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115. Can you help your immune system fight off a Common Cold?


which of these ingredients helps "boost your immune system"

which of these ingredients helps “boost your immune system”

The standard advice now found on most blogs is that “a cold must run its course, there is nothing you can do.

And your immune systemmust fight it off.

But Most people do not understand what an immune system is. Or where it is.

Is it a magical gland in your brain, that just needs a particular ingredient to goose it?

Well, sort of, your immune system is actually a whole variety of responses that you body does when it senses invading viruses and illnesses in your body.

So when many people hear about it, they don’t know how to “boost” it. So when you walk into CVS pharmacy and see pretty colorful boxes that say “Boosts your immune system” that sounds helpful, right?

Kind of like when you order that purple smoothie at Jamba Juice and they offer you a variety of “boosts” little jiggers of powder, protein powder, matcha green tea powder, all nice and colorful.

And people do feel good when they take a nice colorful pill that has colorful cartoon characters on it and feel the pill “boosted” their immune system.

In a recent medical study, cold sufferers were given pills and told they were Echinacea pills that would supposedly boost their immune system. Some patients believed that Echinacea would help them, others did not believe it would. Result is that the patients who believed in the power of teh pill actually did feel better, but the doubting patients did not. So it was the power of their mind that made them actually feel better, not the pill itself.

Placebo effect is verrrrrrrrrry strong.


But however weak or strong your immune system is, it can make a big difference whether you help your immune system or not. It can make the difference between a cold lasting 1-2 days, or dragging on for weeks, even months.

And it starts with understanding how the cold virus works.

For the best ways to do so, please download my free Summary chart on this website, or the extended version with lots more advice, (for less than the price of one bottle of
boosts your immune system” pills.

And it works MUCH better.

112. Happy New Year Mompreneurs (part 5)

Keep your relationships happy and healthy

Keep your relationships happy and healthy

(reposting from my guest blog on Word of Mom Radio with Host Dori DeCarlo.

I will be interviewed live on January 17, 11 a.m. PST,  (2 p.m. EST) please call into speak with host Dori DeCarlo and me about your common cold stories!!

Radio show call in # (646) 595-3163

Thanks to Dori I’m looking forward to a great time spreading the viral news about how to get better from our most popular disease! Yes this is a health battle we can fight together  so call in to share your stories too!



…your common cold stories, good, bad, helpful, funny or weird. It’s the world’s most common disease — the virus that brings us all closer together!

“Peggy The Doctor’s Wife” — Peggy Pollard is a Mompreneur with children ages 35, 22, 21 and 16, and 3 grandsons. She has worked for 20 years as director of a social program for university international students, is a ballroom dance instructor and competitor. Peggy has also worked as a newspaper reporter and publicist and is now writing her first book on the Common Cold, collaborating with her husband Dr. Bob Pollard, Emergency Room Physician who graduated with honors from UCSF Medical school (one of top 5 in the U.S.) and has been developing his common cold advice for 30 years with thousands of patients in ER and Urgent Care clinics. 

Visit her blog website and get a free downloadable chart “Peggy’s 10 rules for the Common Cold Care” (or purchase the downloadble extended advice chart  for less than the price of gas to drive to a doctor’s visit), at  or

95. REPOST Feeling ill: Common cold or common core? (part 2of 2)

CONTINUED from part 1

Feeling ill: Common cold or common core?(part 2)

common cold suffering causes teacher to ponder that other problems in life catch on like viruses…so question all the authoritative instructions to see what evidence they are based on (same for cold remedies!)

Understanding the outbreak: Standards vs. initiatives

First, separate the symptoms from the cause. This is true of cold viruses, we all present symptoms differently. The same holds true for the standards.

Let me define this virus for a moment. It is not the standards themselves. Just as a cold virus is not cold weather, though related. Common Corefluenza is the deluge of “the standards DEFINITELY say you MUST teach like this” and “these modules are EXACTLY how you MUST organize your instruction” and nearly anything with the term “EXEMPLAR.”…..

…..(discussion of education standards issue)

Home remedies

I am quite literally writing this with a humidifier running, rapidly cooling ginger tea, a pile of cough drops and, yes, Kleenex shoved in my nose. We are all friends here.Often times the best ways to fix what ails you begin at home. The same holds true for helping yourself deal with making sense out of all of the options swirling around.

…… (more discussion of education standards issue)

4) Be innovative and reflective. None of this should be read as suggesting that we fight to keep things the same for the sake of keeping them the same, just as we shouldn’t change everything just because it sounds like a good idea. We do have a long way to go to educating every child, and that road is paved with thoughtfulness and reflection. Take the CCSS as an invitation to experiment with new approaches and be certain your criteria for success is not if you met someone’s expectation for an initiative, but if it led your students to new thinking and more developed independent practice.

Wash your hands regularly: Don’t spread germs

Cover your mouth when you cough. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water. If a questionable “MUST” initiative doesn’t sound right, don’t spread it around.

Christopher Lehman is an author, a speaker and a senior staff developer at the Teachers College Reading & Writing Project at Columbia University. His latest book, “Energize Research Reading and Writing,” is now available. He can be found on his blog and on Twitter @iChrisLehman.