware link to dublu-dublu-dublu(dot)”>

    1.       Wash Your Hands — Up To Your Elbows


    Yes, we said elbows. While regular hand washing is one of the top tips to avoid getting sick in cold and flu season, scrubbing all the way up to your elbows could be even more effective, says Stacy Mobley N.M.D. The gross truth: “Studies suggest that the forearm holds more bacteria than your armpit,” explains Mobley. In fact, the top places on the body for bacteria to thrive are the forearms, palms, index fingers, back of knee and the soles of feet, according to researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Mobley recommends washing your hands and forearms regularly with soap, especially before eating or touching your face, and lathering up for the full length of the “Happy Birthday” song to wash off all cold and flu causing germs.

    NEXT:  TRICK #2 Handwashing

    85. National Handwashing awareness Week, part 3

    Commentary continued from part 2

    #2.  I also disagree with  Dr. Sawyer’s dismissal of coughing and sneezing techniques.

    Sorry for those of you with delicate constitutions– we are about to get graphic here, OK? You can skip this part if you are particular to swooning in discussions of body fluids

    So Sawyer says  “blow your nose into a kleenex, but if you have a scarf or handkerchief you sneeze into it and , ewwww, its all gooey, who wants that? so instead you throw an elbow…cough or sneeze into your elbow or shoulder”

    I believe the #1 ideal Respiratory Etiquette is to cough and sneeze into a disposable tissue (Kleenex) crumple it up, throw it away and then wash and your hands.

    OK, let’s not get tooooo extreme with this, but some Respiratory Etiquette is called for when you have a cold or flu

    Second best way, which is more likely to happen. is to cough or sneeze into a scarf, or bandana, which most people can easily wear around their neck at all times.

    Even a surgical mask would be great, as many people in Asia do, but that will take a lot of campaigning for that to catch on. (on my To Do list!)

    It is not that hard to remember in the morning to just tie a scarf loosely around your neck, or stick a hanky in your pocket, and voila! you are safe for the day at a moment’s notice.

    Third, if you get caught with an oncoming sneeze welling up inside your nasal cavity, an you don’t have immedicate access to a tissue or scarf, the next best thing is to just pull up your shirt and cough inside your shirt to capture the viruses.

    Of course this won’t work for a LOT of mucous (unless you change your shirt immediately) but can be just fine for the occasional light sneeze. Regular t-shirts work beautifully for this, but cold infected persons could also prepare themselves better by wearing  turtleneck or females could wear lovely cowell-necked shirts for this very reason. Capture your germs!


    But is it icky for the virus germs to get on your own shirt? Does that make you worse yourself?

    Well best thing is to expel the germs out of your respiratory system. but having the virus on the OUTSIDE of your body doesn’t hurt you. It’s only when they get INSIDE your nose and throat area that they infect you. And they dont’ crawl inside themselves, you have to transport them somehow.

    And remember you already have the virus, and as your immune system fights it off, you are becoming immune to getting it again.


    84. National Handwashing Awareness Campaign, & commentary

    Continued from Previous Post # 83

    Photo: I caught Kelly Rowland being a gold digger but not the kind that will get you rich. This kind will get you sick!

    I caught Kelly Rowland being a gold digger but not the kind that will get you rich. This kind will get you


    IT is the mucous membranes of your eyes, nose and mouth.

    This is how the majority of diseases enter OUR bodies. For Respiratory and Gastro-intestinal diseases it is the only  portal of entry!! This is why the 4th Principle of Hand Awareness is so important!!

    t-zone poster

    If You NEVER touch those mucous membranes with a dirty(contaminated) finger you will NOT be sick again from a respiratory or gastro-sick!

    intestinal illness!! IMAGINE IT!! If you have pictures of people breaching the “T Zone” send them to us so we can share them. If we all practiced this 4th Principle there would NOT be a Pandemic! Imagine that!

    Keep your eye on the adults to help re-train them. So they can teach the children the correct behavior.

    “THANKS Henry!!”


    Peggy The Doctor’s Wife Commentary

    Dr. Will’s campaign is laudable,very important and quite needed, but I disagree with his exact recommended methods for how to train people to sneeze and cough. What he calls “Respiratory Etiquette.”

    #1. It is a natural reflex to put your hands to your face in the “T-Zone” I doubt we will be successful to really change such behavior.  But the awareness of “germs” which are what we call everything bad that we can’t see, including viruses is helpful.

    But I do NOT believe he is accurate in saying that touching your face is the ONLY way we get the viral infection….! Where is the evidence for this?



    83. National Handwashing Awareness Week Dec. 3-8

    I just learned of this new handwashing awareness campaign by Dr. Will Sawyer, endorsed by the American Medical Association and AAFP(?American Association of Family Physicians?)

    My comments in next post


    Henry The Hand’s Facebook page

    Henry The Hand’s website

    National Handwashing Awareness Week December 2nd-8th 2012

    Dr. Will says:

    The 4 Principles of Hand Awareness have been endorsed by the AMA and AAFP

    The CDC and Prevention say handwashing is the single most effective way to prevent the transmission of disease.

    The 4 Principles of
    Hand Awareness

    1. Wash your hands when they
    are dirty and BEFORE eating
    2. DO NOT cough into your hands
    3. DO NOT sneeze into your hands
    4. Above all, DO NOT put your
    fingers into your eyes, nose
    or mouth

    Henry the Hand

    Listen to Doin' the Handwash Song

    National Handwashing Awareness Week December 2nd-8th 2012We want you to participate in the Annual Handwashing Contest and Poster Contest. Click on more below if you would like more details about the contest!!!(more)
    63 No Ties or Bow TiesIn celebration of International Infection Prevention Week we are encouraging physicians to wear a bow tie to help reduce HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infections), benefiting Patient Safety. Do you know a physician or other HCW who could make the statement: “I am proud to demonstrate to patients that I am a Champion Handwasher”!(more)
    HTH_fluHoriz11x17 Flu Prevention CampaignI am promoting the most comprehensive Flu prevention Campaign this Fall and Winter season. It will protect you from both flu and Influenza like illness (ILI). If indicated get your Flu vaccination and Do not touch the T Zone! Guaranteed to work! Print and share this poster with your friends and family.(more)

    82. American College of Emergency Physicians Guide to Cold and Flu (part 4)

    Continued from Part 3: REPOST OF ACEP COLD AND FLU ADVICE, part 4

    American College of Emergency Physicians wants you to be healthy and prevent spread of cold and flu

    But still, (SIGH)  they think it was DISPROVEN that cold and warm temperature affects the common cold…so is the rest of the world WRONG?

    And one small group of scientists with one awkwardly designed study prove for SURE that they know better than the rest of us?

    I don’t think soooooooo!

    So I think I’ll just get in touch with this feller below, Dr. Leigh Vinocur and have a chat about this, real friendly-like ya know. And see if we can edjumicate each other, real friendly-like y’hear, and get this little controversy straightened out.


    By American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)

    WASHINGTON, Dec. 3, 2012 — The Nation’s Emergency Physicians Want You To Know The Difference Between Them and What You Can Do To Stay Healthy

    Read more here:

    ACEP is the national medical specialty society representing emergency medicine. ACEP is committed to advancing emergency care through continuing education, research and public education. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, ACEP has 53 chapters representing each state, as well as Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. A Government Services Chapter represents emergency physicians employed by military branches and other government agencies.

    Dr. Leigh Vinocur, an emergency physician in Baltimore is available for interviews. To request one, please call Mike Baldyga to set it up at 202-728-0610, ext. 3005 or

    SOURCE American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)


    Interestingly, this story is followed in the Rock Hill Herald Online

    Double-digit Growth Rate of the Pharmaceuticals Industry in Asia Pacific

    Could that have anything to do with China’s taking on a patent for cold medications?


    81. American College of Emergency Physicians Guide to Cold & Flu part 3

    Continued from Part 2:


    sleep for cold or flu?

    Should I go to work or should I sleep with a cold or flu?


    But what’s the deal with your mucous changing from clear to thick? Is it NOT a cold virus if your mucous isn’t THICK? IT always starts out runny— changing to THICK and yellow, just means it is drying up and going away!!!


    By American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)

    WASHINGTON, Dec. 3, 2012 — The Nation’s Emergency Physicians Want You To Know The Difference Between Them and What You Can Do To Stay Healthy
    Read more here:


    Common Colds:

    Colds are far less serious than the flu and may be treated with over-the-counter decongestants, cough medicines or plain old rest and fluids.  If you choose to use medications, follow the instructions on the label carefully.  The best way to prevent colds is to wash your hands regularly and avoid contact with people who have colds or other upper respiratory infections.

    Signs and symptoms of colds include:

    • An initial tickle in the throat
    • A runny or stuffy nose and sneezing
    • Cough
    • Sore throat
    • Headache
    • Mild fever
    • Mild fatigue
    • Mild muscle aches
    • Loss of appetite
    • A change in nasal discharge from watery to thick yellow or green.

    “We want you to stay healthy this winter and take proper care of yourself,” said Dr. Sama.  “In most instances, these illnesses cause a few days of discomfort.  But sometimes, it can be more serious.  Emergency physicians are standing by ready to treat you if it’s necessary.”



    80. American College of Emergency Physician Guide to Cold and Flu (part 2)

    Continued from Part 1: REPOST OF ACEP COLD AND FLU ADVICE, part 2

    By American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)

    WASHINGTON, Dec. 3, 2012 — The Nation’s Emergency Physicians Want You To Know The Difference Between Them and What You Can Do To Stay Healthy
    Read more here:

    Is it the flu or a cold? How to tell the difference?


    Seasonal influenza, which is commonly known as “the flu” may affect between 5 to as high as 20 percent of the U.S. population depending on the year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  More than 200,000 people are hospitalized each year for flu-related complications and about 36,000 people die each year from the flu.

    Older people, young children, pregnant women and those with certain chronic health conditions are at higher risk.  It spreads from person to person by direct contact or through virus-infected droplets coughed or sneezed in the air.  The best way to protect against the flu is to get vaccinated every year.  The ideal time for that is usually before flu season begins — which typically peaks in January and will last through about March.

    Signs and symptoms of the flu may include:

    • High fever (usually 100 degrees F to 103 degrees F in adults and often higher in children)
    • Chills
    • Headache
    • Fatigue
    • Muscle Aches
    • Dizziness
    • Loss of appetite
    • Dry cough
    • Sore throat
    • Runny or stuffy nose
    • Weakness
    • Ear Infection
    • Diarrhea

    Call your primary care doctor or go to the nearest emergency department if you feel it’s necessary and if symptoms are severe or worsen.

    Both the common cold and flu are caused by viruses, and therefore do not respond to antibiotics.  Flu symptoms usually are more severe than the typical sneezing, stuffiness and congestion that go along with a cold.  Flu symptoms also tend to develop quickly — typically between one and four days after a person is exposed to the flu virus, and people are contagious from 24 hours before they become ill until their symptoms resolve.


    79. American College of Emergency Physicians Guide to Cold and Flu

    REPOST from Press Release by the American College of Emergency Physicians, THE primary institution for ER physicians

    They are one of the main group of physicians with the most experience on the front lines of the zombie apocalypse of patients coming in with common colds,  along with  to Family Practice and Pediatricians. The advice is good, except for the missing HEAT factor, which is not commonly realized amongst ER physicians, In fact, they think it was disproven, but I say it was NOT. 

    Warm still matters.


    breath o life

    Is it a COLD or is it the FLU?  Cold and flu season is blowing our way again!


    By American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)

    WASHINGTON, Dec. 3, 2012 — The Nation’s Emergency Physicians Want You To Know The Difference Between Them and What You Can Do To Stay Healthy
    Read more here:

    WASHINGTON, Dec. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — As temperatures go down, remember that the threat of the common cold and influenza traditionally rises.  The nation’s emergency physicians want to make sure you know the difference between the two and what, if anything, you can do to prevent from getting either.  Prevention is key. Get your influenza vaccination.


    “It’s hard to escape the common cold or the flu,” said Dr. Andrew Sama, president of the American College of Emergency Physicians. “It can be even more difficult telling their symptoms apart at times.”


    78. Fitness Crowd crowdsources Common Cold remedies

    Lots of creativity here from the Fitness crowd.  Isn’t it striking what a wide variety of treatments they come up with, because most of us are not sure what to do.


    a whole rainbow of fun with common cold remedies


    REPOST from My FitnessPal

    Message Boards » Chit-Chat, Fun, and Games

    TOPIC: Cure for the common cold? What are yours?? — TylerJ76

    Whiskey and a workout. Sweat it out. — corn63

    7 Up and Chicken Soup — LandonRand

    Lying in bed and moaning.– SeaRunner26

    living an a bubble…the added bonus, going for a walk is like running in a hamster wheel. — felice03

    Chicken soup and a hot toddy!     — Danni3ll3

    Shot of white liquor with some ginger & ground cayenne pepper. Wrap up in a blanket and let the sweating begin. Better yet, do it right before you go to bed and you’ll be better off (probably not 100% better) in the morning. Seems the elevated body temp of the liquor & cayenne pepper help cook the virus. — — the_journeyma   JM

    Avoid getting one in the first place. It’s worked for many a year!  But if you’re unfortunate enough, vitamin C, water and rest. — rml_16

    Sleep and lots of water + orange juice!   — shammxo

    I take OPC as a precaution, if I feel like I am getting a cold I start on the Emergen “C” also.

    If I get a cold I drink heavily and take lots of Vit C and Zinc. — Cerdwin

    Vitamin C from Grapefruits and oranges  Nuwati Herbals tea – The Healer Tea (It works wonders)  Home made Chicken Bone Broth. — PaleoPath4Lyf

    QUOTE:  Lying in bed and moaning.   ^^this^^ — n2thenight24

    Prevention. And garlic.  –Captain_Tight

    It’s a virus, there is no cure. you may as well infect all around you!  — Bold_Change


    77. New mysterious “natural herbal product” promises to fight common cold

    This company VR Laboratories says they have an “orally administered” “natural products” promising to fight the common cold!

    Nice! Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

    Hmmmm… they don’t say what kind of “product” so I’m guessing its a pill?


    Just because it is “natural” doesn’t mean it is beneficial or effective. (lots of diseases are “natural” too!)

    However, it does have an exciting very high tech number for its name!!! tTherefore it must be scientific…right??


    But no hint anywhere in this article on exactly what this herbal natural product is or does.  And of course the “preclinical” testing is put on by the company sellling the herb pill… I trust their research on it?


    This is just a big fluffy techno-lingo publicity advertisement to sell their mysterious pills.

    Because they know there’s LOTS of money to be made in this market —  millions of gullible people are already paying $4 billion for ANY kind of pill promising to help their cold.


    VR Laboratories Selects HSG1932 as Lead Development Candidate for Rhinovirus Program

    Company strengthens pipeline with potential therapy targeting virus responsible for common cold

    Published: Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012 – 4:14 am

    LEE COUNTY, Fla., Nov. 29, 2012 — /PRNewswire-iReach/ — VR Laboratories LLC today announced they have selected a lead product candidate from their natural product library to target Rhinovirus. Rhinoviruses are the most common cause of acute upper respiratory tract infections (ARTI) or the common cold.


    The common cold remains a tremendous burden to society with an enormous economic impact. There are an estimated 62 million colds per year in the United States that require therapeutic intervention. An estimated $227 million is spent on antibiotics and $2 billion on nonprescription cough and cold products in the US each year. In addition, 20 million days off work and 22 million days absent from school are attributable to ARTI each year.

    HSG1932 is an orally administered and bioavailable product being developed for the relief of cold and flu-like symptoms.

    “The common cold remains one of the most prevalent health problems in the world. We identified HSG1932 from our extensive library as our lead candidate to combat this problem based on its ability to inhibit rhinovirus infection in preclinical testing.” said Jeff Kottkamp, CEO of VR Laboratories.  “We are excited to be moving another leading edge product candidate forward in our growing pipeline of potential natural products targeting major human health problems with significant consumer and societal impact.”

    About VR Laboratories

    VR Laboratories is an innovative natural products company formed by industry professionals in 2010 to be the leading global formulator and producer of natural products.  VR Laboratories utilizes industry-changing proprietary technology to create, produce and market “First in Class” condition specific botanical based consumer health and wellness products, FDA-approved botanical pharmaceuticals and medicines, and proprietary ingredients for medicinal and functional foods and beverages. The company utilizes a proprietary technology platform created by HerbalScience, which has fully developed more than 1,000 medicinal and functional ingredients.  VR Laboratories is headquartered in Lee County, Florida.

    SOURCE VR Laboratories

    Keywords: VR Laboratories, cold, Jeff Kottkamp, natural, pharmaceuticals, botanical, Rhinovirus


    76. One billion colds per year

    a billion colds a year

    Americans catch a billion colds per year

    Most of what Dr. Grisson says I agree with, except the end — that there is NOTHING you can do to make it go away faster or relieve symptoms.
    Both are not true, and some things do one but not the other, because the symptoms are HELPING your body fight off the cold.
    Granted, A lot of remedies, to which he is probably referring, its true, do NOT help relieve symptoms OR get better faster
    But there is a LOT you can do to help it go away much faster.
    REPOST from WFMD, radio in Frederick, Maryland
    Americans catch an estimated 1-billion colds each year.

    Fighting the common cold isn’t easy since there are so many ways to catch it. Americans catch an estimated 1 billion colds each year. “Adults may get two or three colds a year and kids get 8 to 12,” said Dr. Jim Grissom, Frederick Memorial Hospital. The common cold can be caught several different ways. “It may come from air droplets, if someone sneezes, or it may come from contact with virus particles on surfaces, like tables, door handles, etc.,” continued Dr. Grissom.

    Around this time, as weary cold sufferers line up to local pharmacies, it may not sound surprising that Americans spend at least $4.2 billion dollars annually on over the counter cough and cold medications, and even more on alternative therapies. Yet here’s the dirty little secret about the common cold: Nothing cures it. Nothing makes it go away faster. “There’s little evidence that popular treatments really do much to relieve symptoms. You just have to let it run it’s course,” Grissom said.

    Read more:

    78. Head lice report (part 3 of 3)

    (CONTINUED from part 2)

     from article in Forbes online magazine November 28, 2012

    Most appealing, the study was based on a one-time 10-minute application with no nit

    Head Lice

    2nd most common disease after common cold for children under 12

    combing. Tell that to anyone battling lice and they’ll be waiting outside the doctor’s office when the doors open tomorrow. Add a second dose a week later, or some vigilant nit removal, and it should be possible to get to 100 percent efficacy.

    Sklice could be a huge seller for Sanofi; the FDA reports there are 6 to 12 million cases of head lice infestation  in the U.S. each year. (It’s hard to know for sure because lice is under-reported; it’s not exactly a subject most people bandy about.) The typical consumer treats lice at home and doesn’t necessarily consult a doctor. But knowing that more effective prescription remedies are available would prompt anyone I know to make the call.

    Ivermectin taken orally has been used for many years to treat scabies, roundworms, and threadworms, and recently desperate patients have been asking doctors to prescribe it off-label for head lice. Two years ago a smaller, open-label study published in the journal Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine found oral ivermectin was 100 percent effective against lice with one or two doses. So it’s possible that the FDA will eventually approve oral ivermectin for lice as well.

    The Competition: Natroba and Ulesfia

    Clearly, a battle is just beginning in the prescription lice treatment arena. Pediatricians will decide which product to recommend based not just on research, but on cost, insurance coverage availability, and eventually on anecdotal reports from patients. They’ll hear about what worked, what didn’t, and what inconveniences and challenges families encountered during treatment and that will influence prescription preferences as much as anything the FDA says.

    What hopefully will change the fastest, though, is the misdirection and misinformation that leaves consumers spending hundreds of dollars on ineffective products, children missing days of school, and families spending hundreds of tearful hours in nit combing using combs with teeth that are too far apart to actually remove nits.


    77. Head Lice Report ( part 2 of 3)

    sklice head lice medicine

    new shampoo skilce promises to kill head lice medicine 100% in 2 applications

    (CONTINUED from part 1)


    here’s also a deep well of frustration and sense of futility – ask anyone who’s tried to get rid of lice, and they’ll tell you the effort made them feel like a complete failure.

    Why? Because the lice treatments that crowd drugstore shelves only work on bugs that aren’t pesticide-resistant – which at this point appears to be less than 50 percent of them. Yet somehow no one tells you that, while you shampoo and shampoo away. So this month’s news of a new lice treatment product will be welcomed by many.


    new lice killing medicine?


    Sanofi’s new lice-killer Sklice

    According to the New England Journal of Medicine, a new topical cream of 0.5% ivermectin killed 95 percent of head lice, and is toxic to lice eggs, or nits, as well. Reports Journal Watch Dermatology, “one ten-minute application was very effective.”

    Topical ivermectin is being marketed by Sanofi Pasteur as Sklice, available by prescription only. It was developed by Topaz Pharmaceuticals, which the pharmaceutical giant purchased in February, 2012.

    Here are the data from the maker-sponsored trials: On day 2, 95 percent of those treated were louse-free; on day 8, 85 percent were clear, and on day 15 it was still 74 percent. That may not sound entirely convincing, but compared with what’s currently available it’s a major improvement.


    NEXT: Part 3


    76. Head lice #2 communicable disease for kids under 12, report says

    After common cold, head lice is the #2 communicable disease.

    And we can draw some parallel lessons from it that apply to our common cold issue.

    Lesson #1 — Misinformation abounds. Similar to colds, incorrect information about treatment is also common, current shampoos only work on 50% of current lice

    Head Lice

    Head lice is the #2 communicable disease after common cold for children under 12, says Forbes magazine.

    Lesson #2 —Who funds the studies?  These new shampoo SOUNDS promising..but My main question is WHO is funding the studies done on them?????

