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15. evaluation of homemade Cold Remedy: Cinnamon & Honey

A friend, Judy, referred me to a mother’s “Home Remedy” website with a favorite remedy for the Common Cold.

Cara on “Health Home & Happiness blog” reports using a small dose of raw honey and Cinnamon to knock out a cold, sometimes in fruit juice, sometimes in a hot drink.

The Doctor’s Wife Analysis:

Sounds like it tastes yummy!

Sounds heartwarming and full of mother’s love!

suggested Common Cold remedy Honey and Cinnamon

Could this help prevent your common cold?

My guess is that the mother’s love is the main, most potent ingredient, and who wouldn’t love the sweet hombaked taste of cinnamon love ???

But.. Does the  honey and cinnamon actually fight off colds?

according to her reader Lori “both honey and cinnamon have antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties. I know colds are viruses and the honey and cinnamon goes after the virus. How does it work? I’ve no idea! I just know it will knock out 9 colds out of 10”

colds are not bacterial, and they are not fungal. So is the honey & spice really antiviral???  I don’t know. Do I trust Lori’s authoritative assurance that they are? Not really.

Two more delicious ingredients on my list now to research, but…

I think the most potent cold prevention part is when she mixes it into hot drinks. Bingo!

Shazzammmm…. Cold be gone! At least for the mom.

Certainly the kids feel better because it tastes so good. Kind of like candy, right?. But she touts it as preventing colds only. So somehow she believes that it helps a cold get worse, but when a cold is underway she recommends the only good “natural” remedy is a Chinese Herbal pill.

 Next: Cinnamon-Honey versus Chinese Herbal Pill…who will win????