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43. ALIGNMENT (part 4)

After all, our lives are made up of very many complex systems, in many areas, each requiring finely tuned alignment. Our physical body has a muscular system, a circulatory, nervous, and hormonal system, etc.

And likewise most other areas of our lives have various systems as well.

complexity of human body

human body has many complex systems that keep us functioning

We can even cause ourselves harm just by imagining ourselves being out of alignment. I learned that one of my friends is even suffering from a psychological illness in which she believes her body parts are out of alignment, that her limbs have shortened or lengthened! A horrible feeling, no?

So yes, we can see that alignment with good standards of health is vital.

But which standards?  Whose advice do we listen to, to know how to align our health for maximum effectiveness in fighting off colds?

One of our problems with figuring out which advice to use for our cold viruses is that we have TOO MUCH information. Often our problem is that we get so many kinds of advice, based on various often contradictory, philosophies that we don’t know which ones to follow. Most people I talk to feel this way about cold virus advice.

So how to know whose advice to follow?

Alignment with what health philosophy???


Coming Next:   Mainstream/Alternative/Complementary/Integrative Medicine?