    Lesson #3– Clinical evidence counts, Yet, as it points out “Pediatricians will decide which product to recommend based not just on research, but on cost, insurance coverage availability, and eventually on anecdotal reports from patients….that will influence prescription preferences as much as anything the FDA says.” So the reports from their clinical experience with actual patients influences doctors as much as the research studies (just as it does with clinical experience treating colds)

    REPOST from Forbes magazine posts

    3 New Head Lice Drugs Could Change How Lice Are Treated

    No one wants to talk about head lice. Even though, for those under 12, head lice is now more common than all other communicable diseases (other than the common cold) put together.

    Yet there’s still a good deal of shame attached to admitting that your home and family are infested with lice.


    NEXT: Part 2 of report

    74. REPOST: Colorado Doctor’s Advice on Common Cold Care

    One of the better online advice articles I’ve seen, although he says colds last 10-12 days and includes, but does not emphasize, warm steam as a therapy, and is rather too favorable for my liking of the Over-The-Counter meds...
    medicine pill

    Which cold medicines work?

    by Dr. Phil Mohler
    Suffering poet Ogden Nash in response to his physician:

    “I did not call you to be told

    My malady is a common cold.”

    Colds happen two or three times a year for most adults, and more often if you spend time with kids. Colds tend to hang around for 10-14 days in spite of the billions of health care dollars that are spent on them annually. Mr. Nash correctly implies that there is a better way to spend a morning than to visit your physician with your lousy cold.



    • Use acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil) for headache or other discomforts.

    • A humidifier or vaporizer in your bedroom will help your stuffy, plugged-up nose.

    • Over-the-counter (OTC) antihistamines and decongestants are modestly helpful for sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes, but keep in mind these products are associated with lots of side effects.

    • Lemon and honey teas work as well as dextromethorphan and other OTC medications for coughs.

    • Lemon/honey throat lozenges and salt water gargles help sore throats.



    Avoid these treatments that do not work.

    • Antibiotics — Save them for serious bacterial illnesses.

    • Airborne — This vitamin boondoggle will only give you expensive urine and a dent in your pocketbook!

    • Vitamin C — It does prevent scurvy, but has no effect on cold symptoms.

    • Nasal zinc — It is not effective and can result in permanent loss of sense of smell.

    Dr. Mohler has practiced family medicine in Grand Junction for 38 years. He has a particular interest in pharmaceutical education. Phil works part-time for both Primary Care Partners and Rocky Mountain Health Plans.

    75. Common Sense for Common Cold not so Common

    A middle-aged, obese patient came in the Emergency Room. His chief complaints were, after watching TV all day sitting in a chair at home he had swollen ankles and wheezing.

    Watching TV in a cold room resulted in swollen ankles, not heart failure. Deficiency of common sense was the main problem in this case

    The doctor who saw him did a variety of tests on him. Total costs were probably more than $1000 for X-ray, EKG and lab tests. Results were all normal.

    So the doctor gave him prescriptions for treatments of pneumonia, asthma AND heart failure, just to make sure all the possibile ailments were covered.

    The patient went home, followed the doctor’s instructions and took the prescriptions for a week. He took the diuretic pills to alleviate excess water,. Antibiotic pills were for possible cold virus and an inhalers for possible asthma.

    Eight days later the patient returned to the Emergency Room, no better. The next doctor  evaluated him and deduced he had a cold virus. Instead of sitting in a cold room taking diuretic pills, the second doctor advised the patient to use a warm steam vaporizer to get rid of his cold.

    Most of what Emergency Room physicians do SHOULD be based on common sense. But wayyyyy too many doctors are underdeveloped in the Common Sense Department and rely heavily on technological tools: X-rays, CAT Scans, MRI’s,  pills, surgeries and other high tech remedies…. instead of starting with diagnosing the most obvious causes and treatments of ailments.

    “Over and over and over we are told — don’t use chest X-ray for wheezing. Don’t use antibiotics for colds. But so many doctors keep ignoring it,” says Dr. Bob.

    74. 5-year old boy in ER at midnight for head pain

    Patients being seen in medical clinics for the common cold can be suffering a variety of symptoms, sometimes surprising ones.

    common cold viruses can present in many ways

    Dr. Bob Pollard (my husband) was awoken after midnight during his night shift in the Emergency Room recently.  A five-year-old boy had just signed in who was suffering from a pain in the side of his head.

    The boy had been spending the night at his grandmother’s home. After midnight he woke up crying, holding the side of his head. He couldn’t say what the pain was exactly.

    Grandparents called the parents, who came over to pick him up. His parents and grandparents speak Spanish. They could not figure out what exactly was hurting their son, toothache? Headache?

    The boy couldn’t explain it. So the parents drove him into the Emergency Room.

    The average cost of ER visit is $515. Plus a ruined nights’ sleep for five people –the two parents, two grandparents and the boy.

    By the time Dr. Pollard saw the child, the pain had stopped. The doctor tested the boy’s teeth for pain. They were fine. He looked in the boy’s ear. It was normal. No head injury or trauma. The boy seemed perfectly fine at that point.

    Diagnosis: “Eustacian Barotitis-media due to barotrauma” The boy probably had one of the a common cold virus, which gave him blockage in his ear canal. The unequal pressure on the eardrum caused him pain, similar to when you swim to the bottom of a swimming pool without popping your ears.

    ‘Then, most likely, when the boy yawned or blew his nose, such as we do to pop our ears going up or down in altitude,  the ear tubes popped back to normal and the pain was instantly gone.

    A common cold can present in hundreds of different ways.  A cold virus can give symptoms of earache, sinus pressure, coughing, runny nose, sinus headache, wheezing, fever, all from the same type of virus. And the treatment for all is the same, warm steam.

    73. Sci-Fi story! –REPOST: Common cold turned into “unstoppable plague?”

    Along the lines of a Sci-Fi story!!!!

    unstoppable plague?

    did scientists turn the common cold into an unstoppable plague? No. ,,,,,,,,,,,but its a grrrrrreat movie idea.

    REPOSTING From The Straight Dope: Fighting Ignorance since 1973 [It’s taking longer than we thought]


    “Common cold into an unstoppable plague”? WTF?

    A weird claim in this post:


    Originally Posted by Genda

    I’m sorry, perhaps you didn’t read about… the Australians who ACCIDENNTALLY [sic] figured out away to turn the common cold into an unstoppable plague…

    Well, I sure haven’t! A Google search proved fruitless. Does anyone know what this person is talking about? I can’t imagine it’s a cause for concern, but I wouldn’t know, would I – I have no idea what this person is referring to!

    Really Not All That Bright     Location: Orlando, Florida

    I think you linked wrong.


    Cambridge University To Open “Terminator Center” To Study Threat From AI

    Australia has been in the throes of a whooping cough (pertussis) epidemic since 2007 (ish), due in part to a switch from whole-cell vaccines. Maybe that’s what she’s talking about.

    Is it possible someone got very confused and is thinking of the American/Japanese/Dutch researchers’ work on extremely virulent H5N1 influenza?

    Location: In my own little world…

    Originally Posted by Really Not All That Bright View Post

    I think you linked wrong.

    Nope, I didn’t. Though that’s partly my fault; it wasn’t the post, technically, that made the claim, but a comment that itself I thought of as a “post.” I’m used to the message board paradigm when I post here, for obvious reasons.

    Location: Orlando, Florida

    Oh, I see. Carry on. She might be talking about a strain of highly fatal mousepox that was accidentally created in Oz in 2001, but that doesn’t affect humans.

    Last edited by Really Not All That Bright;


    I am sure it is never that simple but mousepox sounds lik an excellent invention.



    72. Has Chinese medicine cured the cold?

    common cold in winter

    See my unfavorable evaluation of this typical “alternative medicine”  report. I have not heard that they have tested “Qi” in any research, so how does one regulate it?

    And soooooooooo many other questions I have about this!!!!!!!!!

    Did You Know there is a Cure for the Common Cold?

    In the west we believe that once we have a cold we just have to suffer through it.Not so!

    Chinese Medicine has wonderful remedies for reducing the severity of symptoms, shortening the course of illness or even preventing it from developing all together!

    Some background information: In Chinese Medicine a common cold is considered an invasion of wind, either combined with heat or cold. The pathogens enter through the mouth and nose, as well as the neck, which is why one of the early symptoms of a cold is a stiff achy neck. The body’s response to the pathogen occurs at the skin level, where ‘righteous Qi’ (our immunity) struggles against the invasion, creating symptoms like chills and fever. The lung system is also involved and reacts with nasal congestion or cough.

    Treatment: Treatment is focused on expelling the pathogen by regulating the Qi at the skin level, opening the pores (so that the pathogen can escape) and stimulating sweating. Acupuncture is very effective for regulating the ‘righteous Qi’ and specific points are used to support the body. In addition your acupuncturist is likely to do some cupping or guasha on your upper back to help open the pores, and will give you some herbal formulas that are specifically designed to strengthen the body’s ‘righteous Qi’ and expel the pathogen.

    What you can do: The most important thing in treating the common cold is to act quickly!As soon as you feel the first symptoms do the following:

    • Make Ginger Tea: Cut some fresh ginger into small pieces and steep in hot water for a few minutes. Add some fresh lemon juice and honey and drink as hot as possible. If possible go lie down and cover yourself with heavy blankets to induce sweating.
    • Call your acupuncturist to set up an appointment as soon as possible.
    • Ask your acupuncturist about herbal formulas for the common cold. It is great to have these at home so you can take them as soon as symptoms develop.


    71. Has Chinese Medicine Cured the Common Cold?

    Is everything I read on the internet true? How do I know? just published  another example of people Chinese medicine says common cobelieving a common cold remedy must be good just because “Chinese Medicine” says so.
    Medical scientists who prefer “evidence based medicine” call this, going to the “woo.”
    Does its explanation of how we get colds remind you of the medieval belief in the Four Humours?  Every culture in the world comes up with explanations based on what knowledge they have, and before we had microscopes, people could only guess as to what was causing the common cold ailments.
    So the Chinese guessed that an “invasion of wind” was the cause, since they didn’t know about viruses.  Close guess, but not exact.
    I do like some of their answers, except for the acupuncturist part (but this was written by an acupuncturist.
    I do NOT believe that we expel cold viruses through our pores, but we DO help expel it through our mucous. Steam and sweat are good, but not for the reasons he writes below.
    They do fit in perfectly with our advice based on mainstream medical research, that cold viruses thrive at cold temperature, therefore raising your upper respiratory area temperature with warmth and steam will help you fight it off fastest.

    Cold remedy book reviews

    A post from the Everett Public Library friends reviews advice from several books.

    book Doctor Chopra says

    First is Doctor Chopra says similar advice to what the others weer saying, but the reader concludes that the best advice is to “fall into bed and stay there” with warm chicken soup and warm teas. Sounds nice and cozy, so what’s that common element again? Warm?why is that always mentioned as a “by the way” but not actually stated as medical instructions? because most doctors  are repeating the same advice they have all heard from the same few sources, that is missing this important element that they think has been disproven.


    and washing hands, yes of course its good, but does nothing to prevent you from breathing/coughing sneezing OUT and breathing IN the cold viruses.


    Next is an Outdoor Medicine book, saying to stay warm not cold.

    Author Paul S. Auerbach, MD, preaches the gospel of common sense, recommending lots of rest, hydration, and staying warm and dry. Sadly this means that weekend plans for tarp camping or backpacking into remote and snowy campgrounds are probably out. Auerbach also strongly recommends against folk wisdom that sweating out a cold through exercise is a good idea – this could lead to dehydration, or worse, pneumonia.

    After that an Herbal remed book with lots of WARM herbal teas and soup recipies, followed by “Achoo” which gives no remedy but talks about the current medical experiments being done.

    All similar advice, based on the common percepton by most doctors of where they think the latest research has taken us.

    <<Ah-Choo! The Uncommon Life of Your Common Cold, by Jennifer Ackerman, takes readers through the causes of the common cold, popular misconceptions about how to treat one, and even details about the massively profitable cold treatment industry that relies on these darned things being so annoying and so incurable to thrive.

    In the end, I think the lesson I learned from my research into cold cures is that there isn’t one. Listen to what your mother has probably always told you: wash your hands if you don’t want to get sick. If you do wind up falling victim, fall into bed and stay there for a while. Hydrate and pamper yourself with whatever makes you feel most comfortable – including drinking hot tea with honey, sipping warm brothy soups, and applying warm compresses if your chest is sore from coughing>>

    When will people connect those dots to see the invisible missing factor?

    70. Cold virus questions, how soon to have sex?

    The discussion below is another example of how little most people know about common cold care. So many questions because most people have very little information about it. When we don’t understand how the virus works, we don’t know what to do, what is ok or not.

    Germs! we are not sure what the exact definition is, but we include cold viruses as some of them.

    I like the answer about changing the bed sheets to clean ones. It just fits in with normal good hygiene, which has been shown for centuries has a general beneficial impact on good health, even when we don’t understand why.

    And, even though the virus are invisible to us, and most people don’t really understand what a virus is anyway, we can imagine the “germs” (technical definition?) all over everything.

    This is a common sickness YUCK factor. If I don’t know what to do, at least be clean, and wash my hands, my body, my clothes, my bedsheets. That always makes us feel better.

    But really… that’s gross to think of this cold sufferer inviting a partner to have sex on a bed that he/she was sleeping sick on for the previous 3 days. Posting name is “Yummy Cookies” but that sounds more like a guy to me…..Ewwwwwww….  (my gender prejudices showing here)

    On the other hand, perhaps it illustrates the bad side effect of a cold being to drain one’s energy. Being exhausted and worn down from a cold that drags on, often depletes one’s energy. So in survival mode, we want to see how much we can conserve energy and skip normal tasks.

    The sufferer was exhausted the week before, which was probably not all from the actual cold virus invasion, since incubation is about 2 days for cold viruses.  More likely, the tiredness ran down his/her immune system to be more susceptible to the cold.
    On the third hand, at least Yummy Cookies asked advice first, so maybe I switch my gender guess.

    Repost from November 27, 2012 from Yahoo

    Open Question

    Yummy cookies Yummy cookies

    I had common cold and symptoms dissappeared a day and a half ago? Am I good for sex yet?

    I’m worried I might still be contageous.
    I think I was tired a lot the week before this one, so that might have been the dorment phase.
    I had enough energy to go out and exercise yesterday. I think I feel fine this morning.
    If I do have sex, should I change the bed?

    Additional Details

    Oh, I just had a small cough. Is that bad?

    Answers (2)

    • I think you looking to far into this. If you feel fine and up for it go head.
    • Not ready.I’d wait at least 3 days after the sore is totally gone.

      Of course change the bed.

    Steam Video game has a “Common Cold” weapon

    REPOST, just ferrr fun….

    this pic is of a video game weapon called “common cold V2” let’s have fun to guess why???

    I’m still trying to figure this one out???

    The company’s name is “Steam Workshop”

    And they make video games….lots of them, popular ones, such as Call of Duty

    Complete coincidence that they make a cartoon weapon called “common cold” >>>>

    apparently this is an update of their video weapons. And its part of their gaming strategy is for the gamers to create and update weapons. Very creative.

    it looks like a giant frozen SuperSoaker?

    Or does it squirt rhinoviruses at evil villains?

    Or is this guy the evil villain …he looks like a doctor? a researcher? maybe he’s a pharmaceutical excecutive, yeahhhhhh, that’s it…

    .and he is soaking us with rhinoviruses, so he can then suck all the money from our wallet. ehhhhhhrrrrrrr…its giving me chills already

    OK, so let’s come up with some extension on it. Can we think of a cartoon antidote to the weapon? maybe a giant warm steam vaporizer (could tie-in financially with the company theme)  how about a big army of immune system macrophages? or as we liked to call them when I was a little kid, giant White Corpuscles!!!!!!!!

    And then a big tsunami of mucous slime to wipe out all the invading enemies.

    Whoahhhhh…. I feel a big VIDEO GAME CONCEPT coming on!!!


    Steam Workshop :: Common Cold V2
    Steam Workshop: Team Fortress 2. Thought this weapon was cool before? Well now it’s now 20% colder! Changes Made: *Improved UV *Improved Textures



    69. China grants patent for cold fighting polymer

    November 20, 2012

    China grants a patent for cold virus fighting polymer

    for  nasal spray that is supposed to bind the virus particles  inside your nasal passages so they cannot replicate.  I hope it works!vicks warm steam vaporizer

    Pharmaceutical companies are all looking for a pill, shot or spray that can fight and kill the common cold virus This is how they can make $$ BILLIONS more profits.

    And meanwhile they, and the doctors, and therefore most Americans,  are ignoring the simple advice that already works best, because it is difficult for them to earn much money off of “warm steam.”

    Although there are a few ways:  but people seem to want to pay more money for pills shots or sprays, even if they don’t work as well, or at all.

    I cannot repost the exact contents of the announcement about the new Chinese patent article since it says:

    “This content is copyright protected

    However, if you would like to share the information in this article, you may use the headline, summary and link below:

    Marinomed granted Chinese patent for cold virus fighting polymer

    Marinomed Biotechnologies is set to take on the ‘common cold’ in China with a new patent for an anti-viral polymer technology that prevents rhinovirus infection.

    68. Where do doctors get their information for treatment of colds?

    So there is no unbiased research evidence for MOST of the treatments given by doctors  for common cold?

    Then where do doctors get their information for medical treatment of colds?

    unbiased research on the common cold?

    Common Cold Unit in England, the longest term medical institution in the world for researching the common cold is now underwritten by pharmeceutical companies. How can this be ubiased?

    In the national healthcare policy book “Overtreated” by Shannon Brownlee, which won New York Times Award for 2007 national Economic book of the year, the basis of much of our U.S. healthcare decisions by doctors is based on three sources:

    1. Other doctors (including training from medical school)
    2. Medical journals
    3. Sales representatives from pharmaceutical and device companies who are buiding relationships with doctors to influence them on prescribing or recommending their products.

    All three of those, she shows have been highly influenced in our U.S. healthcare system by the companies who are selling pharmaceuticals and devices.

    But what about medical research?  Can’t we trust the research? Aren’t our medical studies objective?

    In her analysis over a broad range of healthcare issues, she demonstrates how at least 80% of modern medical research is funded by those same profit making industries, which results in highly biased findings from that medical research.

    Guess who has been funding MOST (and probably all) of the research for the common cold? The answer can be found printed on the labels looking at the “Cold and Flu” remedy section of your local pharmacy.

    In fact, the biggest center for studying the common cold has been the Common Cold Unit, which started at the end of World War II in England. They were funded by the British government and spent more than 50 years studying cold viruses and discovered a LOT about how viruses work.

    But to show where they are going with it now —

    Their latest study by the Common Cold unit on Echinacea reported in October, 2012, touting results that the herb may show some help in speeding recovery from common cold virus.

    Guess who is funding their studies now?  One hint is that the bottom half of the Press Release is an announcement of how to purchase the herbal Echinacea plls from the company selling the pills.

    67. How Much Evidence for Other Cold Remedies?

    Now that I’ve asserted that I’m basing my assertions for Warm & Steamy cold remedy methods on the BEST of medical research, what about other cold remedies?

    Over-The-Counter common cold remedies

    Over-The-Counter cold rmedies fill an aisle at our local CVS pharmacy

    How much weight of evidence is there for other popular cold remedies?

    How much weight of evidence is there for the other remedies for treating the common cold?  And there are a LOT of other remedies out there.  Many websites, both high level prestigious websites, such as our U.S. government Pubmed, and National Institutes of Health, and Center For Disease Control websites, which have much overlapping similar information, but even these venerable institutions vary somewhat in specific recommendations for common colds.

    How much evidence do they have for their advice?

    Definitely not the “Gold Standard” for any of it.  But you can bet they are looking like crazy for evidence. There are ongoing studies for lots of various ingredients that can help prevent , or minimize cold virus suffering.

    $3 billion per year is spent by Americans on Over-The-Counter cold remedies.

    $1 billion per year is spent by Americans on prescription antibiotics for common colds.

    How much evidence is this $4 billion that we are paying pharmaceutical companies.

    Well, a LOT of evidence…that shows they all DON’T work!

    We are paying $4 Billion per year for cold medicines that research has shown does NOT work?

    Isnt’ this crazy?


    How did this happen?

    NEXT:  Where do doctors get their information for medical treatment of colds?

    66. How much weight of evidence?

    How much weight of evidence do we have for Warm & Steamy methods helping colds?

    scientific research

    How much scientific research evidence do we have for common cold care?

    OK, so we see that there never will be 100% absolute proof of the best remedy for a common cold. But how much evidence do we have for various common cold remedies? Have they been CONCLUSIVELY proven? No, very little in any science is.

    OK, so then how much weight of evidence is there? Well there is a range of types of medical evidence, with the very top level, considered the “Gold Standard” of medical research, a clinical trial with many test subjects done in a randomized double blind method, which is repeatable and peer reviewed.

    But keep in mind that not all medical treatments CAN be tested that way. For one thing, there are big ethical considerations when you do a medical test on real people, that you may be harming them by giving them a disease, or by giving bad treatments or by withholding good treatments, in order to show which peope do better with which treatments.  And then even when you have the results, there is LOTS of interpretation of those results involved by the scientists and journalist who are trying to understand them.

    and then there is a whole range of types of evidence short of that “Gold Standard.”  Which can also be very valid.

    Yes, it’s all very complicated.  For EVERY health issue.  And, hint, when there is LOTS of money involved, especially coming out of YOUR pocketbook, it gets even more complicated

    How about our Warm & Steamy methods?

    The gold standard level?  Not yet. More research on it would be good. But I’m building the case (in my forthcoming book) that there is LOTS of evidence that strongly supports it better than any other known remedy.

    There actually has been a LOT of research studies done on the common cold.  More than 50 years the Common Cold Unit near Salisbury England has been studying cold viruses, and even helped discovered what a “virus” was! and there have been other mainstream medical studies on cold viruses and treamtments.  Our evidence for Warm & Steamy therapy is based on a careful study of those experiments

    NEXT:   how about the other cold remedies?


