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42. We all want ALIGNMENT! (part 3)

alignment compass

we all crave ways to find and measure right alignment in areas of our lives.

ALIGNMENT! We  all crave it — in many important areas of our lives.

It’s what Chiropractors and Qigong practitioners tout. It’s what I’ve been working on for years with my posture in ballet and ballroom classes. Athletes spend years of tremendous energy on proper alignment techniques for maximum performance. PhD students spend years studying how to align their academic work with institutional standards.

We devour nutritional guides to align our diet with the  one we believe will make us healthiest.  We join religious groups to align our spirit. I just discovered that Dungeons & Dragons has an alignment analysis to discover which of their characters YOUR personality aligns with best.

Romantic partners and families are constantly trying (or should be) to align their time and activities  for maximum happiness with each other.  Online dating sites offer alignment quizzes. A Singapore Electronics site to test all your microelectronic equipment. In fact, who wouldn’t want the wheels on your car to turn in perfect alignment? Life could get rather bumpy without good alignment in many, many areas of our lives.

So what does this have to do with common colds?

Well, really, when you think about it, health is all about being in good alignment, for optimal function of all our various body parts and systems. And while we have great strength and flexibility in some ways, we also have very precise and delicate areas of our health that any mis-alignment can cause us great suffering and harm.


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