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World's Best Advice for your Common Cold!

91. India ZeeNews gives Common Cold Overview (part 1 of 2)

REPOST  India’s www.ZeeNews website


This India News site gives a health report on news of he Common cold. It’s a very straightforward, good overview of the common cold, symptoms, prevention and remedies.

It says the usual rest and fluids, but also includes “Humidified inspired air”  it doesn’t specify warm air … however. in India I believe that MOST of the air is warm already.

My favorite part is the comment left at the end.

And also the neighboring linked webpages of Ayurvedic medicine, and its list of healthy foods “not only for religious purposes”

Other countries often do not have the same concept of separating relgious beliefs from the rest of our education/information systems that many Americans believe is necessary.

Common cold recommended remedies listed here  for common cold listed are similar to ours, (no yoga breathing suggested?)


Common cold: Causes, symptoms and treatment

Common cold is often described as a sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, or tearing. Though, colds are very common, they are more widespread in children and decline with age. Colds are rarely dangerous to healthy adults or children, but may seldom be dangerous to infants, the elderly or other at-risk groups.

The common cold is caused by a virus and is very contagious. About 200 different types of viruses are there that cause common cold. Most cases of the common cold are mild, and most people recover from the common cold without complications. But, sometime they can lead to more serious infections and complications in some cases.

Symptoms:Symptoms of the common cold are low-grade fever, sneezing , watery eyes, runny nose, stuffy nose, body aches, headache, fatigue, sore throat, and cough.


Correct diagnosis of a cold usually means distinguishing between cold and the more serious flu, There are also other conditions that start like a cold (e.g. rare but serious whooping cough) and numerous conditions that have cold-like symptoms or flu-like symptoms. Although there are numerous different subtypes of colds, diagnosis of the specific subtype of cold is rarely performed and not usually important for treatment.

There`s no cure for the common cold currently, but there are ways to protect you from getting it.

Alternative Treatments for Common cold Alternative treatments or home remedies that have been listed in various sources as possibly beneficial for Common cold may include:

• Vitamin C
• Vitamin E
• Vitamin A
• Zinc
• Echinacea
Common cold: Complications

Review possible medical complications related to Common cold:

• Secondary bacterial infections
• Otitis media
• Sinus infections
• Earache
• Pneumonia
• Bronchopneumonia (type of Pneumonia)
• more complications…»
Causes of Common cold

• Human metapneumovirus
• Coronavirus 229E, Human
• Rhinovirus
• Respiratory syncytial virus
• Adenovirus


88. The No. 1 Trick to Never Get Sick (part 2)

In Barrett’s study, cold sufferers were split into four groups-one group was given no pills, a

Are Echinacea Pills the answer to colds?

second and third group were each given Echinacea or a placebo but were not told which pill they received, and a fourth group was given Echinacea and was told it was Echinacea. Each participant was asked to rate the effectiveness of the medicinal herb Echinacea .

The results: The illnesses of people who believed in Echinacea and received pills were considerably shorter and less severe-regardless of whether or not the pills contained Echinacea.

What does that mean for you? “A positive outlook matters,” Barrett says. If someone believes a cold remedy works, it just might. No one knows for sure why.

Barrett says that the manner in which the brain stimulates healing mechanisms through positive expectations is not entirely understood.

But this certainly helps explain why there is a seemingly endless list of pharmaceuticals, alternative treatments, and quirky homemade solutions for treating the common cold.

RELATED: 10 Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes As a practicing family doctor, Barrett strongly encourages the use of non-pharmaceutical cold remedies. For the record, I swear by orange juice, bananas, and vitamin C, which in the wide range of solutions turns out to be quite tame.

“I was being interviewed on ‘The People’s Pharmacy’ (radio program) and a guy called in who melts skunk fat and gives a teaspoon of it to his kids when they start getting a cold,” Barrett says. “He swore it stopped all of the colds in their tracks. That’s worse than onion in the socks.”
Have any skunk fat handy? No? What’s your go-to cold cure? Tell us in the comments below!
Joe Donatelli is a freelance journalist. He can be reached at .

87. “The #1 Trick to Never Get Sick” repost

(thanks to my media coach Jess Todtfeld for passing this on)

cold suffering

Best trick for curing a common cold?

The main point of this post is Just my Cup of Tea!– I actually AGREE with it!!!!!

Because it was a scientific study on the effect of taking Echinacea pills with random blind testing (not sure if it was double blind– the gold standard in research– but anyhoooo… the results of the study makes sense, not a convoluted far-fetched theory like so many others I’m seeing.

It vividly portrays the most powerful trick for getting better, and the real secret ingredient to almost ALL cold remedies (except the one I recommend) ….THE PLACEBO EFFECT!!!!!


Shape magazine

does Echinacea help cure colds?


Feel a cold coming on? Try this remedy!f you smell onions in someone’s socks over the next few weeks, do not be alarmed. That person is probably just fighting a cold.

Everyone seems to have a custom ” miracle cure ” for the common cold, and it seems the more creative the solution, the less bashful they are about sharing. A recent poll of Facebook friends revealed the following methods, all of which the practitioners stand by (in their onion-filled socks, in some cases):
Heaps of vitamin CChicken soup, preferably homemade by MomNatural foods, fresh colorful veggies, and supplementsChopping and eating a raw yellow onion (with a little salad dressing for taste) followed by a warm bath or a long shower to open the poresOscillococcinum, which is a homeopathic alternative medicineThieves Essential OilCoating feet with Vicks Vapor Rub and wearing a pair of socks overnightSocks filled with peeled onion layersCardio, a few sips of whiskey, and cold medicineOutdoor activity, hydration, and restSex RELATED: 6 Moves for Slimmer Hips and Thighs
Is the mighty common cold so wimpy that it can be defeated by a rubber ducky, menthol, socks, and a few lit candles? The answer lies in an interesting piece of research by Dr. Bruce Barrett at the University of Wisconsin.