    65. Do we Have Perfect Proof?

    medical care

    How much proof do we have or need to know of all our medical treaments?

    How much proof do we have of effectiveness of our medicine?

    “Pure proof is only found in mathematics. In all other fields of knowledge, it’s about the weight of the evidence,” says John Lennox, professor of mathematics at Oxford University.

    When evaluating any health care advice (or any advice for that matter) how do you know when that weight of evidence is enough to believe it?  At what point do you make a decision to follow the advice?  Most people I know seem to think healthcare is based on absolute proof from somewhere in medical science as to what works best and what doesn’t, and what treatments can actually harm us.

    Of course, it entirely depends on how important and serious the advice is. Your health is one of the most important things you must decide about in your life, with many big and small decisions.

    Healthcare decisions can range from “Which type of kleenex to use?” to “which type of treatment should we try for a life-threatening cancer?” to  “When do we pull the plug on Grandma’s ventilator machine?” that is keeping her “alive” (the very definition of “alive” is also open to debate)

    For common colds, your choice of remedies may seem like a small and obvious decisions but, like drops of rain that fill the oceans, our decision making regarding care for the common cold can contribute to huge health care consequences.

    The common cold costs our U.S. economy $40 billion a year.

    Yikes! A huge impact on, not only my own health, but the economy of our nation, which impacts all of us.   So how do we know what to do? Are we using the remedies that there is the most proof for? And where does this proof come from?

    Well, once you realize that MOST science is not 100% conclusive proof, but must be evaluated based on “weight of evidence” lets look and see where the weight of evidence for cold virus remedies lies.

    NEXT:  How much weight of evidence?


    65. Do Kiwi fruit cure common cold: my evaluation

    Repost: Chase cold away with Kiwi Fruit

    I do like Kiwi fruit, and I’m sure they are packed full of healthy things, BUT…

    bananas for common colds

    bananas were not as effective in chasing away colds as kiwi fruit?

    Here is another case of a “research study” that makes very little sense from its claims. Not sure how, but somewhere there are huge gaps in logic from the scope of the study to the supposed results it is claiming to suggest.

    Yet another promise of a Miracle food that will be THE answer to the common cold. Have we used up all the possible natural ingredients yet?

    Key sentence in this article is “Older adults are susceptible to the common cold due to malnutrition and a lack of these essential vitamins and minerals.”

    This report is not clear whether it is saying that particular group was actually deficient in one or more of their looooong list of “micronutrients” or if they are saying that they ASSUME a “micronutrient deficiency” to be the reason that ANYONE gets colds…based on popular theories about colds (none of which has been proven true).

    This was a small study of 130 elderly inhabitants of a community in Ecuador, “Researchers found that there was a relationship between the occurrence of upper respiratory infections and micronutrient deficiency amongst the study group”

    Are they claiming that their research DEMONSTRATED that those particular old people definitely had a “micronutrient deficiency” or that the researchers ASSUMED they did?

    Sounds like the result that the group eating Kiwis got faster 3-4 days sooner than the group eating bananas. There could be a lot of reasons why this happened, but claiming that result is proof of all those “micronutrient deficiencies” is a bi-i-i-i-g stretch indeed.

    The list basically sounds like a complete list of all known Vitamins and Minerals that humans need. I highly doubt that their small study of 132 Ecuadoreans even tried to explore which of those ingredients was affecting their cold. Are they saying these older Ecuadoreans were deficient in ALL those Vitamins?  And eating Kiwi fruit cured them of all those deficiencies, but the bananas did not?

    This is a case of taking a nice study and running away with wild and hopeful conclusions that do not follow logically from the results of the study!.

    have I will assume that British Nutrition researchers were more precise in their scientific logic, but the author of this article certainly was not.


    64. (repost) Do Kiwi fruit cure colds?

    reposting, my commentary in next post

    Chase cold away with Kiwi FruitR Anthony Gucciardi

    are Kiwi fruit the magic food that will cure all colds faster?

    Natural Society

    There is no denying it, cold and flu season is here, and drugstores are busy with cold sufferers seeking relief from symptoms. However, there may be an easier and more natural way to kick the common cold. In our go-go society everyone wants quick relief, and one little green fruit may be just the answer – kiwi.

    Weighing only 4 ounces, the kiwifruit may be small but packs a powerful immune-boosting punch. The gold kiwifruit (Actinidia chinensis) is the subject of a study recently published in the British Journal of Nutrition that suggests a causal relationship between the kiwi and a reduction in the severity and duration of upper respirator tract infections in healthy older adults.

    Malnutrition and Viral Infections

    The study focused on elderly inhabitants of a community in Ecuador. Researchers found that there was a relationship between the occurrence of upper respiratory infections and micronutrient deficiency amongst the study group. The micronutrients, including vitamin C, D, B6 and B12 along with zinc and folic acid are well- known to be important for proper immune system functioning, along with linolenic acid, folic acid, zinc, copper, iron, selenium and vitamins A and E. Older adults are susceptible to the common cold due to malnutrition and a lack of these essential vitamins and minerals. The Golden kiwifruit is packed with viral infection fighting micronutrients.

    A Diet Rich in Golden Kiwis

    One hundred and thirty two older adults participated in the research study. Half of the group consumed a diet rich in the gold kiwifruit while the control group received gobbled bananas.  In addition to being an excellent source of vitamins C, E, folate, potassium, polyphenols and carotenoids, kiwi is also high in dietary fiber. The study group consumed enough golden kiwifruit to make up 20 percent to the daily recommended allowance of fiber. While bananas contain the same calories and kiwi, they are not as nutrient dense.

    During the 28-day research project, both groups experienced a marked decrease in both the severity of head congestion and sore throat. However, the kiwi group’s head congestion was relieved four days sooner and their sore throats three days sooner than the banana group. Lab samples also indicated that the gold kiwifruit increased the concentration of electrolytes in the red blood cells.

     NEXT:  My evaluation:

    Vitamin C myth perpetuated by chiropractic reporter

    if you want to first see the advertisement for Chiropractic supplies you can click o(website link deleted after it was found to be a false page
    < >

    This Chiropractic reporter is clearly not up with the latest mainstream medical research that is  widely known to have disproven any benefit from extra vitamin C during a cold.

    (reposted from described as “your online Chiropractic community”



    Vitamin C has been clearly shown to have no effect on helping you get better from the common cold and overdosing on it can cause harm.

    Vitamin C: not just for the common cold

    By Karen Appold

    Everyone knows that when you have a cold, you should take vitamin C. That’s because it fights viruses, bacteria and infection. It will also act as an antihistamine, relieving aches, inflammation and runny nose.

    Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, has many other uses. In addition to aiding your immune system, it helps to maintain healthy teeth, bones and cartilage, as well as grow and repair tissues. It also helps to form the protein that your body uses to make blood vessels, skin, tendons and ligaments.

    A powerful antioxidant
    As an antioxidant, vitamin C gets rid of free radicals in your body. Free radicals can cause cell damage that medical experts suspect may lead to atherosclerosis, which can cause heart disease, stroke and many types of cancer, as well as osteoarthritis and pre-eclampsia in pregnant women.

    Ascorbic acid has been proven to lower blood pressure, which lowers your chance of getting hypertension. It also enables proper dilation of blood vessels. Both of these functions reduce your risk of heart disease.

    CNN repeats medical community’s misinformation on common colds

    CNN, along with nearly every news agency, is still spreading these common myths about the common cold, due to misinformation from the medical community.

    • Temperature has no affect on the common cold virus –WRONG!
    • Best prevention is wash your hands frequently — WRONG!

    It’s not CNN’s fault. Most doctors have not studied the actual medical research on the cold.  I aim to correct this neglect!


    CNN reports on Nov 19, 2012 

    common cold myths

    Common cold myths abound , and spread like viruses


    Best way to fight the common cold

    Washing your hands is the easiest way to avoid the common cold this season. (Source: CNN)

    (CNN) – Common colds can happen anytime of the year, but we seem to catch more of them during the winter. But doctors said it’s not the chilly temperatures that affect the immune system.

    There are 200 viruses that can cause a cold and they’re everywhere year round.

    Experts said during the winter months, people stay indoors and germs are more easily spread because people are in close quarters.

    To avoid the fever, runny nose and sore throat is quite simple. Washing your hands thoroughly gets rid of the germs that can be transferred to other parts of your body especially if you touch your nose or mouth.

    If you are sick, stay home and don’t infect those around you. The germs are very contagious.

    As for treatment, doctors say over the counter medications relieve symptoms, but to keep away from the antibiotics because a cold is a virus, and antibiotics don’t kill viruses.

    Doctors said bed rest, liquids and a little TLC are the best ways to get rid of the common cold.

    Although most colds are pretty mild, know when a cold can become a problem. Go to the doctor if you have a high fever – over 100.4 for a child or over 103 degrees for an adult.

    Also, if your symptoms last longer than 10 days or are accompanied with neck stiffness and pain, it could mean you have a serious viral infection.

    Copyright 2012 CNN. All rights reserved.


    Wise Advice from a Harvard medical professor.

    Wise Advice from Harvard Medical Professor on Diet and Health

    Food: You’re The Boss, by Dr Gary Epler, Assoc. Professor of Medicine @ Harvard Medical School

    But today, while wallowing in my bleary fog of  pumpkin pie hangover, I have fortunately been freshly inspired on how to get out of the spiral of food depression.

    I just read a new book by a new friend from my book writing program. I met Dr. Gary Epler and his lovely wife Joan in Manhattan last month, and have been discussing my Warm & Steamy cold advice.

    Gary is a Harvard Medical School Clinical associate professor of medicine in Pulmonology and practicing clinician.

    He has been recognized annually from 1994 to 2012 in “Th Best Doctors In America” and consults at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Dana-Farber Cancer Intitute in Boston..

    His book relates very well the story many of us go through in dieting. He contrasts two patients who gain 20 pounds, one who freaks out and tries many harmful diets, ending up heavier for years. And another patient who calmly and with a positive self-view, simply learns about nutrition and chooses a wise diet plan, looking, and getting long-term good results.

    As is true for soooooooo much of healthy living, we (especially women!) tend to go from one extreme to another, doing what makes us feel GOOD one day, then regretting it the next, (thereby ruining the enjoyment of our holiday) which causes emotional freaking out,which causes us to feel depressed for the next week, which spurs us to do more unhealthy behaviors to feel better again (like more overeating), Crazy, huh?

    Our swinging emotionally up and down over only one day’s progress, good or bad, then affects our attitude, which changes our actions. But we can use that pendulum swing for GOOD instead of bad, if we choose wisely.

    Well I feel much better already today, reading it to know that food is my FRIEND, and I’m the BOSS who can make good food work FOR me. A very positive way of thinking. I like it!

    Check out Dr. Epler’s common sense book, a simple, easy read, a good guide for you to put your dieting in a healthy context  BEFORE you buy any other diet books.

    Thanks Dr. Gary for putting me on the right path of healthy eating and healthy self-image!

    63. Happy Day After-Thanksgiving! (despite the pie hangover)

    Dear Gentle Reader,

    I hope you had a lovely holiday yesterday– a day of rest, reflection and celebration of all that is good in your life!

    I had 2 out of 3 of those, and today am catching up on the resting part.

    Were you like the cute chipmunks in this pic>>>?

    And if so, how do you feel today?

    I was, and am…My “cheeks” are still stuffed with the good pie and food I ate.

    And while trying to develop this blog, I’ve been cutting down on my usual vigorous exercise, due to work pressure and lack of time and energy. So this month I’ve been feeling more like these folks look. >>>>

    How about you?

    And sadly, feeling heavy and flabby (seems to happen more with age as well as autumn season) takes away a lot of my celebration happiness from the good Thanksgiving holiday. It  causes me to feel more physically, emotionally and mentally depressed.

    And depression of any sort, can lead to depression of our immune system which can make us more vulnerabl to COMMON COLDS!

    Now I’m not saying the pecan pie directly causes colds (actually it was pumpkin pie, chocolate cake AND  cheese cake foe me personally)… but an overdose of wayy too much food and wayyy too little exercize, and just a tad too little sleep, are what puts us on the road to physical weakness,

    …which takes us to the unhappy village of Common-Cold-Ville!

    Its part of the big picture of lowering our immune system.

    But fortunately, I have been freshly inspired, just in the nick of time, to save me from treading that dark and dreary, and oh-so-familiar pathway to that gloomy land. And instead I’m walking down the sunny, stable pathway to diet peace and happiness again.

    Just by reading a book. And I only skimmed it too, but its working already.

    NEXT:  Wise Advice from a Harvard medical professor.


    Olympic Gold Medal– LOST– due to Over The Counter Cold medicine

    Time Magazine reported that an Olympic gymnast, Andrea Raducan, in the 2000 Sydney Olympics lost her gold medal. She was tested for drugs and the tests showed her coach had given her a cold medicine pill that contained pseudoephedrine, a banned substance,

    What a tragedy! She only wanted to get better from her cold for her performance and instead lost her championship medal.

    Romanian gymnast Andreea Raducan lost her Olympic Gold medal in 2000 for using a cold medicine

    Andreea Mădălina Răducan (born 30 September 1983) is a retired gymnast from Bârlad, Romania.

    Răducan began competing in gymnastics at a young age and was training at the Romanian junior national facility by the age of 12½. As one of the standout gymnasts of the Romanian team in the late 1990s, Răducan was known for both her difficult repertoire of skills and her dance and presentation. Over the course of her four-year senior career, she won Olympic or World Championships medals on every event except the uneven bars and earned three individual World Championships titles, on the floor exercise in 1999 and 2001 and the balance beam in 2001.

    Răducan competed at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, where she contributed heavily to the Romanian team’s gold medal and won an individual silver medal on the vault. She was also the original winner of the all-around title, but was disqualified and stripped of her gold medal shortly after the competition concluded, when it was revealed that she had failed doping controls, testing positive for pseudoephedrine, at the time a banned substance. She and her coaches maintained that she had been given the substance in two cold medicine pills by a Romanian team physician, and that they had not impacted her performance in any way.

    The case generated a significant amount of media attention, and Răducan was supported by members of the gymnastics community and the Romanian public. Her case was brought to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in the fall of 2000. Răducan herself was exonerated of any personal wrongdoing by the CAS, the Romanian Olympic Committee and the International Gymnastics Federation, and was not subject to any disciplinary measures. However, her medal was not reinstated, and the team doctor who administered the medicine was banned for two Olympic cycles.

    Răducan returned the year after the Olympics to win five additional World Championships medals, but retired from gymnastics in 2002. As an adult, she has worked as a sports announcer and media personality, and has pursued University level studies in journalism


    Should you use complementary medicine? risk/benefit

    Lots of alternative treatments for colds abound (they all say they work!)

    (from article)

    Should you use complementary medicine?

    cupping is form of acupuncture

    cupping is another form of Chinese treatment related to acupuncture, causing round bruises on your skin. Does it work?


    Before you decide to use this type of treatment, think about these questions:

    • Why are you considering this treatment? People often use complementary medicine to treat long-term health problems or to stay healthy. But if you are looking for a “cure-all,” you may be disappointed. Before you begin to use it, make sure that you learn how well it is likely to work.
    • What are you comfortable with? Part of the philosophy of some forms of complementary medicine is to listen to and touch people in a healing way. Some people find great comfort in this. Others may be bothered by it.

    Many complementary treatments are covered by insurance plans. But check to see what your plan covers.

    What are the risks?

    The greatest risk is that you may use these treatments instead of going to your regular doctor. Complementary medicine should be in addition to treatment from your doctor. Otherwise you may miss important treatment that could save your life.

    Sometimes complementary medicines can be dangerous when they are combined with another medicine you are taking. Always talk to your doctor before you use any new medicines. Diet supplements, for example, are complementary. And they can vary widely in how strong they are and in how they react to other medicines.

    Also, complementary medicine isn’t controlled as much as standard medicine. This means you could become a victim of fraud. Sellers or people who practice complementary medicine are more likely to be frauds if they:

    • Require large up-front payments.
    • Promise quick results or miracle cures.
    • Warn you not to trust your doctor.

    What are the benefits?

    One benefit is that many people who practice complementary medicine take a “whole person,” or holistic, approach to treatment. They may take an hour or more to ask you questions about your lifestyle, habits, and background. This makes many people feel better about the treatment, the person giving the treatment itself, and the condition.

    45. What is Mainstream vs Alternative/Complementary/Integrative Healthcare

    One of the reasons that there are so many popular remedies for the common cold these is hat there are many philosophies of medicine, with accordingly different standards to determine what is “true!”

    Here are the main terms used today to describe major types of medical practices. What do they mean? Which ones are right?


    Evidence Based

    Systematic Meta Peer Review





    Let’s look at some definitions

    Alternative medicine

    From Wikipedia ( View original Wikipedia Article ) Last modified on 13 November 2012, at 07:04
    Alternative medical systems
    Hierbas medicinales mercado medieval.jpg

    Medicinal herbs in a traditional Spanish market
    Acupuncture · Anthroposophic medicine · Herbalism · Homeopathy · Naturopathy · Orthopathy · Chiropractic
    Traditional medicine
    Chinese · Mongolian · Tibetan · Unani · Siddha · Ayurveda
    NCCAM classifications
    Whole medical systems · Mind-body interventions · Biologically based therapies · Manipulative therapy · Energy therapies
    See also
    Alternative medicine · Glossary · People
    Alternative medicine
    MeSH D000529

    Alternative medicine is any practice claiming to heal “that does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine.”[1] Alternative medicine is frequently grouped with complementary medicine which, in general, refers to the same interventions when used in conjunction with mainstream techniques,[2][3][4] under the umbrella term complementary and alternative medicine, or CAM.[5][6] Integrative medicine (or integrative health) is the combination of the practices and methods of alternative medicine with evidence based medicine.[7] Critics maintain that the terms “complementary” and “alternative medicine” are deceptive euphemisms meant to give an impression of medical authority.[8][9][10]

    Pneumonia Leading Cause of Death for Children Under Age 6

    Colds are one of the main contributing factors to Pneumonia….

    reposting this article below which features video of Rosalynn Carter speaking out against pneumonia

    Pneumonia: Word’s Leading Killer of Children Under Age 5

    Despite a recent decline in the global number of child deaths, pneumonia still claimed 1.3

    million lives last year alone.  Children of all ages, but particularly those under age five, are vulnerable to respiratory infections that can lead to life-threatening pneumonia.  However, pneumonia is not a single disease. It is a condition caused by many different bacteria or viral attacks which can lead to severe breathing difficulties, lung damage and often internal bleeding.

    Sadly, nearly one in every five child deaths around the globe can be attributed to pneumonia – a disease in which the majority of cases are preventable and treatable.  And more than 99 percent of child deaths from pneumonia occur in the developing world, where access to life-saving interventions is out of reach for most children.

    What Can Be Done

    According to the Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia (GAPP), child pneumonia deaths could be reduced by two-thirds if three interventions to protect against, prevent and treat pneumonia were scaled up to reach 90 percent of the world’s children.  These interventions include breastfeeding and vaccination to help strengthen the immune system, and case management to improve early detection, isolate infections, and improve access to, and administration of, appropriate antibiotics.  Read more…

    Pro Teacher’s Method for Cold Prevention in Classroom

    Written by  Fred Pfisterer  in The

    It’s cold and flu season again. Time to get your annual shot.

    Do they help? I don’t know. I get mine every year, yet have experienced the minor — sniffles — and the major — walking pneumonia — during the winter months.

    girl at doctors

    children are cute, but not when they get 6-12 colds per year and share it with their classrooms!

    Be prepared — something I learned in Boy Scouts and have abided by ever since.

    I stay pretty healthy, or try to, but nothing prepared for my year of teaching sixth grade.

    In my first month at Hainesport (N.J.) Elementary School, I came down with every bug known to my 11- and 12-year-old students.

    There was always something going around.

    “Trust me,” I remember an old education pro told me the day before classes started. “From the opening day until last day of school, you’re going to get sick. It’s a given. These kids will be all over the place picking up all kinds of germs. Put them together in a poorly ventilated classroom, and you’ve got a guaranteed health crisis of Centers for Disease Control proportions.”

    From aches and pains to sniffles, measles to projectile vomiting, she was right. Down to the common cold, which kids seemed to get every week or two, I suffered.

    It’s like when you fly.

    If your fellow passengers aren’t coughing while buckled in their seats and trapped waiting for take off, they will be as soon as you’re in the air.

    You’re a captive to other people’s germs: the sneezer next to you, the wheezer behind you and the hacker in front of you.

    Like coughing during a concert, a growing wave of sonic physical distress will envelop the air-tight cabin. You may have been healthy when you climbed on board and never been ill a day in your life but guaranteed: You are going to get very, very sick.

    If cigarettes are nicotine-delivery systems, then small children and airline passengers from many different environments are infection spreaders when packed together in a confined space for a long period of time.

    Has anybody ever made a study of this?

    How great is the danger?

    TB anyone?

    “What do I do?” I asked the old-pro teacher.

    “You get used to it in 10 or 12 years,” she said. “You get immune. You’re no longer a walking illness. Keep your shots current. Wash your hands a lot. Watch what you touch and, oh yes, one more thing.”

    I anxiously awaited for her cure for the common cold.

    “Try not to breathe,” she said.

    Write Fred Pfisterer, a retired editor for The News Leader, at

    Do Dogs Get Common Colds?

    Do Dogs Get Common Colds?

    This article seems to suggest so, but is not specific

    cold dog

    Do Dogs Get Common Colds?

    (BPT) – Dry skin, winter weight gain and the common cold – humans aren’t the only ones to struggle with winter woes. Cold weather can affect our pets’ health, too. While you can put in some extra time on the treadmill and layer up for the cold weather, pets rely on their human companions to help them stay healthy all year long.

