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93. Textbook on Evidence Based Medicine

Here’s a Medical Textbook giving us an outline of the issues of Evidence based Medicine versus all the alternatives…of which the Common Cold is at the forefront of the battleground between— waging a war over our personal health with millions of lives and billions of $$$ at stake.

One of the textbook authors is Paul Glasziou, Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine, University of Oxford, UK.!

Impressive that there is a whole field of “Evidence Based Medicine” in which he can be a specialist!

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Evidence-Based Medicine

Evidence-Based Medicine

Textbook on Evidence-BAsed Medicine

4th Edition How to Practice and Teach it

By Sharon E. Straus, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Calgary and University of Toronto;

Paul Glasziou, MRCGP, FRACGP, PhD, Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine, University of Oxford, UK;

W. Scott Richardson, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, South Texas Veterans Health Care Systems and University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio, TX and

R. Brian Haynes, MD, Attending Physician, Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation, Hamiton, Ontario; Chief, Health Information Research Unit, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada’





Asking answerable clinical questions

Acquiring the evidence: How to find current best evidence and have current best evidence find us

Appraising the evidence


Diagnosis and screening




Teaching EBM


I’m looking forward to learning more!