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25. My Common Cold Balloon Rises with Success

Dear Real Readers,

I ‘ve been feeling quite happy this week. Only two glorious weeks into launching my Common Cold blog and already, amazingly, I got my first comment from a human. Then another, then another. Mostly nice!

My weeks of toil and worry are starting to pay off.

Of course I deleted the weird, nonsensical ones–obviously spam. girl with balloons

But the thrill, the happy glow I feel  seeing a real person has left a real comment! And a nice comment too!  They are reading me!

Aha…I just knew in my heart I could make a difference in the real world.

My balloon of success is rising into the sky. Not a proud large, helium balloon, jut a modest hand blown useful little thing, a little ray of hope in the wilderness, yet inflated with my very own breath of knowledge. Perhaps someday I’ll be up there in the search engines like the facial tissue or the Pharmaceutical sites

And now, the comments are trickling in…only a handful, sure,  but least a few real people Out There are already being influenced by my wise, wit on how to get a bit healthier with our Warm & Steamy advice.

Their response warms and steams my own little heart. Gives me a new confidence that I am on the right path with this pioneering foray into the vast blogging wilderness. I am actually starting to make an impact in people’s lives — purely with my prose!

And so amazing that they are finding me, I marvel.

But just how ARE they finding me? When I Google searched my blog. I could not even find me. How did they?

And then my little balloon popped.


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