    As temperatures drop and snow starts to fall, keep these simple safety tips in mind to help keep your pets safe and healthy this winter:

    Dress to impress … and stay warm

    With thick coats and hardy constitutions, some animal breeds are made to stand up to Old Man Winter. But most domestic dogs will feel the cold, so it makes sense to outfit them for the weather. Sweaters, booties and other winter essentials aren’t just fashionable, they’re functional; they can help protect your four-legged friends from extreme cold, snow and ice.

    So, be sure to dress your pet appropriately for the weather, and while you’re at it, you can also enter your pet into the “Morton Best in Snow Pet Show” photo contest

    Click to Read More

    Trying to Prevent your kid getting sick FROM your Doctor visit

    Funny story of trying to prevent children from getting sick FROM visiting the doctor’s office… if only she knew about Warm & Steamy method, maybe she could at least help her son get over some of the rhinovirus germs faster that he licked up there.

    (used with permission from the Mom Blogger —  Parenting®   Illustrated with Crappy Pictures™

    I hate well-child doctor visits. Especially once I started noticing that my kids would get sick approximately 48 hours after their well-child visits. Every. Damn. Time.

    Oh sure, the waiting room has a designated “reserved for healthy kids” section but it is sort of like the division of smoking and non-smoking sections in an enclosed space.

    So we had a well-child appointment for the baby and I was determined that no matter what, they were NOT going to get sick this time.

    My plan was to not allow them to touch anything.  It was a good plan.

    Which failed the moment my son touched the door handle. Yes, this was an obstacle I overlooked, but I was still determined to follow the original no touching plan from now on.

    After all, the door handle was not my biggest obstacle.  It was the bookshelf.

    The bookshelf has three levels.  The top two shelves are a jumble of books with tattered and sticky pages.  The bottom shelf houses toys.  The bookshelf is usually surrounded by kids who most likely have the plague.

    Every mother knows that when your child is sick he gets to play with the toys. When your child is not sick you do everything in your power to avoid physical contact with the toys.

    So my son takes a few steps toward the bookshelf while I’m signing us in.
    I came prepared!  I have stickers, markers, new books and even a small puzzle. Surely I have something in my bag of tricks that will interest him more than the bookshelf.


    Toys. New toys! He doesn’t see the green slime, the cesspool of germs. He doesn’t see the sleepless nights with the whining and crying and fevers. He only sees the toys.

    I have to come up with something.  Fast!  Must follow the plan. Time for the big guns.

    The phone! I hold it out and wiggle it a little to make it even more enticing.

    He takes the bait.

    And so we sit for the next fifteen minutes as kids and moms are shuffled in and out of the door.  My kids touch nothing.  Great success, the plan is working!


    Before we know it, they call us back.


    I’m feeling so victorious that I don’t even tell him to shut the phone off so he can walk properly. Instead, I put my hand on his head, guiding him.

    So we get into the examination room. My son is still occupied on the phone. The doctor comes in and I’m busy balancing the baby on the scale.

    The boy says he is done and hands me the phone. He is looking in the full length mirror.

    I pay no attention to the mirror until he puts his mouth on it, doing that thing that kids do where they blow air and make their cheeks puff out.

    And I notice how filthy it is. At least 20 other kids before him did this same trick.

    I have him sit in the chair and I explain for the millionth time about germs and getting sick.

    Click to continue story


    16 year old boy wonder’s if has a cold

    Note temperature of preferred remedy

    Do I just have a common cold?(repost/update)?

    I’m 16, male, 115-118LBs(18.5-19.3BMI) pretty normal weight, i guess.John is feeling a stuffy nose
    My symptoms are:
    -Very stuffy nose/runny nose at times(had green mucus earlier, but now it’s clear)
    -Cough, that is dry and hurts my chest sometimes when I cough.
    -Had a sore throat, but that subsided earlier today
    -No fever
    -Had almost no appetite, but starting to get it back abit
    -rarely aching in my side, but it’s not bad, just kinda worried bout it
    -scratchy-ness in the middle of my chest, which causes the cough, which hurts when I cough(not that painful, more annoying)Don’t want to have to go to the doctor..
    If it is a common cold, or whatever, when will it go away? :\

    Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

    sounds like a normal cold. don’t panic.just drink lots and lots of warm liquidsand relax. sleep is your friend.if it get worse/doesn’t get any better by this time next week.. consider seeing a doctor.

    Asker’s Rating:
    5 out of 5
    Asker’s Comment:
    Thanks.. I just worry alot. :\ Hypochondria I guess. ><

    Who Are Medical Researchers (part 5)

    Continued from part 4)

    medical research

    medical researchers, not only scientific method, but should be meta- and peer-reviewed. To alleviate problem of biases

    The scientists paid by the profit-making company cannot help but be influenced by their paycheck to be incentivized to give results that are possibly more favorable for the company,

    And the scientists, who want to keep their funding sources happy,  are given financial incentive to tend to ignore results that are not favorable. It’s just basic human nature to do so.

    But unfortunately this does make the researchers biased. They have financial incentive to show results that are favorable to their funding sourches, who are selling the products

    So how do we know who is following the best scientific methods?

    EXCELLENT QUESTION!  We don’t know, and we cannot assume they are until we see.

    Fortunately there are also Government watchdog institutions, like the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, whose job it is to see what medical research is being done well or not.

    But they don’t always know either since they don’t have ability to see all the research..

    What about international researchers? Are some countries better than others to follow The Scientific Method in their research?


    What is “The Scientific Method?”

    Wikipedia says

    1The scientific method (or simply scientific method) is a body of techniques for


    The Scientific method is used to test things and see if they are true!

    investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge.[1] To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry must be based on empirical and measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning.[2] The Oxford English Dictionary says that the scientific method is: “a method or procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses.”[3]

    Please allow me to explain!

    1. Make a GUESS, we call this a theory. It should be a helpful theory that will predict what causes what to happen .

    2. Figure out a way to test the theory.  This is called an “experiment” It should be a repeatable test.  If it only worked one time and never again….then we cannot test it. No matter how good it worked. Things that only work randomly, or one time, are called anecdotal. they might be nice, but they don’t help other people to know what to do.

    3. The ideal scientific study would be Random and double blind. so the scientist and the subjects are both unbiased.  When we are looking for a particular answer, there are a LOT of things that we can accidentally, or on purpose, do in an experiment that will give us the result we want….but it doesn’t mean it was true!

    4. Repeatable and confirmed by more testing. Does it work always or most of the time?

    5. Does it show a clear result? Can We measure it? Does it seem clear what factors are causing what results? Do we understand it? Could there be other reasons why we got the results

    OK, basically the above is a, hopefully clear, and probably obvious.explanation of The Scientific Method.

    65. Where does the best Medical Research come from?

    Where is the best medical research from?

    Well, yes, those countries and research institutions that have higher education standards tend to have better quality researchers.  But a good, honest, quality scientist can come from any country. And so can bad dishonest ones, educated or not.

    medical research

    Which countries have the best medical research?

    So the ultimate answer is that we rely on the international medical community, and people like medical journalists, high and low, big and small to check on medical research. Medical journals are a good example. And many of them are collaborative researchers from many international scientists.

    So to summarize, the important way that we really should know who is right or not is, to look at what research has been done, an whether it followed the scientific method very strictly or not.

    This is the whole field of Cochrane Reviews, meta-reviews by scientific peers who analyze the research to evaluate how valid it is.

    One strong indication that often is a strong influence is — who is funding the research? Scientists can of course be prejudiced in doing research, when they are being paid by a company who is hoping the research will show results that will earn the company money.

    A LOT of money.

    Billions of $$ in fact.  Americans spend $3 billion each year in Over-The-Counter medications for the common cold. and another $1 billion in prescription antibiotics (none of which work!)

    62. Who are Medical Researchers (part 3)

    (Continued from part 2)

    How is this helping us?

     medical researcher?

    Could he be a Real Medical Researcher? One Way to find out!

    Because over the past few centuries, those Scientists developed a system of testing what they think is true or not true. We call it  SCIENTIFIC METHOD. Medical Scientists use it to see  what medical remedies help people MOST OF THE TIME!

    There is not a big machine in the sky that magically tells them this information. There is not one lone group of people in one high-secrecy building somewhere who automatically know the truth.

    Even if they wear WHITE lab coats.

    Even if they have thick glasses.

    Even if they are paid TRUCKLOADS of cash by someone to tell you what works.

    But Real Scientists have found the following principles are what work the best to figure out medical truth.

    Oxford English Dictionary says the scientific method is: “a method or procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses.”[3]

    Now Modern scientists are also expanding this a couple of dimensions: with Evidence Based Medicine, first developed by Archie Cochrane,

    And then because there is so much information out there, recently Healthcare practictioners are developing a more professional methods of evaluating the flood of information, calling it  Systematic Review of which the best is considered a “Cochrane Review” in honor of the medical scientist Archie Cochrane

    So nice to know that people have figured out how to know all these things.


    61. Who is a Real Medical Researcher? (part 2)


    or are these real Medical Researchers?

    CONTINUED FROM:  Who are “The Medical Researchers?” ( part 1)

    Question #2:  which of the above are people whose advice you should trust?

    Answer #1 or 3. NOT #2, #4 or #5.

    Yet…. millions of people trust #2, #4 and #5!  Why?

    Because they don’t know the difference.

    Here is it: A medical researcher is someone who studies medical information. This could be anyone, even on their own, doing their own studies of any medical topic. In fact this is how medical research STARTED in the first place. People did not know how things worked. But then they slowly learned more about how it works.

    Does everyone who studies a medical topic find truth?


    Are some WAYS of studying better than others?

    YES!  Slowly, over the last few centuries, people around the world have developed SCIENTIFIC METHODS of studying that work better than others.  Creatively we have named some of the best methods “The Scientific Method.” (makes it easier to remember)

    Most people my age who studied ANY college science classes, (like me) learned about what the Scientific Method is. And today most people in the 3d grade seem to learn it wayyyyyyy younger than we did!

    The Oxford English Dictionary says the scientific method is: “a method or procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses.”[3]

    To put it in modern terms, you look at something, make a guess as to why it acts the way it does, then you test and measure it and see if you were right.

    Some people LOVE to do this over and over again. They even considered it FUN (those people are called “geeks” haha!) And then many of us went into more fun fields like Journalism, Creative Writing and Dance! (like me) but we still RESPECT very much those science geeks because they became great DOCTORS like my husband Bob who figured out what medical information works best, and they get to be HEROS who help LOTS and LOTS of people.

    CONTINUED IN PART 3 “How this helps us”

    Who Are Medical Researchers (part 4)

     Who are Real Medical Researchers?

    (Continued from part 3)

    medical researcher

    This could also be medical researcher. And he IS! How can we tell? Because he uses The Scientific Method

    Now look carefully at #3 and #4.  These are where the big problems happen. There are often research studies done that do NOT follow #3 and #4.

    Then we call that a bad , or poorly done study.  Guess what?  Many medical research studies done around the world are bad or poorly done. It is up to the scientists to make sure they are following #3 an #4. It is not easy to do.

    And a study should also be done with enough numbers of test subjects (whether human volunteers or animals, or other subjects), over and over again until the important truths are made clear. This is also not always done. Some studies are done with very small number of test subjects. Some are done only once. Some are done many times, but the results come out very differently on many of the results.

    It is also VERY expensive, what with paying for all those scientists salaries, and volunteers, and even the lab animals, equipment, etc.  One medical research study can easily cost a million dollars! A whopping $94.3 billion was spent on clinical trials in 2003 in the U.S..

    So who DOES do these studies well?

    We tend to trust academic institutions, such as universities, and government institutions. because of course that is what they are for.

    But there are also lots of private research institutes that are run by for-profit companies. They may be doing their own research in order to find products to sell. This happens a lot. Understandably they want to make a profit on selling their products.

    Every business wants to make a profit. That is a fine and noble goal. But unfortunately it makes studies funded by the profit making company’s have a conflict of interest.


    60. Who are “The Medical Researchers?” (part 1 of 5)

    How Do We Know Which Medical Research To Trust?

    Who are “The Medical Researchers?” ( part 1)

    What exactly is a “Medical Researcher?” How do I recognize one when I see one?


    Who is the following person? —

    Is THIS a Medical Researcher?

    wears a white lab coat and thick eyeglasses.

    Is in a TV commercial, swirling a test tube around

    is paid LOTS of money by a Pharmaceutical Company

    is the above…

    1. An authoritative medical researcher

    2. an actor

    3. a graduate student spending 5 years  trying to get his Masters or PhD degree

    4. a millionaire Chinese Herbal medicine “doctor” (unspecified as to what kind of doctor or which school he/she trained at)

    5. A schoolteacher, now a mega-millionaire whose husband is a Hollywood Marketer and helped her publicize her common cold pills she “invented” with a cute package with cute cartoons and a cute name similar to  “carried in the air” herbal “immune system booster” that my sister swears up and down as being the best cure ever, that “really works” for the common cold (although the inventor is now in a big lawsuit about false advertising and has had to drop any reference to Common Cold from her cute and clever packaging of her pills.

    ANSWER:  all of the above!!!

    Question #2:  which of the above are people whose advice you should trust?


    Answers on next post!!!

    Review of Amazon Bestselling Healthcare books

    I have a lot more to write about in this blog column!

    keeping my nose out of trouble

    For these past 3 weeks I’ve been catching my breath, and catching up on tasks after my big exciting Manhattan Publicity Summit in October.  I returned home, happy that I really beleive I’m on the right track with this project, but just before that awful Hurricane Sandy devastated the entire East Coast Our hearts and prayers go out to our colleagues back East.

    Since I’m new to this type of publicity effort, I’ve been boggled with learning SOoooo much about how to get the word out about this book project, and its taking me a while to sort out the tasks and start to develop my plan, strategy and simmer my schedule down.

    Part of this   has been a big process of learning how to produce these blogs, and trying, unsuccessfully, to keep up the homework while I’ve been going through my weekly book coaching teleseminar program. The hard part has been for me to keep focused on my important tasks, because anytime I start to do something in my email or on the internet… one website leads to another, and another and i get more ideas, and, well, hours go by and I find I didn’t get done the original task I set out, and often even forget what that task was!

    So I’ve been signing up for the next incredible and helpful programs so lining up months of glorious publicity work for myself. And hoping that a systematic strategy will emerge to me as I sort through all the possible programs.

    ,  and  I’m starting to review Amazon books on healthcare to glean all the trends in healthcare advice.

    I was chagrined at first, to see that my “Four Pillars Of Health” seemed to be already taken by another MD who has written on “The Seven Pillars Of Health,”


    But on closer examination, while we do have some overlap, the esteemed other doctor and I clearly have very different philosophy on what is really important to maintaining good health.

    We do agree on Sleep and Exercise as each being A Pillar.  I would certainly include “water” as being included, categorized within my Pillar of “Diet/Healthy Eating. ” But this doctor felt it to be worthy of an entire Pillar unto itself!


    And, in my quick survey analysis of many of the titles,  the popular topics seem to be giving us their Super Secrets to Super Immunity for Super Health:

    Most of which seems to be diet, diet diet.  And then all the other medical specialties have special care of course.

    Well, if we don’t have magical secret ingredients, then at least they can appeal to us by revealing secret powers in the same old ingredients. Right?

    And then there are paleo diets, caveman style, but no grains? Why are grains out? because its a new combination of same old ingredients, but with a special secret combination twist, that will give us superpower.

    Clearly my interpretive analysis blogging skills are still sorely needed in this whole healthcare literature genre to make sense of it all for you dear readers.


    33. How Do We Know Which Medical Research To Trust? part 1

    I’m sure you, like most Americans these days, are hearing medical advice on the common cold from many sources

    Lots of them quote authoritative Medical Researchers.

    medical researcher

    who exactly is a medical researcher? How do I recognize one when I see one? How do I know which ones to believe? It’s all so confusing!

    Who are these mysterious “Medical Researchers?”  How do we know which ones to believe?

    In fact how do we know what to believe in ANY important area of our lives? (fortunately I won’t get into spiritual faith beliefs HERE, that will be ANOTHER blog! :-)

    But in general, abstractly, philosophically, theoretically speaking…

    (yes, be patient, I’m having fun with this and  I’ll get back to YOUR COLD in a moment!)…

    …we usually choose what theories/advice/truths  to  follow in any area of our lives by  listening to our “authorities”… people with knowledge, people whom we trust, such as.. (in possible order of importance)

    1. our doctor,
    2. our medical institutions
    3. our friends/family/ other people we know and respect
    4. and everyone else in the world.

    And then, when we get conflicting advice (which happens often!) we also check with

    5. ourselves…IF we have our own experience of the topic in questions.  If it is something we have experienced before, and often, like a common cold, then we have more of a “gut feeling” as to what is right, just based on our own experience.

    When everyone on the list above are all saying the same thing, YAY! it makes it easy,  we feel very confident of the truth.

    BUT when they conflict, (and they DO conflict on advice for the Common Cold) we have to choose WHICH of the above to believe most.

    I will be explaining more about #1, #2 and #4 in future posts.  You will have to do your own research with #3 and #5!  😉

    and hey… let me know your results with that too! I’m collecting Common Cold stories for my book, so please leave your story in a comment below, or email to me

    NEXT:  How Do We Know Which Medical Research To Trust? part 2–Who are Medical Researchers?


    Who are the “Medical Researchers?”

    One answer from Wikipedia on “Who are Medical Researchers” shows in England that this is clearly answered by this branch of the British government!

    Medical Research Council (UK)

    From Wikipedia ( View original Wikipedia Article ) Last modified on 19 September 2012 at 10:16
      (Redirected from Medical Research Council (UK))
    Medical Research Council
    Abbreviation MRC
    Formation 1913
    Type Non-Departmental Government Body
    Purpose/focus Co-ordinating and funding medical research in the United Kingdom
    Location Medical Research Council
    2nd Floor David Phillips Building
    Polaris House
    North Star Avenue Swindon
    WiltshireSN2 1FL
    Region served United Kingdom
    Chief Executive Sir John Savill
    Chairman Sir John Chisholm
    Main organ MRC Council
    Parent organization Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
    Research Councils UK
    Budget c. £350 million
    Website Official Website

    The Medical Research Council (the MRC) is a publicly funded government agency responsible for co-ordinating and funding medical research in the United Kingdom. It is one of seven Research Councils in the UK and is answerable to, although politically independent from, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

    The MRC focuses on high-impact research and has provided the financial support and scientific expertise behind a number of medical breakthroughs, including the development of penicillin and the discovery of the structure of DNA. Research funded by the MRC has produced 29 Nobel Prize winners to date.

    Suggestions on Zong Gan Ling bottle

    Continued from previous posts


    SOURCE Exact source anonymous. Early twentieth century origin. Previously manufactured by the Meizhou Pharmaceutical Manufactory, Guandong, China.

    Scary ingredients!

    SERVING Adults: Take three to six pills at a time, every four hours. If symptoms persist, see a licensed health care provider. Children: Use one tablet for each 30 lbs. of body weight. Crush and mix with food.

    SUGGESTIONS Though normally considered safe for everyone, pregnant women and nursing mothers should always consult their health care provider before taking any medicine. If your physician is unfamiliar with these herbs, licensed acupuncturists are health care providers who are often informed about Chinese herbs.

    Used for symptomatic relief of severe or advanced head cold or flu. With symptoms such as headache, sore throat, nasal congestion, body aches, fever and chills. Dr. Shen’s Zong Gan Ling is a modern (twentieth century) formula which uses a battery of heat clearing herbs, most of which have been shown to inhibit the growth of a wide range of microrganisms.

    Also known as: Efficacious Cold Remedy

    Zong Gan Ling – 90 tablets  $19.95 $12.02


    NEXT:  LIST of ingredients

    58. What are symptoms of a Common Cold?

    multicolor common cold rhinovirus

    This is a type of rhinovirus, one of the 200+ types of Common Cold viruses.
    There are a lot of these in Preschools, but they are not loveable spongey playtoys. It is more like a tiny Cold Virus Death Star, and it is OPERATIONAL!

    A Common Cold is the world’s most common infectious disease. It is caused by one of more than 200 kinds of viruses that produce one or more of the following symptoms.

    Symptoms of a Common Cold:

    • Sore throat
      • Mucus buildup in your nose
      • Difficulty breathing through your nose
      • Swelling of your sinuses
      • Sneezing
      • Cough
      • Headache
      • Tiredness

      A cold can sometimes be mistaken for pollen allergies. How do you tell the difference?

    • Allergies usually occur more in spring. They often include itching feeling in eyes.  Symptoms last more than a week, perhaps 6 weeks. They coincide with pollen in the air or other allergens,

    If you are not sure, then best to try the simplest and least risky methods of treatment first. Rather than spending lots of time and money, you can try siimple warm steam and see if it alleviates the symptoms.If they persist, then trying antihisamines for allergies is another option. You can also consult your regular physician or an alllergy specialist when you’ve tried basic remedies and find you have not solved the problem.

    I recommend the warm & steamy methods for best and safest treatment of a common cold.

    Dr. Shen’s “Zong Gan Ling” scary Ingredients

    Continued from previous post

    Below is the list of ingredients for the Mysterious Chinese Herbal medicine from Dr. Shen  “Zong Gan Ling”  purporting to treat the common cold.

    Scary ingredients!

    This is a LOT of scary looking herbs to be taking without having been evaluated by FDA and knowing what they are!

    Kudzu, I recognize at least, it is the scourge of the east coast, where it is a super fast gowing  invasive vine that is destroying forest ecosystems.

    I would NOT want that in my body!

    Can anyone help with the other ingredients?  And any guesses as to what

    “clears toxic heat and invigorates blood”

    might mean?  How do those help your body fight a common cold, specifically?  Sounds very religious, bordering on the old fashioned snake-oil medicine right?

