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World's Best Advice for your Common Cold!

107. Best food to eat for a cold

pantry of soups for coldsWhat should you eat for a cold?

The #1 type of bestselling book in our American society are diet books. People want to be told exactly WHAT to eat, and how much.

Ironically, perhaps, our nation has more, and more variety of foods than every in history, and I’m guessing, than just about any other country, although food distribution systems these days worldwide are bringing lots of types of foods just about everywhere in the world.

America is the richest country in the world.

Sooooo….. the problem is that we have too MUCH food, good, tasty, healthy and not healthy food. The choices are overwhelming.

And most Americans are overweight, though some argue that they  are still undernourished with the wrong kinds of foods.

So what people are REALLY asking is what NOT to eat, right? We want to be told what TO eat so we can resist and eliminate having to choose from  the bombardment of other foods we encounter daily, both in person and from media.

I am NOT a dietician, or diet expert, although I have my suggestions based on generally accept sound nutritional guidelines.

So taking those mainstream guidelines, and applying them to our Warm & Steam principle of fighting common cold viruses = my advice for cold virus fighting food is….SOUP! Lots of soup! Piping Hot (not scalding) healthy, flavorful, satisfying soup.

Stock up on cans of your favorite healthy soup so you have them ready as a default meal.


1. They are warm & steamy (if you serve them that way)

2. a “healthy” soup I define as being high protein and rich in vegetable, and low fat (sorry not creamy based soups, if you care about fat content.

3. they are easy, so you can eat them without spending a lot of time.

4. they are satisfying, so you don’t feel so much need to eat other stuff.

And TEA! Lot’s of tea…or coffee, or bullion, or even hot water, basically any hot drink will do (but avoid sugar.

So have a Happy, Soupy New Year to fight off your Common Colds!