    INGREDIENTS Kudzu Root also known as Ge Gen or Radix Puerariae Clears Heat, Releases the Muscles, Nourishes Fluids,

    Major Known ingredients: puerarin, puerarin-xyloside, daidzein, daidzin B-sitosterol, arachidic acid Hairy Holly Root also known as Mao Tung Ching or Radix Illicis Pubescentis Clears toxic Heat, Invigorates Blood Major known ingredients: flavonoid glycosides, triterpenoids, tannin, ursolic acid, oleanolic acid Vervain also known as Herb of the Cross or Ma Pien Tsao or Herba Verbenae


    NEXT:  Let’s Analyze them!

    58. Mainstream vs Alternative Medicines

    The great philosopher Stevie Wonder rocked our minds with the idea that believing in things that you don’t understand causes us to suffer
    “Superstition ain’t the way”
    world religions

    believing in remedies because they are from a far away land and ancient philosophy is no basis for credibility. Where is the evidence?

    But in 2012, more than ever, with our highly educated, highly informed, U.S. population it seems to me now MORE than ever, people looooooove to believe in magic medicines that they don’t understand, especially if they have exciting labels on them such as “organic” “herbal” “ancient Chinese”  “dietary supplement”  “boost your immune system”

    ooohhhh, ahhhhh, wonderous! Especially because it comes from a far away land!

    In my evaluation of Dr. Shen’s The promises on many “Natural and Herbal” Over The Counter healthcare products have no basis in science but actually come from religious beliefs, such as Chinese Qigong, from Taoism, Confusionism and Buddhism. These religious-based traditional Chinese folk medicine philosophies based on belief in “Chi” which means literally “Life Energy Cultivation

    Europeans also had a similar belief in medieval times, of the “Four Humoures” of the blood. that is,until we developed our medical sciences to actually understand more of how the body works.

    Some people would call such beliefs superstitions.

    The medical remedies that are based on such beliefs, such as “Natural and Herbal” pills and formulas have their main attraction is that they are “Natural Herbal” and most importantly UNKNOWN and MYSTERIOUS!

    Of course among Herbal Medicine fans, (whom I am surrounded by here in Alternative-Everything Santa Cruz!)  a product’s NOT being evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration– those mean, close-minded scientists of Modern Medicine– is a badge of honor!

    Better to believe in the unknown than believe in things that are known and tested, right? Wrong!

    If you choose to believe in the Qigong philosophy that is your choice, but here I want to at least make it clear what the basis of these “natural and herbal” chinese herbal medicines are, they are from a religion, not from medical science!

    55. Cold Remedies from Chilly Harbin China (part 2– Chongchun)

    (continued from Part 1)

    Doctor’s Wife analysis of Harbin cold remedy:

    woman with coldHeat? check

    Moisture? check

    Low cost? check

    Non-invasive, low risk? check

    Sugar content?  maybe not so good.

    “Does it have to be Coca cola with sugar? I asked? not diet?”

    “No not diet! with sugar!”

    We sat together under the dim light of a study lamp, in the home of my friend, a visiting postdoctoral researcher from China. I wrapped my jacket tight around me in “Chen’s” uncomfortably cool living room. She is a visiting scholar in Chemistry at our local university

    As we chatted into the night, she poured hot water from her teakettle into my styrofoam cup on the table. She did not ask me if I wanted the tea. It’s just her automatic custom coming from Changchun in cold North Eastern China

    “And what do you do for colds in Changchun?” I asked our hostess.

    “I rarely get colds,” she responded.   “We just drink hot water all day. And I go to the gym to workout 3 times a week. Exercise keeps me healthy and warm.”

    “American people are strange,she observed, “they like to drink cold drinks, with ICE!  Even when they have a cold.”

    Doctor’s Wife Analysis:  Affirmative! studies show those people who exercise usually get fewer and shorter colds.

    More evidence from the other side of the globe affirming that our warm steam therapy works!

    54. Remedy From Chilly Harbin China (part 1)

    yinyang.Yang, a visiting scholar, with his wife Li, is from Harbin, China which is located wayyyyy in Northeastern China, Harbin is famous for its ice sculptures in winter. They are used to REALLY cold winters. according to a travel story I read by Paul Theroux, He wrote that the inhabitants don’t even bother turning on their heat in winter. Perhaps an exaggeration, but I’m sure they are quite used to living adeptly in the cold.

    Thus the chilly room at the university housing apartment on this chilly night.

    Inevitably the discussion turned to their home cold remedies.

    “What do you do in Harbin for colds?”

    Yes they do get colds there too. “Well first you drink hot water, then take a nap. Then you can go out to the spa. It’s a public place, not in your home, like a large swimming pool, and you can dive under the water, It feels great.”

    “But that is only if your cold is just getting started,” Yang said. “Not if the cold is already full blown. If your cold has progressed to your lungs, then you should just stay home. Bundle up and rest and sleep.”

    Good common sense advice.

    Then Lee recalled another remedy, involving “cocola…or paypsee…”

    “Uhhhhh…you  mean “Cocacola? and Pepsi?” I asked.

    “Yes. Well you take the Coca-cola and slice fresh ginger into it Then you bring it all to a boil. then drink it down and take a nap. And the virus is alway gone when you wake up,” she reported.

    Our other companion, Stuart, pointed out that kids would probably like it due to it being Coca-cola and sweet.

     (Analysis continued in Part 2)

    51. Post Sandy, Fox News reports NYC “increase of ER colds & flu visits”

    from a November 5 report on Fox

    By Loren Grush, Fox News

    Hurricane Sandy destroys Breezy Point

    Hurricane Sandy destroys Breezy Point, Queens — Reuters, Adrees Latif
    A heartbreaking aerial shot shows the burnt remains of Breezy Point, a beachfront neighborhood in Queens completely destroyed by fires during the monster hurricane. More than 100 homes in the community were lost in the storm.
    Read more:

    “It has been four days since Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast, and power has yet to return to several communities. While many residents and businesses have been impacted by the loss of power, doctors’ offices have also suffered – keeping many sick patients from seeing their primary care physicians.

    As an alternative for medical treatment during these widespread power outages, patients have been turning to various walk-in clinics throughout the New England area, resulting in an overflow of patients at many of these clinics.

    “We’ve been so busy here,” Dr. Michael Tugetman, a board-certified family practitioner from Doctors Express, a walk-in clinic in Hartsdale, N.Y., told “Over the last two days, we’ve had a 30 percent increase. We saw about 50 patients on Wednesday and close to 40 on Thursday.”

    Dr. Ned Shami, a board-certified ER doctor and chief operating officer of CityMD Urgent Care, reported seeing a similar influx in patients. On a normal day, each of CityMD’s four Manhattan clinics see approximately 75 to 90 patients. This past week, Shami said there has been a “30 to 40 percent increase in volume.”

    “We were ready for the increase,” Shami added. “We expected it, especially with so many other offices closed. We tripled and at some points quadrupled physician coverage. Normally, we have two doctors on hand – we had five at a time this week to handle the increase.”


    52. Post Sandy, Fox News reports NYC “Increase of ER cold & flu patients”

    (continued from previous post)

    New York Daily News pic of Hurricane Sandy Floods

    Flooding in New York from Hurricane Sandy–by Aaron Showalter for New York Daily News

    From Fox News

    The biggest reason for the increase, Shami explained, is that many patients are unable to see their primary care physicians, particularly those whose doctors’ offices are located in areas of Manhattan that have lost power.

    “There’s a lack of access to care,” he said. “…There have been patients who couldn’t get to their normal physician’s office – especially in downtown [Manhattan], and those who were scheduled for follow-up care at NYU or other hospitals that were evacuated.”

    To complicate matters, with the weather fluctuating from warm to cold and the fact that many suffer from limited heating capabilities from loss of power, Tugetman said he’s seen a significant increase in patients with sinus problems or flu-like symptoms.”

    ….”Many people have been stuck inside their homes or apartments, easily passing on sickness to family and friends living with them.

    “Respiratory problems are common at this time of the year in general, and the cold and lack of power are certainly not helping,” Shami agreed. “We’ve seen a slight increase in respiratory complaints.”

    The report goes on to say that urgent care doctors have seen “an influx of cold and flu”

    The doctors recommend that.”patients with non-life threatening injuries…either call their physicians or continue to seek out urgent care facilities, rather than going to the emergency room.

    “The ER has a normal wait of about four hours,” Shami said. “Since the weekend, that wait has spiked to about seven or eight hours…Stay out of the ER for non-life threatening emergencies. Go to an urgent care center with full capabilities like board-certified physicians, X-ray and laboratory facilities onsite.”


    So, upshot is, if you really need a doctor, please DO go, but if you can take good care of your health at home, please do. And following our four pillars of health: sleep, good diet, exercize, relationships and if you have a cold virus, stay warm & steamy!!!

    Our Prayers are With You to Stay Healthy and Strong People of New York City and the East Coast! 

    Love and Blessings to You All From Your Friends in California!


    50. New York Times reports power outages after Sandy

    A lot of people on the East Coast have been in the cold and dark for over a week now.  They certainly don’t need to suffer any extra from cold viruses.

    Of course they are facing many life-threatening dangers in the storm. So they must prioritize how to use their scarce resources wisely. Like the man in the story below, without heat, using his stove burners to keep warm in him home. (keeping warm is a good priority, but I’m not sure that’s the wisest, what about the dangerous risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning?)

    The New York Times reported on November 1 on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the Electricity Outages in New York City.  On that date there were still about 156,800 customers were without power in New York City and 68,000 in Westchester County.

    Fox News reports November 5, “At the Visiting Nurse Service of New York alone, more than 5,000 nurses, aides, social workers and others were out serving patients around the city during and after the storm.

    Nine flights above East 22nd Street, Russell Oberlin, 84, had no heat or electricity, no phone, no elevator service and two cancerous tumorson his visiting nurse helps homebound patientright leg that required daily medical attention.

    Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times

    Suzanne Gilleran, 47, a nurse, visited Russell Oberlin, 84, who was without power in his apartment on East 22nd Street.

    As two burners on his stove provided warmth on Thursday, Suzanne Gilleran, 47, carefully cut the gauze around Mr. Oberlin’s leg. “How’s your pain today?” she asked. “Did you take anything?”

    When there is no heat available, People need to be armed with knowledge. Simply knowing that cold viruses grow more in cold temperature can go a long way towards helping people make wise choices to fight off cold viruses and get better faster once they have a cold.  Cold sufferers  can do simple things like wear a bandana across their face to warm the air as they breath, or sip on warm drinks during the day. Realizing how much those 2 things  can help will go a long way towards preventing any unnecessary illnesses from adding to their stress.


    49. Luke’s croup cough solution part 2.

    (continued from Luke’s Croup Cough part 1)

    But we had a quick solution that got us all through the panic.

    As soon as we heard his telltale barking cough I would run a bathtub full of very warm water. While I was waiting for the water to fill the tub, I took a washcloth, wet it in the hot water, squeeze most of the water out and hold it loosely over his mouth and nose to breathe in the warm steam from the washcloth. As a baby he even liked to suck on the warm washcloth. That was fine.

    Then when the tub was more full, I would let him sit in it and relax and play for an hour or so until his cough was gone.

    turn thermostat up

    turn up the thermostat to 72 or a bit higher to help kill off the viruses that cause Croup Cough and the common cold.

    Meanwhile  we ran a warm steam vaporizer in his room all night and turned the thermostat up in his room a few degrees to 72 or 74.

    Voila! By morning he was better.

    When he was a little baby I would even get in the tub with him and hold him in my lap to let him soak for a while. As he got older I would sit on the floor next to the tub while he splashed around.

    Eventually Luke was old enough to it do himself. Occasionally, after playing a little league baseball game until late into the chilly night, he would wake up in the middle of the night with the barking cough again. And we would hear him in the bathroom running the bath water himself, and soaking until he felt better.

    Dr. Ianelli’s advice includes warm or cool steam and a variety of other remedies including breathing cool air for symptoms.

    But if the many viruses that cause croup thrive more at cool temperature. Then it would make sense to raise the temperature as well as the moisture of the air the sufferer breathes, to both alleviate the symptom and help eliminate the virus that is causing the symptoms.

    So perhaps the cool air that some people felt work, might temporarily work to make them feel better… seems that for our son, the cold air was what made him worse in the first place,

    So I question… how does it affect the virus that was the cause of the cough?

    48. The Croup — how we stopped our son Luke’s barking cough (part 1)

    Our middle son Luke, now a strong and buff Jiu Jitsu teacher, seemed to be the most susceptible of our 3 boys to illnesses when he was little. He used to often get bad croup cough when he was a baby and young boy.

    Since we live on the coast the air is usually cool, windy foggy most of the year. Often in the evenings, at bedtime or middle of the night I would hear Luke coughing with a weird sound, sounding like a barking seal.

    Croup is a viral infection called laryngotracheobronchitis, usually in children  six months to three years in colder seasons. Croup can include a runny nose and brassy cough, incubation period is 2-6 days. Like all viruses, antibiotics do NOT help. Your body must fight it off.

    croup cough sounds different than normal deep wet cough

    croup cough sounds like a barking seal, different than normal deep wet cough. It is due to virus in the larynx, trachea and bronchiole

    It is a very frightening thing seeing your little baby gasping for breath.

    And the worse he coughed, the more his eyes would panic, that he couldn’t get enough air to breathe, and the more frightened he got, even starting to cry, which made it all worse!

    Croup also can have “inspiratory stridor” a raspy noise when you breath in (might sound like wheezing)

    The pattern of croup symptoms  is usually worse at night and better during the day. The croup returns each night but gradually gets better in a few days, says. If the person with croup gets anxious or agitated that makes the coughing worse.

    Croup causes inflammation, swelling and the buildup of mucus in the larynx, trachea (windpipe) and bronchial tubes in your lungs. Since younger infants and children have smaller airways,they are the most affected by croup.  older children often just get normal cold symptoms from the same virus.

    Other croup symptoms can include a hoarse voice, decreased appetite and a fever, which is usually low grade, but may rise up to 104 degrees F.


    COMING NEXT: our easy solution

    47. from Switzerland more cold remedies

    Not only do the Swiss people give us the lovely little “Ricola” cough drops…(pronounced with a yo-o-o-o-o-odel, as in “Ri-i-i-i-i-i-i-c-o-o-o-o-o-o-ola-a-a-a!” )  but they also have a few other interesting cold remedies,

    Swiss Alps

    yes they get common colds here too, but its so beautiful who cares?

    I imagine that living amongst the spectacular snowy Alps, the Swiss folks get lots of colds, but, they are in such bliss with the beauty who would care so much?  And the musical tinkle of the charming swiss cow bells across the  grassy slopes, while dining on that kirsch imbued fondue by the fireplaces. Well, perhaps there is no big rush to getting better  .This

    One good factor in their favor is that Swiss tend to be very athletic, climbing up all those steep mountain paths. They are in good shape. And they are also very developed in their snowy winter cultural lifestyle, knowing how to dress and live warmly.

    Another advantage is that they are a very highly educated and wealthy society.

    But, nonetheless, here’s a couple of interesting traditional Swiss cold remedies from my  friend Nadine. Both are traditional plasters that a cold sufferer can apply to your neck and chest area when you have a sore throat.

    One is a warm plaster made of mashed potatoes. You leave it on for less than an hour and it warms up your throat area. I asked if one would salt and pepper it and eat it afterwards, but she said no.

    Another is a cool yogurt plaster, but importantly it must be a very rich, thick yogurt. She did not find such a yogurt here in our Santa Cruz goceries, but probably a thick high-fat “greek-style” yogurt would be similar. The idea is to draw out the toxins from your throat area.

    Doctor’s wife analysis:  warm is good, and I’m sure warm potatoes sounds very comforting.

    Cool? Well, perhaps there is some benefit for beautifying your skin, but probably doesn’t help inhibit the virus from growing faster.

    Another thought- –  if you have either of these plasters  applied to your throat, you are much less likely to go out in public. Therefore it prevents you from spreading the  germs. So bingo! there’s a benefit right there!

    I’ll try them out next time I feel the rawness  coming on in my throat. And the Ricola too. And by the way, lots of hot soups and hot tea with honey and lemon is also recommended. These I am wholeheartedly in favor of.

    Thanks Nadine!

    swiss cows

    Also the Swiss cows, from whence the Swiss chocolate is made. Another good remedy for common cold…according to Rule #10 in my chart!

    46. It’s hunting season — for cold medicine advertisments

    November is upon us, and its prime hunting season. Pharmaceutical companies are hunting for the dollars in YOUR wallet and spending big bucks to get some, battling for your attention with advertisements for Over-The-Counter cold remedies.

    And guess which ones work?

    cold medicines

    big money is being invested to persuade you to buy cold medicines


    In 2009  $3.6 billion was spent by Americans on Over-The-Counter Remedies, says the New York Times, “even when there is little or no proof they work.”

    So why do we buy them? Because people don’t know what else to do. And they have really, really good marketing.An 60 million of us get colds every year.

    What’s $10 for a bottle of cough syup when you feel miserable?  What is one really good night’s sleep worth to you? $15 for a bottle of Nyquil? $60 for an Urgent Care visit? $500 for an Emergncy Room visit?

    Days of work or school missed?  Colds cost us a lot.

    Colds that linger for weeks can also trigger many other kinds of infections: asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia.  Some are viral, some can be bacterial infections where antibiotics are needed.

    So yes, its important. And people are willing to pay lots of money to relieve suffering.

    But one of the most difficult things in medicine is to change people’s behavior.

    Too many of us would rather spend a lot of money on a pill shot or spray than do simple changes to our behaviour that can save us from illness.

    Notice How many cold remedy commercials you count on the next hour of TV that you watch?

    According to  a healthcare watchdog site,  almost twice as much money is spent by Pharmaceutical companies on advertising as on Research and Development — $57.5 billion in fact!

    and besides the consumer advertising,  80% of the rest  is spent on physicians, which is $61,000 per physician!

    All to get you to buy medicines that don’t work. Big guns are being aimed at your wallet!

    45. “Expert” doctor says Australian antiviral drug reduces colds

    Fox TV news reported last March a BIG breakthrough in curing the common cold.

    According to an “expert” doctor in New York, Dr. Richard Firshein, Australian research says an antiviral drug may cut down length of cold from 2.5 days to 1.7 days. Really? Thats only 8/10 of one day!

    Hmmm (we can do better with Warm & Steamy methods!)…. Our average cold in U.S. lasts 1-2 weeks, doctors say.  And using our warm & steamy methods colds are reduced in the clinic to 1-2 days. So that’s 7 times faster, from10 days to 1 or 2. But… we have a big difference in the initial estimated length of a cold, so, not a good comparison.

    Dr Richard Firshein

    Dr Richard Firshein Integrative Medicine

    According to the TV doctor expert, Dr. Richard Firshein, Director of “The Firshein Center”, the Australian anti-viral drug requires making a doctor’s appointment and purchasing the drug ahead of time, then taking the drug on the exact day you get the cold. No report on the cost of the drug.

    And meanwhile he also recommends doing natural remedies, that he says have been shown to help, Vitamin C, zinc, Echinacea, Vitamin D. An by the way, he sells natural remedies too.

    Interesting. All those remedies, most research studies report to have been shown to NOT be effective.

    Well, who is this Dr. Firshein anyway? What kind of expert is he? A look at his website reveals he is a Doctor of Osteopathy, graduated from UCLA, and is director and founder of The Firshein Center for Comprehensive Medicine in New York City. He is an innovator and leading authority in the field of Preventative and Nutritional Medicine, integrating both Eastern and Western medical practices. Dr. Firshein is Board Certified in Family Medicine, and a certified medical acupuncturist, trained at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He has served as a Professor of Family Medicine at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine.

    Dr. Firshein treats a wide range of medical conditions including: Asthma, Allergies, Arthritics, Back Pain, Cancer Prevention, Cardiovascular Disease and Prevention, Chronic Pain, Colitis, Depression, Diabetes, Elevated Cholesterol, Natural Hormone Replacement, Headaches and Migraines, Hypertension, Insomnia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Lyme Disease, Menopause, Parasites, PMS, Prenatal Nutrition, Prostate Conditions, Skin Conditions, Sports Medicine Conditions, Thyroid, and Weight Loss.

    WOW!  Isn’t it amazing that ONE doctor can treat ALL those diseases?

    And he also sells vitamin supplements. Ahhhhh! Amazing, yes, that we would believe in his magic pills to treat all those diseases.

    This reminds me of the mysterious Dr. Shen who claimed to treat a long, long list too, and all with just some herbal supplements

    Beware the Integrative Medicine expert!

    44. ER patient’s cold led to earache

    Yesterday a patient of Dr. Bob’s in the ER was a 9 year-old boy. His parents spoke Spanish. The boy had been having an earache for an hour, so the parents brought him into the Emergency Room at 4 a.m. in the MORNING!!!

    Bob sees a lot of patients like this, in fact during the upcoming cold & flue season, up to 50% of the patients walking into his ER are coming for just a common cold.

    missing night sleep from cold

    colds can interfere with our important sleep at night

    Bob quickly taught him a technique he didn’t know— auto insuflation of his eardrum — pushing air through your Eustacian tube to balance the air pressur

    This technique is commonly known by most of us as “popping our ears.”  We do it when we go up or down in altitude, . We just hold our nose & mouth closed and blow a bit of air from our lungs to pop out our eardrums when they are pushed inward.

    If you don’t, such as when you swim to the bottom of a pool, your ears can really hurt!

    An easy fix! Once he learned how to pop his ears, he instantly felt better and learned how he could do that himself.

    But what led to the painful earache is that the boy had been suffering with a cold for many weeks.

    “He just can’t get over his cold” the parents complained.  They were not running any heat in their home. The parents did not know that cold weather and cold temperature was contributing to his cold. No doubt they probably felt they were saving money by not turning on the heat.

    So instead, they come to the Emergency room at 4 a.m. on a Saturday, at a minimum cost (to someone)  of $425 to have their son seen.

    That money could have paid for nice toasty heating for their home for, probably a couple of months right? Preventing all of them from getting colds and from missing at least one whole night’s sleep.

    If only they had known, they could have saved him, and their whole family, weeks of misery.

    And now they do know what to do —  take 2 warm steamy showers a day, run a hot steam vaporizer and follow the rest of our chart of tips.  He will get over his cold and his earache in just a day or two.

    And you can too! Check out our FREE chart by clicking on top of column at RIGHT–>>>

    43. ALIGNMENT (part 4)

    After all, our lives are made up of very many complex systems, in many areas, each requiring finely tuned alignment. Our physical body has a muscular system, a circulatory, nervous, and hormonal system, etc.

    And likewise most other areas of our lives have various systems as well.

    complexity of human body

    human body has many complex systems that keep us functioning

    We can even cause ourselves harm just by imagining ourselves being out of alignment. I learned that one of my friends is even suffering from a psychological illness in which she believes her body parts are out of alignment, that her limbs have shortened or lengthened! A horrible feeling, no?

    So yes, we can see that alignment with good standards of health is vital.

    But which standards?  Whose advice do we listen to, to know how to align our health for maximum effectiveness in fighting off colds?

    One of our problems with figuring out which advice to use for our cold viruses is that we have TOO MUCH information. Often our problem is that we get so many kinds of advice, based on various often contradictory, philosophies that we don’t know which ones to follow. Most people I talk to feel this way about cold virus advice.

    So how to know whose advice to follow?

    Alignment with what health philosophy???


    Coming Next:   Mainstream/Alternative/Complementary/Integrative Medicine?

    42. We all want ALIGNMENT! (part 3)

    alignment compass

    we all crave ways to find and measure right alignment in areas of our lives.

    ALIGNMENT! We  all crave it — in many important areas of our lives.

    It’s what Chiropractors and Qigong practitioners tout. It’s what I’ve been working on for years with my posture in ballet and ballroom classes. Athletes spend years of tremendous energy on proper alignment techniques for maximum performance. PhD students spend years studying how to align their academic work with institutional standards.

    We devour nutritional guides to align our diet with the  one we believe will make us healthiest.  We join religious groups to align our spirit. I just discovered that Dungeons & Dragons has an alignment analysis to discover which of their characters YOUR personality aligns with best.

    Romantic partners and families are constantly trying (or should be) to align their time and activities  for maximum happiness with each other.  Online dating sites offer alignment quizzes. A Singapore Electronics site to test all your microelectronic equipment. In fact, who wouldn’t want the wheels on your car to turn in perfect alignment? Life could get rather bumpy without good alignment in many, many areas of our lives.

    So what does this have to do with common colds?

    Well, really, when you think about it, health is all about being in good alignment, for optimal function of all our various body parts and systems. And while we have great strength and flexibility in some ways, we also have very precise and delicate areas of our health that any mis-alignment can cause us great suffering and harm.


    NEXT POST: alignment with who?


    41. Pillar # 4 — the most important — Relationships


    Guess what? This is probably the most important part!


    Relationships are the 4th Pillar of Health

    Also, probably the most complicated and difficult too. But most rewarding, I believe.

    If you don’t have this, then what is life for, anyway? It took me years to figure that out.

    For more advice, you can turn to the REST of the internet, or your bookstore, or just about every magazine in the grocery store for help in this area.

    Or email me if you want advice. I’ve got loads.(I also have lots of book ideas on this topic on my “to-write” list!)

    And if you are still really big-time deficient in this, all sad and alone (NOT those of you who are happy and alone) then I send Hugs and Kisses to all of you!  Theme song for today from the most excellent James Taylor “Shower the people you love with love…tell them the way that you feel…”  That’s what life is FOR, baby!  So I’ll obey JT by telling YOU that I love ALL of you too!


    BIG Tip from the ER!  — The MAJORITY of health problems Americans have today could be helped by improving these 4 Pillar areas!  Really!

    Of course life is complex, and so are we.  I’m not promising that your effort in these 4 areas solves EVERY problem in your life… but these is definitely the right place to start. More to come on each of these areas

    And then…after you do take good care of yourself in these 4 important areas, and still have unsolved problems, then its time to get more help.

    Yep, (don’t worry Bob!) there still is a need for doctors…


    40. My progress Pillar #3 Eeeeks, Diet


    Egad!  My favorite one— to get out of whack on… I do love to eat, good food. And somehow, we Americans tend to go from one extreme to another.

    In fact, usually the best selling books in America are DIET books. So no need for me to write another one. Just pick a diet you like, and believe in.

    I just ask you to  please let it be a healthy, happy diet that you enjoy.

    healthy diet is one of the four pillars of health

    whatever diet you choose, let it be healthy and happy

    I’m rather sure that you already know probably wayyyyy more than you want on this… if not there are SCADS of diet advice books around.

    But for those few of you who have any interest in MY personal advice: OK, here it is:

    eat lots of fruits, vegetables, minimally processed foods, avoid SUGAR and fats… but ENJOY your food too!

    I don’t follow a strict diet, but I do feel good when I eat healthy food, followed at the end of the day with a cookie or 2. Of course if I’m trying to lose a little weight, better to eat fruit than the cookies. I know,

    {psssst…Peggy’s tip:  don’t let this important pillar ruin the next MORE important pillar…..}



    39. My progress Pillar #2 Exercise

    2. EXERCISE:  Yay!  This is my favorite pillar of health-– the more I do the better I feel.

    runing for exercise

    excercise boosts your immune system and makes you feel great!

    So this week, back to jogging and dance classes for me…its not selfish, its doctors orders, as preventative therapy to keep myself physically, emotionally and mentally strong.  Much more effective for “boosting my immune system” than taking an herbal pill!

    And alternatively, it feels scary when I don’t exercise much. After the past couple weeks of neglect, this week I’ve been feeling weak, tired, rundown, like I have aged 40 years and feel so decrepit that I can hardly walk around the block.

    But I’m chasing that old good endorphin feeling, knowing it will come back again if I keep trying. So I keep doing the neighborhood walks, then push myself to jog-walks, then stretch the jogging part a bit further each time.

    My first day back to dance class I felt like a jelly-filled blob, foggy-brained, hardly able to follow the instructions. but 4 classes later, I’m starting to feel good again.  And now I can take breaks from typing and practice some of the dance moves I learned this week…feels good!

    And happily, the exercise fitness comes back quicker than I think, I now feel my strength starting to build up again.



    38. My progress this week in alignment the 4 Pillars of Health

    How to get good alignment in the 4 Pillars of Health

    For example, a prime exhibit this week of mis-alignment in all 4 Pillars– myself:

      What I did this week, after crash landing back at the home pad….

    1. SLEEP:  I let myself sleep in this week every chance I least 8 or more hours

    sleeping baby

    get as much sleep as you can!

    per night..and get extra naps but trying to get to bed earlier than usual (that’s my hardest challenge, because somehow my energy kicks up around 10 p.m. darn it. I’m a night owl.  It still didn’t feel like enough.

    But then I also wanted to wake up early enough to see my son off to high school…so, forcing myself to go to sleep earlier, or going back to sleep after I see him off. And then a few noontime naps were good too. One of my least favorite pillars…but now that I’m making myself…I’m starting to feel the Qi energy flow happen…from sleep! not from herbal pills

    I really struggle with feeling guilty for sleeping in, and also wanting to get work done. I admire people who are able to keep regular bedtime, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to fit my creative personality so I must find ways to trick myself into getting better sleep patterns, like reading myself to sleep. Using a sleeping blindfold when light is bothering me (worked very well in the Manhattan hostel room. Trying to eliminate any nighttime distractions and noises….noizzzes…. noizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

     COMING NEXT :  Pillar #2 EXERCIZE

    37. ALIGNMENT: The Four Pillars of Health

    After my big exhilarating trip to Manhattan, I’m now lurching through my emotional letdown mode.  To be blunt, I feel like a lethargic blob.feeling misaligned?

    What to do?  I’m all out of ALIGNMENT and need to get myself back into it. All my systems feel out of whack– sleeping, eating, exercise, relationships… all feel blahhhh. I”m crash landing from cloud 9 back into reality of my life, feeling overwhelmed with too much responsibility for too many tasks, and no energy to do them.

    Does this happen to you, too, after a great trip?  The feeling of overwhelming responsibilities slaps me in the face. Probably the five days in a row of 4-hours of sleep at night last week has a lot to do with it. Wayyyyy out of alignment in THAT area!

    So this week I’m really working to get all those areas, and more, back into good alignment. Sleeping extra, back to dance classes, jogging today, getting back in touch with friends, getting many parts of my life lined back up with my maximum functionality again.

    Good alignment! Isn’t that what we all want?

    Yes!  And to ease your confused mind about all the many kinds of health and happiness advice you have probably been listening to, I am identifying the four, yes 4, MOST IMPORTANT health areas of our life that we need to keep in good alignment, for our maximum health and happiness.

    I call them the Four Pillars of Health!

    Get these major life whoppers all lines up and BABY you are good to go go ggGOOOOooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sleep

    2. Exercise

    3. Diet (eating food)

    4. Relationships

    There! That makes life simple right? So just do a simple checkup to see how are YOU doing in each of these areas. Most likely you already know what you should do, so do that first.


    NEXT POST: a perfect example of mis-alignment–me



    35. Nigerian cold remedy–warm & steamy

    Emah Anyang grew up in Ibibio tribe in South Nigeria, in the oil rich region  It is just north of the Equator, on the West Coast of Africa. Nigeria is the most populated country of Africa.

    This morning in Aptos, California, he shared his traditional tribal remedy for common colds with me, used by his family for thousands of years.

    Nigeria gets common colds too

    Nigeria gets common cold viruses too!

    “We get colds in Nigeria but just during a certain season of the year. Then we have a special way to sweat out our colds.

    In November, December, the Hamatam season the dry wind from the Sahara desert (north of Nigeria) blows acoss the country. In our part, when it mixes with the ocean air, it becomes very misty.

    When you get up in the morning its like living in Aptos, its foggy, a little nippy, people find somewhere warming themselves, typically they burn dry leaves, make a fire to shake off the nippiness of the morning.

    . And if you are sick, of course the treatment is to take the leaves of a local plant (I don’t remember which leaves),and boil them in hot water. Put it in a bowl and sit over it.  [you cover your whole body with a blanket. Like a tent, and breath in the steam from the boiled water]

    The fumes go through your sinuses, go through your [body] and cleans yourself out. You can sit at least until most of the fumes are dissipated–  30-45 minutes. When you get out its like you are out of a shower, you are completely drained, your clothes are soaking wet like you poured water all over you.

    I definitely felt much better right away. You definitely feel a tremendous relief.

    People’s colds in our  usually last a few days, depending on how serious it is.

    Everybody did the same thing. That was the standard remedy. Not just our family but everybody in the community did that. This is a little bit of what I remember that we use to do. It worked EVERY  time. Did it for 2,000 years. I was born into that, I grew up doing that.

    Ibibio area is in southeastern, Cross River region of Nigeria

    How common colds are treated in Nigeria

    But unfortunately they might not be doing that at a significant level today. Just because of the availability of pharmeceutical treatments. That’s what the industry does. They convince you that they have their better way.”


    Doctor’s Wife Analysis: Thanks Emah.  Warm & Steamy… sounds perfect! I wonder what the leaves are?

    36. From whence comes philosophies of healthcare?

    Important, then, that we realize what the underlying philosophy is for the various types of advice, and decide whether we agree with it or not. we must decide which kind of philosophy of health we want to use to align our healthcare with.

    Like a lot of health and lifestyle advice, each set of advice is based on some philosophy of “Truth” that  you  are advised to align yourself with. Oftentimes the philosophies come from religious beliefs such as Hindu/Buddhist/Christian/Islam/Jewish and many others. For example, the acupuncture practices come from Qigong  or “Life Energy Cultivation” in Chinese Buddhism, based on their philosophy of the “Qi” life force that they believe flows through our bodies.

    some of the religious philosophies of the world are basis for common cold advice

    where does your common cold advice come from?

    Who am I to say which one is right? Yikes, Not little old me!   That is for another section of the internet called “Religion/Philosophy,” and I want to make friends here, not enemies!

    And I’m a journalist who has many friends from other religions with whom I love to respectfully share our differing beliefs and always have the attitude of respect and learning from one another.

    But, as a journalist, I can at least I can point out the source of some of the popular advice on the common cold, and you, the reader can choose which you agree with most.

    Thus, if we understand the underlying philosophies, we can quickly sort through much of the advice about the common cold and  realize how to evaluate the many, MANY proposed common cold remedies that are floating around us every winter season.

    Does this make sense? So as we progress, you can decide which  philosophy of health you want to align yourself with. Which philosophy you believe will bring you the best health and happiness. Then you can step out in confidence, knowing which is the right path for you to take.

    NEXT: Mainstream vs. Alternative/Complementary/Integrative Medicine?

    34. Guest blogger Saurav shares cold remedy from India

    (from my facebook friend, Saurav, he is a philosopher and stockbroker in Uttarakhand India with an interesting breathing technique as common cold remedy. NOTE: I do not necessarily recommend this advice, but am sharing it for knowledge of global common cold remedies)

    “Hello Peggi,

    As i promised that would share my experience with cold, though in India it’s not that cold.

    But traditionally we use ginger extract (adrak ka ras) mixed with pure honey (shahad} and chew and swallow it with basil leaves (tulsi).

    alternating breathign from nostrils

    Saurav recommends a breathing technique from India

    Second is little complicated, This is a kind of breathing technique called “bhastrika” in pranayam, as follows-

    1) close the left nostril and breathe in out from right nostril as vigorously as possible for 2-10 min.

    2) take deep breathe slowly from right nostril ,hold it for few seconds and close right nostril and slowly pass it out through left nostril.

    3) close the right nostril and breathe in out from left nostril as vigorously as possible for 2-10 min.

    4) take deep breathe slowly from left nostril ,hold it for few seconds and close left nostril and slowly pass it out through right nostril.

    5) take breathe from right nostril keeping left nostril closed then close right nostril and pass it through left nostril, then inhale from left keeping right closed and exhale from right keeping left close. this is on cycle, do this vigorously for 2-10 min.

    common cold advice-- a breathing technique from India

    common cold breathing technique from India

    6) breathe in out vigorously from both nostril open for 2-10 min.

    7) lay down silently without moving body and stay for 10 min.

    8) get up gently ,rub your palms and and gently touch your forehead with palm.


    Saurav, Uttarakhand India”


    33. More results from National Publicity Summit

    checken soup has onion and many good nutrients for th common coldI am soooo blessed to be here! My roommate here at the hostel is a wonderful  lady, Felcia, from Denver, who is promoting her book an coaching a business about The Ten Commandments of Gender Peace. She is a PhD in leadership, and a Masters in Mathematics. And now exploring her expression of femininity.

    We are both enjoying very much the encouragement and all the great coaching.

    Today was our 3d session of pitching the media.  I had perhaps 50% positive responses yesterday, but today I think I had 100% positive responses. The media agreed it is an important story that they want to cover.

    I think the fact that a few of them were experiencing colds at the moment was a helpful start.

    I was better organized today. and growing more confident in my pitching. Tomorrow is last two sessions. I’m running low on pitch sheets. Since I made 7 versions of them, it was more complicated to keep it all organized, but worthwhile. I think a Fox News producer complimented me on preparing so well. And the story ideas that fit their niches certainly had more appeal.

    Now th important thing will be to follow up with each wonderful one ery well and give them a great story! And to make sure my Common Cold chart and blog are giving very useful advice for all of you dear readers.

    While at Fed Ex/Kinkos last night copying off more of my headlines “Slash Your Next Cold from 10 ays to 7 with a Tea Kettle…Doctor’s Wife Reveals How” I began chatting with Armando, the very helpful  copier assistant. His mother is from Dominican Republic, and her favorite cold remedy for her family was to take a slice of onion and sprinkle it with either salt or suger, until if formed a kind of syrup. then mix the syrup with lemon juice and drink it, straight.

    Sounds powerful!  Those are a couple of my favorite flavors. I’m not sure of the curative powers. but Perhaps the strong onion juice an lemon would certainly wake up your taste buds.

    Gracias Armando! I look forward to trying it. Maybe mixed in \ hot broth would be even better?

    Para Su Bien Salud

    32. Peggy The Doctor’s Wife in Manhattan today!

    Greetings from Manhattan!  I’m so excited to be here, finally, after months of planning.

    I REALLY want you to get better from your colds as fast as possible!. So

    I’ve just uploaded my new Chart for Peggy’s Rules for Common Cold Carewith the BEST advice from the ER and the world for how to get better in days, not weeks, often SEVEN times faster than the normal prediction of 1-2 weeks.

    Its now available to buy on my  website.

    $5!  is that a fair price? cheape than probably the gas you would buy to drive to the doctor’s office, let alone the price of the visit and your TIME spent finding out you have just a cold and need to “let it run its course”

    You do not just need to “let it run its course! You can fight it off BETTER using warm steamy methods.  Buy my chart and find out how.

    Also let me know how it goes.

    I’m just learning how to set this all up, so my sincere apologies for any glitches. Please email me at if something doesn’t work right.  Thanks!

    For your Good Health

    Peggy The Doctor’s Wife in Manhattan

    30. Peggy and her Robo-Spam friends

    Peggy again here, hanging out with my Robo-spam friends! Let me introduce you to Edgar, Rajan, XiQuan, Guy and Ariana,

    ~[ * _ * ]~     ~[ * _ * ]~      ~[ * _ * ]~      ~[ * _ * ]~      ~[ * _ * ]~

    They are not bad company after all, rather quiet, each gave me a nice compliment, and don’t ask much in return. They are just quietly waiting for me to click on their websites to buy some ladies sandals,  men’s sport jerseys, or cell phone app.

    I’ve had worse company.

    Like my previous cat, for example…he would bite and scratch us…

    OK, enough about me and my pity robo-party,

    Back to YOU!  and your common colds. Let’s whup those nasty buggers and get you alllllll better fast.getting a cold

    And the more advice and stories I give, hopefully you real, cold suffering humans can replace my robo-spam buddies so our party won’t be so borrrrrrrring.

    But at least they don’t sneeze on me too much.

    Well, next we will be discussing the big NEWS that is coming out.  Amazing cold news, that yet again another Vitamin ingredient has been PROVEN by medical research to……NOT be effective against the common Cold.

    Can you guess which on it is? No, not Vitamin C this time (that was disproven a while ago)  and not Zinc, that’s old news….

    Answer in our next exciting post!

    31. Common Cold Home Remedy from Ecuador

    Courtesy of Mrs. Estela Lima Kramer, a native of Ecuador who moved here a year ago with her family.

    Ecuador is one of the smaller countries of South America, on the Pacific ocean and also has the Andes snowcapped mountains running through it, with the Amazon jungle on the east side of the country– a huge variety of geography.

    And plenty of opportunity to catch colds!

    Estela is still learning to speak English, but explained to me her family’s methods’ for getting over their Common Colds.

    “In my country we take some yellow flower with green leaves, very small… you call it Chammomile? and we grind it up and pujust my cup of teat it in hot water. Then we put in honey, and drink it. Honey makes it taste nice and is also soothing for the throat.

    “Also we breathe the steam from the tea. And we might put a towel over our head to breathe in the steam.It feels so good and makes us feel better.”


    The Doctor’s Wife Analysis Hot steam? check!

    Hot tea drinking throughout the day? Check!

    Put a towel over your head  breathe the warm steam from some hot water for a few minutes. Triple check.

    Sounds like the Ecuadorians are right on the money with their Common Cold remedies. Could it be that they know something our American doctors are missing?

    Thank you Estela for sharing your lovely family method for getting better faster from the Common Cold. it is perfectly in accordance with our advice! And sounds muy delicioso tambien! Gracias!

    Por su bien salud!

    28…Moral dilemma resolved, for now

    (my blogging balloon part 4)

    And I just cringe at having NO comments. That would be like trying to do without drinking any liquids for a few days…..I feel so dryyyyyyyyyy…..

    Yet, yet….your TRUST is sooooooooooooooo important. Without TRUST I am NOTHING as a journallst. There are plenty of other places you can turn to for crap.

    Crazy Enough balloons

    Crazy enough to change the world with my blogging balloon

    I am writing this blog for the TRUTH.

    Always seek the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you free.

    SO better that I come clean because if something is not TRUE I don’t want it on my blog. And likewise, if there is information that I find is not true, I don’t want to pass it on to others. It’s not worth it.

    So dear REAL Readers, please leave REAL comments (good or bad) so I can erase the fake spam comments without leaving my comment box bare! OK? Thanks!

    And I do mean Good OR Bad.  If Anything I say here is brilliant or crap, or obvious or unintelligible, beautiful or boring please let me know.

    My purpose is to give YOU the truth about the Common Cold (and eventually beyond) So let me know when I do and don’t achieve that.



    27…resulting in moral dillemma

    (my blogging balloon part 3)


    So no one…no one at all has been reading???  Well of course I know I’m no CDC yet,but at least I’m not one of those nasty Pharma websites.

    But how about that one that selfish one, which I had graciously accepted onto my site, despite its rudeness, complaining that my later writings were getting boring…was that Spam too? And I was composing in my mind a witty comeback to that one too. I did NOT want to let go of that good feeling of traction to go back to…nothingness.

    girl profile with balloon bouquet

    are the balloons holding me up? Or am I holding them up?

    Wheels spinning in thin air.

    fffffffffthththtpppppphhh. There goes my writer’s ego.



    Now my moral dilemma. Should I keep the robo-comments on my site? Will other readers notice? Will they be impressed by the popularity of the affirming comments? or will they see that I’m stupid for not realiziing they are spam? Or, even worse, will the readers lose all trust in me because I’m leaving cheating robo-comments on my site????

    “Rahul, if I keep the comments on the site…(I especially wanted to keep that one calling all the other blogs  “rubbish!”)… “will that make my site look good –that I’m getting feedback –or just make me look stupid to others?”

    “Well… you will look stupid to people like ME who realize they are spam, but others… hmmmm…”

    Hmmmm. indeed… well, readers, what do you think? Do you like the nice spammy contents or should I be more discerning?


    NEXT: my moral dilemma answered


    26…And is deflated

    My blogging balloon rises...and is deflated (part 2)

    Well, I realize I’m not quite, …yet… but I couldn’t help sharing my progress with my friends.

    When I bragged of my blogging success to my buddy Rahul, usually a lighthearted and bantering fellow, he leaned toward me, and looked straight at me with the sternness of a doctor giving his patient a bad diagnosis.

    “Peggy, you know those are…spam.” he said firmly and clearly.

    happy faces balloons

    balloons can bring a message of happiness, but are easily popped by the whims of fate

    “Spam? No. What do you mean?”

    Pop.   ppppsssssssssss…….

    I didn’t want to believe it. Those nice, intelligent notes? No, I felt I was already becoming friends with the nice writers. They sounded like such intelligent people. Their kind affirmations that I had been reading…I’d been mentally composing my equally warm and affirming responses.  I felt friendships starting to develop already.


    They couldn’t be spam. How could they be spam? I thought they liked me? I was helping them. How can they be robots and still like me so much?


    “Did you notice they don’t say anything specific about your content?” he added, when he saw I wasn’t convinced.

    Content. I thought fast. Did any of them mention my actual content…. Well, there’s that ONE that said I was getting boring, but….and that other one that said my advice was helpful, in fact way better than all the other “rubbish” she had read that morning… But, come to think of it, I couldn’t remember any that specifically mentioned my actual specific content, no.


    NEXT:  the Moral Dilemma

    25. My Common Cold Balloon Rises with Success

    Dear Real Readers,

    I ‘ve been feeling quite happy this week. Only two glorious weeks into launching my Common Cold blog and already, amazingly, I got my first comment from a human. Then another, then another. Mostly nice!

    My weeks of toil and worry are starting to pay off.

    Of course I deleted the weird, nonsensical ones–obviously spam. girl with balloons

    But the thrill, the happy glow I feel  seeing a real person has left a real comment! And a nice comment too!  They are reading me!

    Aha…I just knew in my heart I could make a difference in the real world.

    My balloon of success is rising into the sky. Not a proud large, helium balloon, jut a modest hand blown useful little thing, a little ray of hope in the wilderness, yet inflated with my very own breath of knowledge. Perhaps someday I’ll be up there in the search engines like the facial tissue or the Pharmaceutical sites

    And now, the comments are trickling in…only a handful, sure,  but least a few real people Out There are already being influenced by my wise, wit on how to get a bit healthier with our Warm & Steamy advice.

    Their response warms and steams my own little heart. Gives me a new confidence that I am on the right path with this pioneering foray into the vast blogging wilderness. I am actually starting to make an impact in people’s lives — purely with my prose!

    And so amazing that they are finding me, I marvel.

    But just how ARE they finding me? When I Google searched my blog. I could not even find me. How did they?

    And then my little balloon popped.


     Next:  the big fizzle

    24. Survey of Sports Team Members Absences Due to Common Cold virus

    At my son’s sport team fundraiser event today…

    After MONTHS of planning for this event…BOTH the coach and the parent coordinator had to miss it.. due to upper respiratory illness. One was diagnosed as pneumonia,after fighting what felt like a Common Cold for more than an week. Common cold red and green face

    The other self-diagnosed as “feeling like crap.”

    As the coach and I discussed my Common Cold advice and upcoming book he said that he likes Dr. Bob’s good advice and is following it because he thinks it really works. He also said he always gets lots of communication from his team players about their missing practices and games due to Common Colds and related diseases.

    He wants our team to WIN!

    So since he is highly motivated to do what he can to reduce the absences from his team practices and games. (me too)…

    …AND he personally agrees with our Warm & Steamy advice being effective, he has just offered to review his past emails from the players to “mine the details” related to Cold virus illnesses and get a team-wide survey from the past season or two to count how much time was missed due to Common Cold and viruses.

    Often we don’t notice  the QUANTITY of missed time and productivity happening around us, due to Common Cold suffering. But when we add it up, it can be a LOT! So if we can reduce it by half, or even a part, that can make a big difference in the quality of our daily lives.

    This is the purpose of my blog. To give you the best information from around the world and from our own medical research and experience to help you get rid of YOUR common colds as fast as possible.


    29. What do we all agree on for Common Colds?

    Here is a summary of what most of the current medical advice you will find says,

    that I also agree with.

    (in other words, you can read this anywhere and you DON”T need ME to tell you these again.)

    • Get Plenty of Rest
    • Drink Lots of Fluids
    • Eat a healthy diet

      Doctor's advice

      Common advice given by Dcctor’s today

    • Build up your immune system
    • Wash Hands Frequently


    But here is what I’m saying that NO ONE ELSE is saying.

    A Common Cold is a virus that THRIVES AT COLD TEMPERATURE

    Use warmth and steam to keep your entire face and chest and upper respiratory area warm  for 24 hours/day and night until your cold gets better. BREATHE WARM & STEAMY AIR. Drink only WARM drinks.

    And you will feel dramatically better in 1-2 days.



    Here’s what Some Medical websites say  which I probably agree with, but I’m not totally sure about:

    use Neti Pots to flush Out nasal cavity with warm salt water.

    honey helps sore throat

    Gargle with warm salt water


    And Here is what some others are saying that I do NOT agree with

    climate temperature does NOT affect you getting or getting overyour common cold

    you get more colds in winter because you are closer together with other people.

    drink cold fluids

    cold air humidifier

    take megadose of Vitamin C, oranged and orange juice.

    Take zinc

    Take Echinacia

    Take Chinese Herbal medicine

    and a long list of other ingredients that supposedly kill your cold.



    22. Poll of Santa Cruz Teen Boys’ Favorite Cold Remedies

    A recent poll of Santa Cruz teenage boys got 100% response

    — from ALL 6 boys in the car I was driving to our high school sport team event.common cold suffering cartoon

    Since I was the driver,  I could not take notes and drive safely, so I’m not sure which

    answer was from which boy, but various responses, in order of enthusiasm, were as follows:

    What is your favorite remedy to get better when you have a Common Cold?

    1. play video games (when they are missing a day of school for a cold)
    2. watch TV (also when they are staying home from school)
    3. sleep a lot (while they miss school)
    4. meditate
    5. drink warm tea (what kind? any kind. herb, black…whatever!)
    6. eat warm soup
    7. use herbal medicine pills (what kind? not sure, but there are lots at the local natural foods stores)  I thnk the pills were ground up and put in HOT WATER…
    8. Take 2 steamy showers a day (this could possibly have been one of Dr. Bob’s patients! since I have not heard  anyone else recommend this)
    9. run a humidifier
    10. turn up the heater at night
    11. used to use Vicks-Vap-O-Rub on my chest when I was a little kid, but it didn’t work so I don’t use it anymore.
    12. we don’t use over the counter cold remedies, they don’t work. We use herbal medicines.
    13. Naturopathic medicines?

    “The Doctor’s Wife” analysis:  Some of them are drinking teas and soups and doing some of the Warm & Steamy treatments on their own, possibly without medical advice, probably because it makes them feel better.

    Strong evidence that it works, if even teenage boys do it.


    23. Santa Cruz teen boys Poll part2

    Further Questioning of the boys sports team …

    How many colds a year do you get?

    1 or 2.

    A bunch.

    staying home for a Common Cold

    too many sick days missed from school

    My family gets a lot usually around holiday time.

    Whenever there’s something at school I really need to do I get a cold.

    How long do they last?

    sometimes just a day or two.

    A week.

    one or two weeks.

    One boy said he had one last year that lasted two months.

    And he (or was it another boy? I could not tell)  must especially be careful because he has asthma and colds make it way worse.

    Then the Common Cold discussion ended when the conversation turned to nostalgia over their childhood days obsessions with Pokemon vs. Digimon and Dragon BallZ movies, ahhhh the good old days…!


    “Peggy The Doctor’s Wife” analysis:

    when I first asked them their immediate response was assuming I meant they STAYED HOME FROM SCHOOL for a cold.. Meaning lost days of schooling.

    Of course there were probably colds that were so mild they didn’t need to stay home, or perhaps even notice, but of the ones they counted, it sounds like they are used to colds being severe enough to need spending the day at home. Apparently their parents felt that way too.

    So a sad indication that it seems common to have many days of school missed for Common Colds.  Therefore it is worth doing everything we can to reduce the severity and reduce missing precious school time. for such sick days!


    21. More about “Dr. Mom’s” advice — Doctor’s visits

    More about “Dr. Mom’s advice for Doctor’s visits:

    kids with coldsI do heartily agree with “Dr. Mom’s” ending advice.

    When a Common Cold drags on for more than a week, many parents feel it is time to go see the doctor. And certainly it is sometimes hard to tell exactly whether the illness is just a Common Cold or something worse.

    Often the patients who do come in, to see their own, or another ER/Urgent Care clinic doctor with just a Common Cold — are ones who’s colds have lasted more than a week.

    During fall/winter Cold and Flu season sometimes 50% of all his ER and Urgent Care patients have been coming in for just a Common Cold, says my husband, Dr. Bob!

    But in the doctor’s office, for those for whom the doctor finds it IS just a common Cold. (sometime 50% of the ER and Urgent Care patients!!!) — they may still feel unhappy with a doctor who doesn’t give them something to make them feel better.

    After all, they’ve taken time and paying lots of money for the visit. So they want some medicine!

    And many patients can be quite upset leaving a doctor’s office without a pill, shot or spray.

    But as “Dr. Mom” says — NO ANTIOBIOTICS!!– Leaving a doctor’s visit empty handed is not a wasted visit. Since it was valuable to rule out more serious illnesses. And some of those serious illnesses can be deadly…more on those later.


    Next:  Why Not Antibiotics for a Common Cold?


    20. “Dr. Mom’s” advice: good but where is the HEAT?

    Today’s post from Sacramento Bee “Dr. Mom” columnist.–

    I like her very intelligent and wise writing style, EXCEPT, like virtually all the other current online advice, it is still based on the current medical establishment’s recommendations kids with coldsthat EXCLUDE the key factor we recommend in treating common cold viruses–

    Where is the HEAT?

    Her prediction is that most colds will last 7-10 days! For kids, and their parents that’s a long time to suffer unnecessarily.

    <<During the first week of illness, it can be a bit frustrating for both parents and children because there’s no easy fix>>

    But using warm & steamy methods, Dr. Bob’s patients get dramatically better in 1-2 days. Which do you prefer? Do nothing and have a cold for a week, or aggressively treat yourself with warmth and steam and get better in 1-2 days.

    “Dr. Mom’s ” primary advice is:

    1. lots fluids, such as water (no  mention of WARM fluids),

    2. cool mist humidifier (why not WARM mist humidifier?).

    Warm liquids and Chicken soup are also included, further down the list, but mentioned only as being “soothing for a sore throat.” and it “thins out mucous.” We believe they are more than just soothing,  They actually help your immune system fight off the virus much faster.

    NEXT: Empty handed Doctor’s visits — good or bad?

    22. So What to Do with Kids’ Common Colds?

    So Dr Mom’s advice is a nice start, but if you raise the temperature of the fluids, and raise the temperature of the steam, then her recommendations work much more effectively.

    And there IS MORE Parent can do to help their kids get over colds faster.

    kids and colds

    What to do with children who have colds? Find fun and creative ways to keep them warm & steamy!

    Some of these are easier than others if your children don’t like them. And as mother of 3 ornery boys (none of whom have every had anti-biotics for their Common Colds) I know you cannot always control their behavior.

    So do what you can, and the older they are, the more you can explain to them why they should do some of this.

    What are the children doing all day?

    Sitting in cool classrooms, playing outdoors in the cool autumn air?

    Sleeping in bedrooms with the heat turned down at night breathing cool air?

    Yes you save a few dollars in your energy bill at home, school (or your own work), but if you are spending hundreds of dollars in doctors visits, cold remedies (that don’t work) and missed days of school. versus spending, maybe $10/month more on heating bills when someone is suffering from a Common Cold Virus can be cost effective.

    Playing outdoors?

    If the air warm, fine, perhaps afternoons are best, in a nice sunny sheltered park area. But if it’s cold, and they, like many kids, won’t keep a scarf over their face, then find an indoor, warmer place to play, preferably not crowded together with other children.

    Drinking warm liquids…if they taste good, like juices, and flavored waters, hot apple cider, yum. but avoid sugar, such as in most cocoas. Have fun making Warm soups recipes together!

    Taking hot steamy showers, or baths? Kids often love bubble baths, so the more bubbles, the longer they play.

    More fun ideas to come. Please leave your ideas in the comments for others to share!


    18. Dr. Shen’s Pills list of ingredients

    From Dr. Shen’s website

    Zong Gan Ling Ingredients:

    Kudzu Root (Puerariae Radix) Ge Gen
    Clears Heat, Releases Muscles, Nourishes Fluids.

    Hairy Holly Root (Ilicis Pubescentis Radix) Mao Tung Ching
    Clears toxic Heat, Invigorates Blood.

    Vervain Plant (Verbenae Herba) Ma Pien Tsao

    an Herbal pill from "Dr. Shen" promising to boost your immune system with magical chinese herbs.

    immune system,

    Clears Heat, Disperses Blood.

    Woad Root (Isatidis Radix) Ban Lan Gen
    Quells Heat, Detoxifies Fire Poison, Benefits Throat.

    Wormwood Plant (Artemisae Herba) Qing Hao
    Clears Heat, Cools Blood, Clears Deficiency Fever, Clears Summer Heat.

    Gypsum (Gypsum Fibrosum) Shi Gao
    Quells Fire, Clears Heat, Clears Stomach Fire rising to the Head.

    What do YOU Think?  The only one I recognize is Kudzu.  It is a vine imported to the eastern U.S. from Asia. Problem is, it grows so incredibly fast it is choking out many of the native forests,

    I would NOT want to put that kind of vine ingredient in MY body.  The rest of the ingredients I don’t know if they are good or bad, but i have my doubts.

    And the claims of medical benefit they are attributing to each of those ingredients … rather wild! Not usually what is tested in a lab.  Obviously these are based on a wayyyyyyyy different philosophy than mainstream medicine.

    So I recommend people really look into what that philosophy is, not just blindly follow it, just because it claims to be “herbal and natural”

    Your health and money is at stake!!

    19. More label warnings on Dr. Shen’s Zong Gan Ling pills

    Also known as: Efficacious Cold Remedy

    More info on the pill’s label. Notice the big quantity of pills  they recommend — 6 pills every four hours!!!!!

    an Herbal pill from "Dr. Shen" promising to boost your immune system with magical chinese herbs.SOURCE Exact source anonymous. Early twentieth century origin. Previously manufactured by the Meizhou Pharmaceutical Manufactory, Guandong, China.

    SERVING Adults: Take three to six pills at a time, every four hours. If symptoms persist, see a licensed health care provider. Children: Use one tablet for each 30 lbs. of body weight. Crush and mix with food.

    SUGGESTIONS Though normally considered safe for everyone, pregnant women and nursing mothers should always consult their health care provider before taking any medicine. If your physician is unfamiliar with these herbs, licensed acupuncturists are health care providers who are often informed about Chinese herbs.

    Used for symptomatic relief of severe or advanced head cold or flu. With symptoms such as headache, sore throat, nasal congestion, body aches, fever and chills. Dr. Shen’s Zong Gan Ling is a modern (twentieth century) formula which uses a battery of heat clearing herbs, most of which have been shown to inhibit the growth of a wide range of microrganisms.

    Zong Gan Ling – 90 tablets  $19.95 $12.02


    Next: list of scary ingredients

    17. Let’s look at Dr. Shen’s Zong Gan Ling pills…

    Here is Dr. Shen’s description of the Gong Mao Ling pills (what kind of “doctor” is Dr. Shen the website does not say anywhere. But it does claim to be The Web’s Largest Chinese Herb & Chinese Medicine Pharmacy.

    The site also sells “Herbal Medecines” for a loooooong list of diseases from Acne & Alcoholism to Warts and Yeast infections.  Amazingly, all these diseases are treatable with their whole range of mysterious Chinese herbal pills!

    Geeeee….What could be more believable than that?

    an Herbal pill from "Dr. Shen" promising to boost your immune system with magical chinese herbs.

    immune system,

    None have been evaluated or tested by the FDA, though. (well, what do they know anyway, too close-minded! hahaha

    <<Shen Herb Inc. makes no claims as to efficacy or safety of herbs or herbal medicine appearing on this site. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.>>

    There, that makes them safe, while “making no claims to efficacy” they also claim to treat every imaginable illness! Is anyone else suspicious about how great these pills are?????

    Their own Description of their Common Cold remedy.

    TRADITIONAL USES Used for symptomatic relief of severe or advanced head cold or flu. With symptoms such as headache, sore throat, nasal congestion, body aches, fever and chills. Clears Heat, Drains Dampness, Eliminates Cold, Releases Muscles, Relieves Pain

     Well….perhaps I am in need of some “heat clearing” and “dampness draining” I didn’t realize that was the cause of my Common Cold!!!!

    NEXT:  More label warnings

    16. Why Do we Suffer from Cold Symptoms?

    I’ve already discussed how we get cold viruses. But what causes the symptoms?

    The virus?

    Actually no. The virus’s trigger a response by your body. Your body has several methods of trying to kill and get rid of the invading virus.

    Each method will be explained in detail later, but many of  your immune system’s responses are what create your “symptoms of a common cold”

    It’s not the virus. It’s your body reacting to the virus, Often its methods of fighting the virus are what makes you feel uncomfortable.

    So when the virus first invades your upper respiratory system…

    At first you don’t feel anything, until the virus has made a big enough assault on your nose, throat, and mouth.

    But as your good cells start dying off, that does cause you some pain.

    symptoms of a common coldAnd the invading virus cells also triggers your body’s Army of Defense, its immune system.  then a bunch of things happen. Your body is trying to kill off, flush out and eat up the nasty invading army of cold viruses.

    It’s an epic Lord of the Rings battle!

    The battle scene is what you know as the symptoms. Runny nose, inflamation of throat, mild fever and achiness, sneezing, and coughing. They are all part of your bodies immune defenses. It’s a complex and wonderful system as we shall see!


    15. evaluation of homemade Cold Remedy: Cinnamon & Honey

    A friend, Judy, referred me to a mother’s “Home Remedy” website with a favorite remedy for the Common Cold.

    Cara on “Health Home & Happiness blog” reports using a small dose of raw honey and Cinnamon to knock out a cold, sometimes in fruit juice, sometimes in a hot drink.

    The Doctor’s Wife Analysis:

    Sounds like it tastes yummy!

    Sounds heartwarming and full of mother’s love!

    suggested Common Cold remedy Honey and Cinnamon

    Could this help prevent your common cold?

    My guess is that the mother’s love is the main, most potent ingredient, and who wouldn’t love the sweet hombaked taste of cinnamon love ???

    But.. Does the  honey and cinnamon actually fight off colds?

    according to her reader Lori “both honey and cinnamon have antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties. I know colds are viruses and the honey and cinnamon goes after the virus. How does it work? I’ve no idea! I just know it will knock out 9 colds out of 10”

    colds are not bacterial, and they are not fungal. So is the honey & spice really antiviral???  I don’t know. Do I trust Lori’s authoritative assurance that they are? Not really.

    Two more delicious ingredients on my list now to research, but…

    I think the most potent cold prevention part is when she mixes it into hot drinks. Bingo!

    Shazzammmm…. Cold be gone! At least for the mom.

    Certainly the kids feel better because it tastes so good. Kind of like candy, right?. But she touts it as preventing colds only. So somehow she believes that it helps a cold get worse, but when a cold is underway she recommends the only good “natural” remedy is a Chinese Herbal pill.

     Next: Cinnamon-Honey versus Chinese Herbal Pill…who will win????

    14. Cinnamon Honey vs. Chinese Herbal Pill, who will win?

    So from Cara/Lori’s glowing reports of the effectiveness of cinnamon honey, for a beginning of a Common cold, we are then sent to the land of China for the big powerful medicine that she believes will really wallop a full blown cold.

    But if Honey and Cinnamon are so effective, then why wouldn’t they

    suggested Common Cold remedy Honey and Cinnamon

    Could this help prevent your common cold?

    work for the whole course of the cold too?

    Could it be that the honey cinnamon feels good to a point, but then you get a bit tired of too much sweetness so crave the strong medicinal flavor of a PILL to makes you feel even better? Especially when you don’t know what’s in it?

    Apparently, mother’s love only goes so far, and when it didn’t work anyway, its time to pull out the big guns — herbally speaking — since at the bottom of  Cara’s page she says…

    “Another Natural Remedy: I’ve found this Chinese Herbal Remedy to be the only thing that is natural that helps once a cold is under way.

    Cara sounds like a darling, loving mother, but despite her insistence that her remedies always work, she admits she has no idea why.

    Soooooo….let’s put them in the very crowded cold remedy category of “treatment makes me feels good, but no evidence to think they actually work.

    Next: More on The Chinese Herbal Pills

    13. Fragile Immune Systems

    Factors in how likely you are to get a cold.

    As well as quantity and quality of a cold virus, it makes a huge difference whether yu have a strong or weak immune system.

    Some people have very fragile or suppressed immune system and cannot fight off even a very weak attack.

    woman in bed with a cold

    some people have suppressed immune systems

    For example pregnant women’s bodies suppress their immune system because the mother is  hosting a very good and blessed invader in her body — her beautiful new baby.

    But to accommodate the bab, her body also suppresses all its immune system responses to other diseases — a drawback to fighting off common colds. So pregnant mother’s often have a harder time to fight off other invading viruses like colds.

    There are many types of illnesses that also suppress the immune system..

    People who have cancer, diabetes, long illnesses. or other serious illnesses may have a very fragile and weak immune system response, so cannot fight off cold viruses as well.

    So even though a common cold is usually not a big deal, for the people listed above, it can be a very big health challenge.

    Therefore it is worth making every effort to get over your cold as quickly and effectively as possible, both for your own sake and for the sake of fragile people around you.

    Coming soon:  how your immune system works.

    12. Your Immune System — an Army of Cold Warrior

    You do NOT get the symptoms of  a Common Cold every time you are exposed to cold virus germs.

    In fact some people, such as my friend Peter, say they have never experienced cold symptoms. Peter probably did actually get infected by cold viruses, but fought them off so quickly that he never felt the cold symptoms.

    Why is Peter different from the rest of us?

    His body’s awesome immune system!

    Your body’s immune system is constantly working to protect you from such viruses. Some people have very strong immune systems, so can easily fight off normal attacks and get over a cold quickly.

    immune system

    our immune system must fight off a cold virus

    You may have some days felt a bit tired, achy, and wondered if you were getting a cold, but then felt better a few hours later? You probably did have a cold virus that your immune system quickly fought off, so you never got the full blown symptoms.

    There are many layers and complex parts to your immune system. It is a rather magical defense system…

    but PLEASE don’t believe every pill that promises to “Boost Your Immune System.”  There have been millions of $$ ripped off of the American cold sufferers by a gajillion products promising to boost your immune system with various vitamins, herbs and impressive sounding dietary supplements.

    I’ll be discussing many of those later

     Next:  Those with fragile immune systems

    11. How Likely are You to Get A Cold?

    So if NIH says that cold temperature does NOT affect you getting a cold, then what does?

    You don’t always get a cold from every contact with cold virus. There are many factors that determine whether you actually get the symptoms of a cold or not.

    I believe cold temperature is one important factor, but there are other factors, most of which I

    getting a cold

    How likely are you to get a common cold?

    am in agreement with other medical literature on.

    –the strength of the type of virus. With more than 200 types, 100 types of rhinoviruses alone, there are some types that are stronger than others.

    — the quantity of the virus that you encounter. How much of it enters your body. The more you are around other people the more encounters with the Common Cold viruses you have. Most of us are encountering cold viruses a lot over the year. Some people such as teachers, people who work in crowds of other people, including my poor husband (can you imagine how much he gets sneezed on in his ER clinic??? Yechhhhh)

    But probably the most important factor is how strong a person’s immune system is..

    More on that in next post.


    10. Does Cold Temperature Affect the Common Cold Virus? (part 2)

    (Continued from part 1)

    The National Institute of Health’s Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases website continues …

    “Other factors

    Although a connection exists between the number of cases of the common cold and the fall and winter seasons, there is no experimental evidence that exposure to cold temperatures increases the chances that you will get a cold”  (emphasis added)

    Huhhhhh??? How is it that cold viruses grow better in cold,

    …and throughout history, people have intuitively believed that cold temperature causes cold,

    …heck, even the NAME of the Common cold is….”COLD

    …yet these scientists say there is no “experimental evidence” that cold temperature affects you getting a cold.

    common cold virus cells

    Lots of the little cold virus buggers swimming around inside your nose! Just looking at them makes me want to sneeze. Kerrrrphhhlllltthhh!

    Let me bend my mind to think that ….?…..maybe… they mean being cold doesn’t affect you GETTING a Cold?

    …maybe the virus just ignores coldness until it gets in your nose, then somehow it grows better at cold temperature???

    …but somehow, this doesn’t affect your chances of getting it???  Even as I write that sentence, I have difficulty sensing any logic in it…how about you?

    Or is there some other line of reasoning that I’m missing?


    Soooooo……I politely, but firmly, disagree with the NIH report.

    And it seems most of the rest of the world agrees with…

    … me!

    (as you will see in my next posts.)

    9. Does Cold Temperature Affect the Common Cold Virus? (part1)

    common cold suffering cartoon

    red nose, sore throat is where most people suffer the most with common cold.

    That’s what this blog is about. Read on!

    National Institute of Health’s Instiute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases website states “Rhinoviruses grow best at temperatures of about 91ºF, the temperature inside the human nose.”

    YET, on the same page, they state that cold temperature does NOT affect people getting a cold. Huh????????

    They are saying the virus grows better at the cooler temperature of the nose vs. the rest of the body, then, strangely they go on to say that coldness has nothing to do with the growth of the virus.  Does this make sense to anyone else out there?

    “The cold season

    In the United States, most colds occur during the fall and winter. This may relate to the opening of schools and the start of cold weather, which prompt people to spend more time indoors and increase the chances that viruses will spread from person to person.

    Seasonal changes in relative humidity also may affect the occurrence of colds. The most common cold-causing viruses survive better when humidity is low—the colder months of the year. Cold weather also may make the inside lining of your nose drier and more vulnerable to viral infection.

    ( read more in next post)


    8. Why Does “Peggy The Doctor’s Wife” Think She Knows More than NIH and CDC?

    So the NIH And CDC say that cold temperature does NOT affect you getting the Common Cold virus.

    Why does “Peggy The Doctor’s Wife” think she knows more than the NIH and CDC?

    Peggy Dr. Bob and sons

    Because she is married to Dr. Bob, who  has been studying the top mainstream medical research on the Common Cold since he was an honors student at University of California San Francisco Medical School (one of the top 5 in the U.S.)

    Because for 30 years Bob has been telling her the stories of his treating thousands of patients in ER and Urgent Care clinics, sometimes up to 50% of them coming in for Common Cold. He has seen over and over again the treatments that work the best.

    Because my own research into medical literature shows that the single most important element lacking in almost all current medical advice online, and in literature, is the very thing that is common in most of the folk remedies I’m hearing about from international friends.

    Because I’ve seen its true in my own life, in my family’s lives, and many people who have tried our advice for warm steamy therapy and they’ve affirmed that it works for them as well.

    Because it is well known that the lack of “experimental research” for common cold temperature theory is very likely due to the research being virtually ALL funded now by major pharmaceutical companies who are looking for money generating medicines, not plain & simple steam therapy.

    Because I work with very brilliant academic researchers, professors And I’ve seen that sometimes they are so darn close to their technical work that they have a hard time seeing how it applies to normal people.


    Because I’m a journalist and trained to recognize a great story when I see it unfolding!



    7. Common Cold Virus grows best in Cold temperature

    What do the more than 200 Common Cold viruses have in common? They produce the typical cold symptoms

    And they also replicate best at cold temperatures. Oh yeah? Sez who?

    Sez England’s Common Cold Unit.

    For 50 years the Common Cold Unit, started by Harvard Hospital during World War II studied infectious diseases, including the Common Cold. At the War’s end the institute, near Salisbury England, was given to the nation of England and became affiliated with Cardiff University in England and focused on the Common Cold. They learned a tremendous amount about the viruses that cause Comm

    black & white of Rhinovirus 16

    on Cold symptoms.

    They experimented with various kinds of cures.

    And one thing they discovered is that Common Cold viruses grow best at a lower temperature.

    33 degrees Celcius, (91.4 degrees Farenheit) better than at 37 degrees Celcius, about 98.6 degrees Farenheit.

    In other words, a common cold virus grows best at the same temperature as the normal  human nose, not at the average temperature of the rest of your body.

    So that’s why you get colds in your nose!

    But modern medical literature is saying that cold temperature is NOT a factor in getting a cold. Does that sound silly to you?

    Sounds obvious that cold temperature affects YOUR cold, right?


    This is highly controversial. Many doctors, including the NIH and CDC, as stated on their websites,  believe this was DISPROVEN by medical research.

    But they are wrong. And This is BIG news.

    6. How Do You Get A Common Cold?

    How do you get a Common Cold?

    Medical sideway view of sinus and upper respiratory

    Cold viruses enter your nose and mouth and multiply there until they take over your cells, then you feel it as a scratchy throat! Then your body must fight them off with your immune system.

    You get a Common cold when one type of virus, of the more than 200 virus types that give you the Common Cold, invades your body through your nose or mouth.

    The virus  is very simple, some RNA with a protein coating. The virus usually comes in from the air breathed through your nose or mouth, or from contact from your hand to your face.

    After the virus enters your nose and mouth, the virus attaches to your cells, enters into them, and hijacks your cells RNA reproduction machine.

    The virus uses the cell’s RNA to become its slave factory to  start making virus RNA, which gets surrounded by a coat of protein. Your cells start making a whole army of them, until your good cell explodes and releases an invading army of virus into the local tissue. The virus then invades other nearby cells,

    You don’t get a Common Cold ONLY from cold temperature.

    You get the Common Cold from one of more than 200 types of virus. But we believe that the cold temperature also contributes to you getting a cold.

    Believe it or not this assertion is CONTROVERSIAL!!! Read more in my next post

    57. Why Does Peggy’s Family Use Warm & Steamy Formula?

    As I described in my previous post, the Common Cold virus grows best at cold temperature

    Our family has been using the Warm & Steamy method to fight off colds at the first sign of any Common Cold symptoms. . We have raised our four  children with this method. None of them have ever taken antibiotics for colds because

    mainstream medical research

    a careful study of mainstream global medical research indicates warm & steamy methods work

    1. Our close study of all the best mainstream global medical research indicates that warm steam is the most effective treatment for common cold that has been studied.
    2. Antibiotics don’t work on viruses, they only work on bacterial infections.
    3. Warm & Steamy works.
    4. It feels good instantly!
    5. It’s FREE
    6. It’s Easy
    7. All the people I know who have used Warm & Steamy methods have told me it has helped them tremendously.
    8. It’s used in various forms all around the world
    9. Once we understand how it works, its easy to fight it off
    10. If you get over your cold more quickly, you don’t wear out your body so much, you keep strong and can recover your energy much faster. If a cold is left to drag on for days longer, it can wear your whole body down, interfere with sleep and contribute to much more serious illnesses.

    So if you can help your body prevent getting the virus and help your body fight off the virus once you get it, you can get dramatically better faster, often  in 1-2 days, instead of the 1-2 weeks that other doctors predict.


    56. How Fast Can You Get Better From the Common Cold?

    Most medical websites and doctors today say one to two WEEKS!

    I say one to two DAYS.

    According to my math, That is seven, yes 7!!! times faster.

    Better from your cold in 1-2 days using Warm & Steamy methods

    You can get over your cold in 1-2 days using Warm & Steamy Methods

    OK, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, an inexact comparison of the very conservative guess by doctors,of one to two weeks for a cold to “run its course” which they also say there is nothing you can do to shorten, so they don’t get blamed if a cold drags on for a couple of weeks.

    But  patients in my husband ER clinic, hundreds to thousands of them who actuallly follow , Dr. Bob’s advicehave gotten DRAMATICALLY better in one to two days. And so have I. And so has our family.

    Admittedly my title is ambiguous, since it doesn’t have an exact definition of “Get Better” and has a vague comparison of estimated outcomes. It’s a bold and brash journalism thing, just to get your attention.

    In fact, Bob  wants to be more cautious when I told him the title, since he wants to be very precise and accurate with any predictions and diagnoses.  And of course we cannot guarantee this result for all people, since there are many factors involved in how long and strong your cold is.

    Truth is, that colds can vary drastically. We cannot say that everyone who follows our advice will get completely better in 1-2 days, or that those who don’t will ALL take 1-2 weeks.

    Soooooo much depends on an individual person’s  immune system.and state of health.

    Most of us are exposed daily to many virus germs. Some viruses are stronger than others. Many people get infected with cold viruses and don’t show any symptoms, or may only feel a vague feeling of fatigue, but get quickly over it.

    And others with a weak, fragile, or suppressed immune system, such as a pregnant mother, or a person with a serious illness, may be debilitated for a very long time.

    But I do believe it is basically true.  If you really follow our Warm & Steamy advice, usually you (most normal healthy people) will get dramatically better in a day or two.

    56. More on How Common Cold Virus Grows Best

    How a Common Cold Virus grows best:

    Cold temperature alone does not cause you to get a common cold. But if you have exposure to one of the more than 200 viruses that give you the common, and your upper respiratory system is functioning at its normal temperature, cooler than the rest of your body, the virus breeds more rapidly.

    How do we know this? Where is the PROOF?

    OTC cold medicines

    Over The Counter Cold medicines fill the aisles of drugstores with $3 billlion spent in U.S. on them every year

    After all, aisles of drugstores and supermarkets are FILLED with “Over-The-Counter” cold remedies, all with loooooooong lists of ingredients and warnings on them.

    We all know that every cold season there is yet another supposed sure-fire remedy for the common cold.

    News media automatically schedule stories at this time of year for how best to treat the common cold. And every year there are news stories about yet another new ingredient that is being touted as the best remedy. followed months or years later by reports that it does NOT have evidence of effectiveness in research studies.

    It’s even a tired cliche, that an impossible news story would be if someone found a cure for the common cold….because its so….common.

    So what makes our Warm & Steamy theory any different? Hasn’t it been disproven?

    You want to see SOLID evidence about the breeding habits of these little beasties, right?

    My answer:  It’s in the mainstream medical research. Details of evidence in mainstream medical research that we base this Warm & Steamy theory on will be given in my upcoming book :  Slash Your Next Cold From 10 days to 2 with a Teakettle: Doctor’s Wife Reveals How (due in Spring 2013)

    I also plan to include  interviews with leading medical researchers, both those who may be or or against this theory.

    But for those of you who are non-scientists…some background info will help understand how this medical research system works

    COMING UP NEXT How do we know any medical information?

    5. Folk Medicine from Vietnam for the Common Cold

    On my my way to Philadelphia last week I was chatting with a hotel doorman at 4 a.m. He listened politely to me practice my pitch for my upcoming book. He had nothing better to do than watch the TV in the hotel lobby.

    He smiled and said my pitch was good. I noticed he had an Asian accent.

    “Where are you from?”blowing nose


    “What do you do in Vietnam when you get a cold?”

    He smiled shyly, and shook his head.  “We don’t know what to do. We are just from the countryside. We don’t have any doctors there, so we don’t know what we are doing.”

    “The countryside?  But what does your family do?”

    “Well, we don’t know what any doctor says, but when we get a cold we have the person take a big bowl of boiling hot water, put it on a table, then put a towel over our head like a tent and breath the hot steam for 20 minutes, twice a day.  Then we take a nap and feel better.”

    He shrugged apologetically. “But we don’t know any better.”

    I smiled. “That’s exactly what my husband, the ER doctor says to do! You do it because it works, and it makes you feel better.” I thanked him and caught my bus, grateful for affirmation from the wise folks in the Vietnamese countryside.

    4. Is It True There Is No Cure for The Common Cold?

    Yes.  A “Common Cold” is the name of a group of symptoms caused by a type of disease from a virus, not a bacterial infection, that affects the area of the nose, throat and upper respiratory system.  The Center For Disease Control says that Common Cold symptoms usually include any, some or all of :

    • Sneezing
    • Stuffy or runny nose
    • Sore throat
    • Coughing
    • Watery eyes
    • Mild headache
    • Mild body achesCommon Cold turns you red and green

    Most doctors predict a common cold lasts one to two weeks.  The reason there is no “cure” is because a common cold can be caused by one of more than 200 viruses,  And modern medicine has no medicine that will prevent, or stop a common cold virus.


    Once you get over a particular common cold, your immune system will have developed antibodies to help fight, kill, and flush out the virus, you will then be immunity to getting that exact virus again. But not to the other 199 plus viruses that also cause common colds.


    A “cure” means that we could eradicate the common cold virus so you, and everyone else on the planet, would never get a common cold again.

    But there are just too many viruses to vaccinate against them all. And apparently they keep mutating, the little buggers!!!…I will be doing more research on this topic, so look for future posts on it.

    But once you get a cold there are “remedies and treatments” that help you get over your cold.



    3. Why You Should Look Here for Common Cold Advice

    Why do you need this website for your best quality information?

    There are lots of other authoritative and informative mainstream and alternative medical websites available on the internet.

    But all the ones we have seen, when it comes to the topic of The Common Cold, are missing a basic critical factor in advising you on care and knowledge of the common cold.

    big sneeze

    Common Cold sneeze

    From my latest research of current online and published advice and information on the Common Cold, you probably are not finding this best advice about the common cold on any other website.

    My advice, In fact, will help you get better in one-to-two days!  That is seven times faster than the common prediction by most other physicians of one to two weeks.

    Pollard Press is a Lighthouse of inspiration to guide you in your voyage to maximum health, love and happiness that we are all meant to live in the Ocean of Life!

    Lighthouse Health is the healthcare branch of my  Pollard Press family of  books, blogs and related products.


    2. What is Lighthouse Health?

    Welcome to Lighthouse Health!

    Common Cold journalist

    Peggy Pollard, Common Cold journalist

    I’m Peggy Pollard, journalist for your healthcare. My mission is to bring you the best, most helpful and intelligent healthcare information, advice and stories for you, your family and community to live the healthiest and happiest life that we are all meant to live.

    My qualifications: I have been a newpaper reporter and journalist in the San Francisco Bay area, and married  to Emergency Room physician Dr. Bob Pollard – For 26 years I have been listening to his countless stories of how too many patients are coming in to his Emergency Room and Urgent Care clinics suffering from simply Common Colds. The good part of his stories is that, when patients follow his advice they usually get better very fast.

    So one by one, Dr. Bob has been helping them—a lot!.

    And now, finally it is time that we multiply his wisdom to help many more people with good, solid information.  Maybe this will help HIM get more sleep in his looooong ER nights.

    So with this maiden voyage blog, let’s cast off! We are embarking on a new journey into the sea of research and investigation from around the world. We need to keep growing in knowledge and wisdom for ourselves, and our world community.

    1. Welcome to Pollard Press home page

    Greetings new fans of Pollard! 

    This website is the main menu for the various websites and products offered by Pollard Press, featuring the upcoming books by Peggy and Dr. Bob Pollard.

    Our first book’s working title “Your Common Cold: an ER physician’s Guide to how to get better 7 times faster, and why all medicine you buy and most of what you hear doesn’t work.”

    Info in the book is based on Dr. Bob’s medical training from the University of California San Francisco, and developed in his 25 years treating thousands of patients in his Emergency Room and Urgent Care clinics in Northern Calfornia informed by the preponderance of data from medical reasearch that has been publicized in mainstream medicine.. The book is now being researched and written in August 2012. Predicted publication is in Spring 2013.

    We will be conducting surveys and collecting stories related to the Common Cold. If you have a story of what does or does not work for you,  good bad, funny or sad, wacky, zany, homespun or anything of interest to our readers, please email Peggy! I’d be glad to hear and consider it for our book.

    If you would like to test out our therapy yourself and give feedback please let us know.

    Recipes of your favorite food or drink to get you through your colds are welcome too!

    Here’s to your good health!

    Peggy Pollard, author, August 21, 2012


    More Wrong News about Common Cold and Cold Temperature

    The public misinformation on the common cold still flows like a runny nose.

    News report today, based again on bad science, is from a weather channel news article March Temperature Extremes Not a Factor in Spread of Common Cold

    The author Mark Leberfinger, Staff Writer, states the myth promoted by many doctors that  temperature has no effect on the spread  of the common cold virus, despite the high correlation between cold weather and people getting more common colds, every year, everywhere.

    “Doctors, however, say there is no correlation between the weather changes and illnesses.

    “This is a myth that is very commonly heard, however,” Dr. Wanda Filer, a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians’ board of directors, said. “It is known that seasonal flu viruses circulate faster in cold weather, when the air is cold and dry.”

    The article goes on to emphasize that the reason there are more colds is that people are closer together and spreading the cold more…. a popular, but wrong, explanation among doctors.

    Once again they ignore the hidden mystery trait of cold viruses, that grandma and folk remedies around the world instinctively know, that COLD TEMPERATURE MAKES YOUR COLD WORSE.

    So the doctors are waging an interminable campaign to teach people to be counter-intuitive and insist that colds are NOT made worse by cold weather.

    Apparently doctors want us to spend more money on antiseptic lotions, handwipes and pharmaceutical medicines, (since the pharmaceutical companies need their $4 billion of profit) instead of the more common sense, convenient and cheaper WARM & STEAMY remedies

    The article tries to dispel the, supposed other myth that your individual cold gets worse with big temperature swings that happen in March.

    “Many people, however, can suffer sinus symptoms with changes in barometric pressure and may interpret this as a cold or allergies, since congestion and headaches may result. When the temperature changes, they may associate it incorrectly with their symptoms,” Filer said.

    I do agree partly, that just cold temperature alone can cause similar symptoms to a cold. I get a runny nose when I’m exposed, even for a minute, to cold weather.   even when I’m sure I don’t have a cold. It is part of our bodies Immune System, protecting our airways against the effects of cold temperature. And of course headaches can be caused by changes.

    But the temperature changes can also actually make your cold virus grow much more rapidly.  And when people are experiencing unexpected cold temperature, as in the recent weather swings, they might not be as prepared for keeping warm in the sudden coldness, and perhaps their bodies are not as adjusted internally to the temperature changes to fight off the viruses.

    The article then goes on to give advice for how best to prevent spread of colds.

    Although the author first gives equal weight to possibilities of passing cold germs through touch and through air, by breathing/coughing/sneezing… he then mainly addresses the cold being spread by touching of infected surfaces. This is very illogical (but popular) advice since it is the manner that is way less likely to spread the colds than by breathing the germs in from the air. Therefore, it emphasizes handwashing and hyper-sanitizing everything you touch as the main way to prevent spreading of colds.

    “hand washing is the most important thing a person can do to protect others and themselves.”

    He does mention at the end to avoid sick people, but NO mention of covering one’s nose and mouth to prevent spread of germs.  of course more drugstore products are sold that way…and thus more pharmaceutical profits with which to pay their physician spokespeople and pay for the pharmaceutical-funded research studies that are desperately searching for any scant evidence of  supposedly cold virus- fighting ingredients that they can make profits from.